Israel’s ‘Internet Megaphone’ Psychological war propaganda machine is being used against notmytribe

It seems probable that even NotMyTribe has now come under attack from the Israel war machine via Israel’s Internet Megaphone tool of waging psychological warfare, otherwise known as GIYUS, or “Give Israel Our Support.”
“To check out the power of the megaphone, I logged onto a website called GIYUS (Give Israel Your United Support) last Wednesday afternoon. More than 25,000 registered users of have downloaded the megaphone software, which enables them to receive alerts asking them to get active online.”

To see more about this military weapon of propaganda being used against American and World bloggers and discussion groups, go to the Guardian article from which the quote above was taken. Israel ups the stakes in the propaganda war By Stewart Purvis.

Also see the information below, as it shows how Israeli spamming of antiZionist websites works to spam notmytribe and other sites.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry provides Free Internet Tool to online activists -Arjan El Fassed, The Electronic Intifada, 26 July 2006

Screen image of the website from which the Megaphone desktop tool can be downloaded.

The following letter was sent by Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to a variety of pro-Israel organisations, so-called ‘hasbara’-groups and other supporters of Israel.

Dear friends,

Many of us recognize the importance of the Internet as the new battleground for Israel’s image. It’s time to do it better, and coordinate our on-line efforts on behalf of Israel. An Israeli software company have developed a free, safe and useful tool for us – the Internet Megaphone.

Please go to, download the Megaphone, and you will receive daily updates with instant links to important internet polls, problematic articles that require a talk back, etc.

We need 100,000 Megaphone users to make a difference. So, please distribute this mail to all Israel’s supporters.

Do it now. For Israel.

Amir Gissin

Director Public Affairs (Hasbara) Department
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem

Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs understands that today’s conflicts are won by public opinion. They mobilize pro-Israel activists to be active and voice “Israel’s side to the world.” The Megaphone desktop tool, built by Giyus, which means “mobilization”, sends desktop alerts on key articles on Israel and surveys, online polls where activists could click on the button to support Israel and click alerts to easily voice pro-Israel opinions.

The tool tracks down online articles and polls that members should act upon. After installing the tool, members receive alerts on those articles. With this tool Israel’s Foreign Ministry obviously thought it would help Israel’s fight in cyberspace. However, having used this tool, for others, it is quit useful as well. There is also a weblog and a forum.

For non Windows users and others who would like to to track the alerts being posted via RSS or the Web, visit this page.

Amir Gissin’s letter was posted on July 22 on the website of — an pro-Israel advocacy organization.

63 thoughts on “Israel’s ‘Internet Megaphone’ Psychological war propaganda machine is being used against notmytribe

  1. AvatarDavid Haddad

    I’m not Israeli nor Jewish, but, I was born and raised in the Middle East and give blame where blame is due and give credit where credit is due when it comes to the Israelis and Palestinians. My mind is not polluted with hate and ignorance.

  2. AvatarTony Logan Post author

    No, not at all. Why don’t you tell us a little more about yourself then? Would that being asking too much from such a ME authority as you claim yourself to be?


    via email from marywalters18:

    I’m shocked at the tone and language of your blog, especially the hateful comments from Tony Logan directed to other posters with a different point of view. If you want your blog to have any credibility with people other than neo-Nazis, you’ll instruct this guy to keep his hate sentiments to himself. There’s no place for such shit in a civilized society. Mary

  4. AvatarDavid Haddad

    I’m not a ‘ME expert’, although I have a good deal of first-hand knowledge as a result of spending much of my life in the Middle East. I have a wide circle of friends that includes Arabs and Jews. In the end, we are all brothers and sisters and want to see our people co-exist peacefully. I am not an apologist for Israel, but, nor am I an apologist for anyone else, and, nor am I a refleive condemner of Israel.

  5. AvatarTony Logan Post author

    And how did it come about ‘Mr. Haddad’ that you are not identifying where in the Middle East you ‘have a good deal of first-hand knowledge as a result of spending much of my life in the Middle East’? This would be like my wife’s relatives talking about having a great deal of knowledge about Latin America without saying actually what and where that experience is from. Rather odd I think. It is rather uninformative and shows yet further evidence of your desire to camoflage where you are actually arriving at for having your Zionist opinions, in fact.

    ‘In the end, we are all brothers and sisters and want to see our people co-exist peacefully.’

    Other remarks and posts of yours run quite counter to that sentiment though. So now you try another tact?

    And Mary, I don’t think I need lectures about ‘tone’ from a person who has addressed no content of what is being spoken about. Further your use of the word ‘shit’ in regard to what I have said hardly qualifies you as Ms Manners here.

    I have made clear just in this one commentary alone that the people I am addressing with my comments most probably are totally misrepresenting themselves and why, and yet you do not address that issue at all. Your comments do not address any of that, and I have to ask myself WHY that is the case? Instead, you refer to me as having arguments that only appeal to ‘neo-Nazis’ and threaten to take your delicate self elsewhere. What a loss that would be, I assure you. I feel so bad that you have been offended.

  6. Avatarjonah

    Mr. Haddad, defending the practice of isolating people, cutting off their supply of food and then killing them is rather hateful.

    One of the things the IDF has demanded as a condition of them not shooting, burning, blowing up and otherwise separating Palestinian souls from their bodies is to have Full Inspection Capacity, in other words a Permanent Police Presence, in what you say is a nation granted independence several years ago.

    To make sure that no weapons (almost understandable) but most strikingly Consumer Goods such as clothing, food, fuel, medical supplies not cleared by the IDF, could be “smuggled in” TO a separate sovereign nation FROM a third Separate Sovereign Nation.

    Does this mean, Mr Haddad, that the IDF and the Knesset intend to ration the food and clothing and other “consumer goods” to the Gaza Ghetto.

    Much like the Occupation Forces in Poland rationed the food and other necessities into the Warsaw Ghetto.

    To assume that you, and only you, are capable of making any judgment on whether or not this is a Disturbing Similarity… well, sir, that’s Arrogance.

    Rather a common attitude among Dictators and their apologists.

    The rights of ALL nations to full autonomy is an established part of International Law, treaties that are, in America, Constitutionally Binding.

    The Constitution states that International Treaties ratified by Congress are every bit as binding in American Jurisprudence as the Constitution itself.

    YOUR soon-to-be-Ex President George Bush said of the Constitution and in particular its impact on the enforcement of the Nurnberg, Hague, Geneva and Maritime Conventions “stop waving that in my face, it’s just a God-Damn piece of paper”..

    some “Nationalism”.

    Mr Haddad, Nationalism differs from Imperialism in one very important aspect.

    Nationalism recognizes the fact that ALL nations have the same rights as those claimed by your particular nation.

    Mr Olmert is not a Nationalist.

    Nor is Mr Bush.

    Nor is al Maliki. Nor any other of the Puppet Dictators of the Bush Empire.

    They have proven themselves, instead, to be willing accomplices in the Baby-Killing being done on behalf of George Bush and his literally War-Monger friends.

    Literally because they make money from the deaths and sufferings of other people.

    Mr Haddad, we know Olmert makes money that way.
    We know al-Maliki makes money that way.

    I wonder, personally, if YOU make your money that way.

    Or make it by providing propaganda support to the Big Pigs.

    Oh, wait, I forgot, you claim to be from the Arabian Peninsula.

    “Dogs” would be a more appropriate condemnation of them and their animal mannerisms.

  7. AvatarDavid Haddad

    The Palestinians had an opportunity to exert their “nationalism” in 1948, when the UN presented a 2-state solution. Israel accepted and has since transformed desert and swamps into an oasis. The Palestinians/Arabs, instead, chose to spend the ensuing 60 years continuing to live in the 7th century. The Palestinians, to a great, extent, are victims of Arabs who called for them to flee Israel during the ’48 war, resulting in the refugee problem that still exists a half century later. They also are being used as pawns by Arab nations who prefer the Palestinians remain in poverty in order to keep attention on Israel rather than on their own repressive regimes. Ultimately, the Palestinians need to fight for their own freedom from the tyrranical Hamas and Fatah, who deny Palestinians basic human rights and keep them in misery. It’s no longer valid to blame Israel for everything.

  8. AvatarDavid Haddad

    I suspect if the Palestinians showed good faith in wanting to live peacefully with Israel, checkpoints and blockades would not be necessary. However, when you have multiple intifadas sending waves of suicide bombers into Israel and you have official charters calling for the destruction of Israel, such security measures become necessary. What puzzles me is why you are singularly fixated on Israel when there is unbelievable oppression in Arab countries. I see you shedding no tears for the women stoned to death from ‘honor killings” and academics imprisoned in Egypt for speaking out for Democracy. I could go on and on about the atrocities committed by dictatorial regimes in the Middle East. There is an Israel Derangement Syndrome that causes certain types of people to become completely consumed with Israel who turn their backs on every other issue in the Middle East.

  9. AvatarTony Logan Post author

    ‘What puzzles me is why you are singularly fixated on Israel when there is unbelievable oppression in Arab countries.’

    Not at all. Your own reactionary Israeli Zionist government and the US strengthened and backed Arab dictatorships go hand and hand to repress Palestinians and in fact, all Arabs under domination and totalitarianism.

    So it is not like you say at all, Mr Zionist Tape Recorder.

  10. AvatarDavid Haddad

    Well, the more moderate Arab states and the US have given the Palestinians every opportunity for a state since ’48 and, esp. in recent years. Maybe with the apparent impending ceasefire, Hamas will do like Hezbollah and realize they cannot destroy Israel and have no other option but to live at peace with Israel. I hope Israel lifts the blockade and hope the Palestinians realize working peacefully with Israel can only benefit their rather pitiful lives. Let’s all hope

  11. Avatarjonah

    Actually, the way they’re treated by other Arab states seems to demonstrate the notion that, since they are the closest relatives of the Jews even in the Arab populations, there might be a little bit of animosity against them on that count alone.

    The U.S. government has never sponsored a Palestinian state, there was one called the “Transjordan” which is now run by a very different ethnic group, the Hashemites.

    Now, there is also a movement within both the Jewiish Community worldwide (just not the Knesset) to have them as full voting citizens of Israel.

    Again, the progressive, moderate people of the world and in any ethnic division thereof, are somewhat of a minority, …

    at least in the government entities.

    Mr Haddad, you say you’ve got quite a lot of experience in the Arabian Peninsula, you know, of course, that the IDF even recruits Goyim to fight for them, if the goy has some sort of expertise they can use.

    Even Arabs.

    So, since you support the War Against Children and other Civilians, why don’t you simply join the IDF?

    I know without asking that it couldn’t be some reasons involving Cowardice, that would be absurd.

    But, the opportunities to support the Ghetto Massacre DIRECTLY exists and would be easy to do.

    They would even pay your travel expenses, seeing as how you’re, you know, such an expert on the situation.

    I’m sure they could use your help.

  12. AvatarTony Logan Post author

    Jonah, I believe that this buffoon is already possibly a working Israeli soldier, or has been one not so long back. What is pretty clear is the basic dishonesty of this guy who represented himself originally as supposedly being an Arab American and continues to do so with his false internet name though he has long since given up coherently backing this claim up in any way. Everything he spouts is pure ‘Israeli Defense Force’ spout direct from Tel Aviv.

  13. AvatarTony Logan Post author

    ‘Grace’, you and your fellow Israeli spam soldier ‘Don’ all but confessed to who you ‘two ‘really are. I’m not even sure that you two are in fact different people even? Here, once again, is ‘Don’ admitting that you are spamming the site as an organizational effort.

    ‘There is no “game.” Instead a number of us have chosen to address the baseless allegations and historical distortions ranging from claims that Israel is a “Nazi state” to charges of Israel’s carrying out genocide with which Thomas Mc, Eric, and you have polluted this site.’

    Now go back up to the top on this commentary and follow the link back to where your software for your spam warfare effort orginates from… PRESS the button titled INTERNET MEGAPHONE and you’ll be back home once agin to your work stations. How much do they pay you guys, or you all volunteers for The Cause?

  14. AvatarGrace Cohen

    Dude, I hope the quality of my posts are higher than that of spam. I actually took some time to write them. And, I’m doing it for free so show a little love.

  15. AvatarTony Logan Post author

    Kiss. You have been a little more of the more thoughtful of the Zionist posters that we have seen here, Mary.

    I don’t know who you are and I certainly hope that you are not part of any collateral damage in the skirmish that the ‘Internet Megaphone’ has brought our way to NMT? Why don’t you go get some rest and come back tomorrow and talk with us here again?

  16. AvatarGrace Cohen

    “I don’t know who you are and I certainly hope that you are not part of any collateral damage in the skirmish that the ‘Internet Megaphone’ has brought our way to NMT? Why don’t you go get some rest and come back tomorrow and talk with us here again? ”

    Thanks for the invitation, but, it gets wearisome to have a”dialogue” with someone whose mind is made up to hate “the Zionist entity” and who doesn’t want to be confused by the facts. Civilized discourse should entail a certain give and take and concessions of points, but, you guys just look at life through a warped prism. Maybe I’ll pop in if the spirit moves me from time to time, but, you guys wear me out, and sadden me, with your relentless venom.

  17. AvatarTony Logan Post author

    Hi, Morton! I notice that all you IDF spammers have nom de guerres that are whole names, like Don, Mary, and Morton? Why not try these nom de guerres instead?

    Isaahspam or urJERKS, etc.? You’re just giving yourselves away if you don’t! lol…

  18. AvatarDon

    Tony Logan,

    It is the ugly nature of the baseless anti-Israel disinformation, to which a number of people here have objected, that is obvious to all who have a reasonable understanding of the Middle East, as well as a minimal concern for social justice.

  19. AvatarTony Logan Post author

    Don Spammer, not only are your multiple names so obvious, but you have used similar formatting together. You’re just going to have to do a lot better on the job, Hombre.

    It is bad enough that Israel is treating folk in Gaza so bad, but when the country makes a concerted effort to spam up our beloved internet in the US, too…. Well!… we get rather indignant that you are jerking us all around like this. …lol…

    Lesson here to you, Israeli War Machine. Despite your attention down to the smallest detail, there are always going to be details missed that just give your intentions totally away. Details that you missed that show what a fraud you are. Details that you miss that only go to show how insincere you are.

    Don… Oh Poor Don…. You make us weep! Hint, hint… Try the name Mike for your next spammer personality.

  20. AvatarTony Logan Post author

    Well, that’s just what you get, ‘Don’, when you discuss current affairs with people who see Black Helicopters dropping White Phosphorus on those down below. There’s just no reasoning with the likes of such.

  21. AvatarDon

    Tony Logan,

    Use of white phosphorus can be legitimate. Until the results of the investigation are concluded, you shouldn’t prejudge the matter.

  22. AvatarMorton Perelman

    Mr. Logan, speaking of falsehoods and propaganda, have you deleted the false statements posted by Thomas Mc on your site attributed to Sharon and Ben-Gurion? I noticed that revelation yesterday.

  23. AvatarTony Logan Post author

    ‘Don’, so if I were to drop some White Phosphorus on your offices over at the Israeli Internet Megaphone software HQ, just to lighten things up some, that would not be considered by you to be a war crime, right

  24. AvatarDon

    Whether or not the use of white phosphorus constitutes a war crime depends on the purpose toward which it is applied, circumstances involved, and respect for other provisions of the “laws of war.”

  25. AvatarDon

    Tony Logan,

    You’re leaving out too many details. I can’t answer definitively one way or the other except to state that at least the purpose of illumination could be lawful. The other details that you omit are crucial.

  26. AvatarTony Logan Post author

    Trolls? What trolls? I’ll just drop some White Phosphorus on the blog and see if we can locate said trolls?

  27. AvatarTony Logan Post author

    You just make the point for me, IDF boy. I just wrote that you people have an internet software alerting device that puts your spam online within a minute of two after we write something here. And here you are punctually 3 minutes after I wrote about that. YOU PEOPLE ARE SO STUPID!

  28. AvatarDan Chinitz

    You people? Yeah, I’m part of a worldwide Jewish Internet conspiracy. LOL. Get real. You’re more a laughing stock than some sort of threat to Israel’s existence.

  29. AvatarTony Logan Post author

    Here’s the picture we get actually… You are in a office and have as your stupid Israeli military propagandist job responding to multiple blogs that your government has decided are part of the World Anti Zionist Conspiracy. A big world plot by ‘Anti-Jews” as you dumb Jewish racists see it, so to speak!

    When a comment comes in on any one of those blogs, you get a signal to respond to that specific blog with IDF spam (in lieu of being able to use Willy Pete on us). And you do so within minutes if not seconds. You are responding to multiple blogs during your shifts and sometimes get it all confused.

    What dumb putzes you guys really all are! You can be read like a book! Get some sleep when you get off work and take care of yourself. Don’t want you to get shagged by ‘friendly fire’ or anything. That would be sad, Stupid.

  30. AvatarDan Chinitz

    Reality check: I’m sitting in my apartment on West 57th Street in NYC, watching Hannity on Fox. It’s now almost 9:10 PM.

  31. AvatarTony Logan Post author

    I thought you were chewing away on your own taco, ‘Dan’? That’s what you just told us on another thread seconds ago, Dude. Do you have Alzheimer’s or is it just too hard keeping up with multiple blogs all at one time?

  32. AvatarDan Chinitz

    Just finished dinner. T. Boone Pickens was just on Hannity and Mark Levin is coming up.

  33. AvatarTony Logan Post author

    Poor, ‘Dan’. He’s made a total of 13 posts to NMT today, April Fools Day, and it is late in New York City as he gets ready for bed after munching on his own taco and watching Fox’s repulsive Hannity Show. He started at 9am our time and has kept at it throughout almost every hour of the day! (9, 10,12,12:30, 3, 5, 6 ,6:30, 6:40, 6:48, 7:10, and I left out a time, ..oh well)

    This is a hard job posting while eating tacos, watching TV, and spamming many another blog, too. But he’s dedicated to keeping the torch going for the Jewish State! Is he a Mormon … I meant Jewish…volunteer? Or is he a paid professional? In the end it’s all the same. What is clear though is that he is part of a coordinated political and military propaganda effort on behalf of more war, more Jewish theft, more US support for Jewish theft of Palestinian land and property.

    Good night, sleep tight, …’Dan’. BTW, taco is another word for panocha, Dan.

  34. AvatarTony Logan Post author

    I’m narrating the chronology of Israeli spamming of anti Zionist leaning blogs, Dan. You’re not related to ‘Don’ by any chance are you?

    PS- Don’t accidentally kill yourself setting off any White Phosphorus canisters or DIME munitions, ‘Dan’. We value your participation here with us on the blog!

  35. AvatarTony Logan Post author

    One of the fascinating things about this military propaganda machine, the Israeli Internet Megaphone, is its ability to create fictional characters like ‘Dan Chinitz’, who in reality is a team of interconnected posters who are working together in shifts. This is post 15 distributed over 13 hours for ‘Dan’ today on NMT, and it stretches all credulity to believe that any one poster who self describes that he supposedly was eating tacos in New York City tonight while watching Right Wing TV there, could be posting obsessively here and that he could be so interested in a relatively obscure Colorado Springs blog that much all alone on his own.

    In reality the concern of the Israeli spammer machine is simply that people can google Not My Tribe up so easily on topical matters concerning the Jewish State that we have posted commentaries about. They’re out to spam the site, destroy the blog’s cohesiveness, and to belittle all efforts to comment negatively against their Zionist military project.

    Sorry, ‘Dan’. No meds to take here other than BP stuff and Metformin. You are making a good case study of how deep going governmental militarism in both our countries really is by maintaining your ongoing presence here under your multiple fake internet identities.

  36. Avatarjonah

    Well, since they only have the ONE “Dan” responding this time, perhaps that’s a sign of how badly the Megaphone suppression-of-the-truth is failing…

    Failing Badly.

    “Dan”, IP addresses are as absolute as the difference between one “1” and Zero “0”.

    People who google the site to see your spam-gun output will also see that, and they can easily use Google to find out the reality of such things as Unique Internet Protocol Addresses and what exactly that means.

    Like I mentioned in Churchill v. Churchill, I’m not required to prove that you’re a Liar on this or any other subject.

    The IP Address calls your Anti-Truth Lobbying Lies, and every one of you who has used the Megaphone LIED in denying that.

    Here’s a good challenge, “Dan”, prove that somehow several persons, acting independently of each other, can simultaneously use ONE computer connected to the internet

    Find some technical explanation of how exactly it can be done without using such software protocols and Hardware Connections as made possible by the Megaphone.

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