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women and the draft

Up until a week ago women were excluded from the draft (as in Selective Service, just to avoid confusion. Sometimes I’m accused of being too much detailed but if I went to glib short statements people would bitch about that too so I’ll go with with being condemned for doing a good job rather than a poor one.) But there was a lawsuit, several in fact but the one in question was brought by women because it is discrimination. It’s all discrimination anyway because obviously personal wealth does count.

Get born into the “right” family like Bush or Cheney or other descendants of Dracula (True story) who make a lot of bread from other people dying, you ain’t gonna be drafted. It’s ludicrous to say otherwise but you know, some people do. I wrote this first for Anti-War which if you look to the right hand panel there are some excellent links. And I had an account –still do in fact… but I don’t remember my exact log in there which is a big problem always. But there’s an article written by a woman who had been in the Air Force and she is not amused. Rand Paul has one too, he jumps around between straight Green Party stuff to absolute Capitalist Libertarian. But I was trying to promote the premise as written by Jessica Pavoni titled Women and the Selective Service, two steps back for everyone.

So here I add my own experiences with the Draft. Yeah, I was SUPPOSED to register for it. And did not. It could have gotten ugly. It’s 37 years of Statute of Limitations but that doesn’t mean much to the Pigs. I mean, if I had the privilege of a family retainer (lawyer) it might but for all practical purposes, if you ain’t rich you can get slammed for anything.

Just ask John Walter’s ghost.

 I had gotten an Honorable Discharge from the USAF in 1979 for medical reasons. I’m autistic and the Air Force was the group who had diagnosed it, at Wilford Hall Medical Center at Lackland AFB… 12 years earlier. I wondered then at why they accepted my enlistment in the first place. You recall the incident of a fire at the National Archive in St Louis that destroyed the records of George W?

it’s not really a Republican myth. The crap about not being able to find his papers was, because the military keeps more than one set of records. The bit about the only thing you don’t need to turn in a dead one (light bulbs and toilet paper are the most commonly cited) and file a triplicate request form is a soldier or a grenade, that’s very close to the truth.

All that is a lead in to the main story, my dad’s Air Force records (Br and the next sequence is Bu, last names put his records in the same room as Georgie Boy’s) WERE resurrected. Just not in my pre-service background check.

I was happier than a hog in shit to get out when I did. With an honorable discharge. 2 months to the day prior to the Teheran US Embassy being taken.

Just everybody who was pending discharge had his-her discharge redlined.

It’s in the enlistment contract, as close to the actual Draft as you would get in 1979. They can keep you in the military as long as they want, “in National Emergency” which can be declared arbitrarily at any time.

Suddenly I’m required to register. Which I didn’t. And really, nobody actually checked. Starting January of 1981 Reagan-Bush were in office and busily appeasing the Ayatollahs and Mullahs because they got Reagan-Bush elected.

Stuff like engine parts for the formerly Royal Air Force of Iran were officially banned but they were still flying 20 years later. True story. The parts were made in Ft Worth Texas. So much for an actual embargo.

And the Iran Contra scandal which A Lot Of People Remember And Are Resurrecting because it’s a real campaign issue.

But a few years later I was a guest of the State and taking a course in Data Entry when somebody in Washing Tundy Sea sent me a nice letter informing me that I was not eligible for the taxpayer funded private corporate gift from the Social Security Administration to Ross Perot wherein the yankee gubmint would pay for my training with the eventual aim of me working for EDS. Which didn’t pan out for other reasons.

Because I had not registered. They were curious as to why did I not register, as I was an outstandingly patriotic citizen and of course they gave me a chance to hang my self with a noose made of government paper, a form explaining myself.

I sent it back saying I had an honorable discharge which really wasn’t a valid excuse and of course I already knew that. I mentioned in a truly snotty mode that I did not and do not actually owe them any further service. They sent me back an Oh Well paper saying that it was an oversight on my part and since by that time I was 27 I was no longer eligible to even register for the Draft so they forgave me.   Like I or anybody else needs forgiveness for not, as Brother Arlo said in his song “burning villages and killing women and children”

But that’s not the real story.

The real story is that old mean nasty ugly Draft Act in the first damn place.

The way it’s written even somebody categorized as 4F is still obligated to drop whatever the hell he (or she) was doing with his (or her) life in order to serve the Military Industrial Complex in whatever capacity the Military sees fit.

Any Breathing Living Body.

If for instance Steven Hawkings was deemed necessary strategically to use his talent and education in Very Higher Mathematics, perhaps to develop a super-bomb,  they could draft him. The curious exemption in all this, and for the longest time, was The Fairer Sex. I’ll go out on a limb here, make a really blanket statement, that most women were perfectly happy to have such an exemption.  And that’s a very good thing.The TRUE equality is if chickenshit chickenhawks like Bush or Cheney or Romney or Trump could not buy their way out of the Draft.

Of course that ain’t happening. So in a show of inclusiveness, the Pentagon is now accepting women as heavily armed slaves. Another peculiarity is that the Draft was initiated (in America at least, conscription is old as any historic warlords) was a war to end Slavery (in America… Most of the world had already accepted emancipation and the other holdouts like Siam and other Non-American backwater societies were not immediately affected)

Private ownership of human beings was officially outlawed (in America) but Public Ownership was officially initiated. The Military Industrial Complex or as anybody can truthfullly say The Corporate not so much Shadow Government was alive and well in America, So it still goes back to corporate private ownership of people.

Just, you know, not Officially.

Nobody really wins this current scenario.

“They” say that totalitarian (but they don’t call it that) conformity of thought word and deed is absolutely necessary to “win” a war. or even to have one. There’s a nursery rhyme type explanation of that, about how a loose horse-shoe nail caused a war to be lost. We learned it in school.

If soldiers and even civilians don’t follow orders without question, if we don’t believe absolutely in the Rightness Of The Noble Cause, well, y’all have heard the same things. It’s the stated reason for prosecuting draft resisters rather than draft dodgers.

Using nursery rhyme simplicity like the Horseshoe Nail analogy, well…

Nursery rhymes aren’t all that nice, are they? Think “Three Blind Mice” just for a really clean example… why would you mutilate blind animals by cutting off their tails with a carving knife? It’s a wonder kids don’t have more nightmares.

And war is worse than any nightmares. If you enlist or get drafted.

They hanged Pinocchio and let Gepetto walk… 12/30/2006

As is so often true in death penalty cases. From 1979 til 1991 he was propped up by mostly the Reagan Regime as a counter to the Iranian revolution. Who are also the chief “witnesses” against him in the matter of killing a few thousand Iraqi citizens. With their active involvement. Their active PAID involvement, because they a) don’t work cheap and b) don’t actually work. “They” being a cast of villains like Reagan, Bush the Elder, Ollie North, the Miami Cuban Cartel, Richard Secord, Donald Rumsfeld, Admiral Poindexter, traitors and murderers all. Selling stolen arms for stolen money and getting Americans killed in the process, like the Marines in Beirut. (Lt Col North, three words, Ollie… Semper… Fi… Bitch)
They got several times as many people killed by their Other Puppets, like the Salvadoran death squads, the Contras, the Medellin Cartel, to bring more people into Capitalist Slavery in the name of “Freedom”.
And they’re still sending their brainless minions to kill for their own profit.
Any of y’all soldiers assigned to read our blog, dudes, get smart and desert. Split, boogie, depart, sortez… Get Out Of The Slaughter Machine. Your Military is owned by the same Rich Bitches who owned Saddam’s Army and financed al Qa’eda. They don’t give a rat’s ass about your lives any more than they did the 2800 they had killed on 9/11 or the 300 Marines they had murdered in Beirut or the uncounted thousands of Nicaraguan priests, nuns, nurses, doctors, teachers, orphan children and other civilians they “liberated” with American-bought bullets to the heads.

They won’t give any more of a damn about your lives than the lives of the Iraqi and Afghan civilians they had you murder. If it comes down to a choice of them facing the hangman themselves or scapegoating you the way they did their Other Puppets, you’ll be stretching the rope.

It’s just the way the coward bitches do business. Ollie North has been rewarded for his selling out “his fellow” Marines by being paid several million dollars a year to LIE for his whoremasters, on a Fox News show. Gunny Bob Newman has a similar Whore deal for much less money on Hate Talk Radio. If either of them were to actually, for the first time in their sorry worthless misspent lives, MAN THE HELL UP AND TELL THE GOD-DAMN TRUTH, they would be sold out the way their Masters sold out Manny Noriega, Saddam Hussein, Osama, the top level financiers of the Medellin Cartel…

Betraying your countrymen and your oaths is Okey Dokey with them, but betraying the Whoremasters isn’t permitted.

Rule of law & American Exceptionalism

The extrem(ist)e lack of the first puts any claim of the latter as the very essence of arrogant falsehood. We’re told that America, and ONLY America, actually deserves to run the entire world because we’re better than them.
What’s that sound? Damn, I just heard every Right Wing Jingoist my-country-right-or-wrong, Love-it-or-leave-it, we’re-fighting-for-your-freedom-of-speech-so-you-better-shut-your-cake-hole-or-we’ll-shut-it-for-you “patriotic” TeaTard Racist closing his mind. They just snapped their minds shut simultaneously. with a deafening roar.
Consider the case of one Luis Posada Carriles
For those of our readers unfamiliar with the Castellano (Spanish) naming scheme, Carriles was his mother’s maiden name. His surname is Posada.
A terrorist paid by the U.S. Regime over decades to murder, to overthrow Democracy wherever it reared its lovely head. His CIA “handler” was one Donald Gregg, an American Coward who paid public money, without public oversight and, like fellow Terrorist George Bush Gregg was recently honored in Colorado Springs. Seems the local “conservatives” can’t get enough of Babykilling Freaks. (They’re hosting Sarah Palin later this month)

So, Colorado Springs and El Paso County show a lot of solidarity with Terrorists like Gregg, and his “asset” Posada. El Paso County Texas too, where the Republican prosecutor, in a show trial, charged this mass murdering TERRORIST with “lying to immigration officials” a charge compared to charging Hitler with Disorderly Conduct and then dropping the charges. I spent more time in the El Paso County Jail for talking back to the PIGS.
Guess if I actually were a murderer or something they would have simply welcomed me to their club. Pigs are like that.
Fellow CIA “assets” handled by Gregg and his friends Rumsfeld, George HW Bush, (before and AFTER he became President in charge of Vice and subsequently Commander in Thief) Ollie North, Richard Secord, a rogues gallery indeed…
But the “assets” list included, until they became too much of an embarrassment, Saddam Hussein, The Medellin Cartel, and Panama Puppet Manuel Noriega.

Their current assets include Nouri al Maliki, Satrap of Baghdad, Mauricio Funes, of the Satrapy El Salvador, Felipe Calderon, Puppet Dictator of Mexico, Eden Pastora, Babykilling Contra leader, Ricardo Martinelli Panamian Sock-puppet, and the list grows longer. Human rights slaughtered right along with the humans who claimed them.
Posada was just one of many, and was charged, and acquitted, in the same El Paso County Texas Kangaroo Court system which acquits cops of murder routinely, and enables the same PIGS to beat, imprison on false charges (automatic conviction in their courts on those charges) and KILL people for the crimes of talking back or wearing a brown skin.

It’s true what they say, Thieves of a Feather, Cowards Run in Packs, and the Counties of El Paso Texas and El Paso Colorado glorify, fund, and enable Terrorist BITCHES like Posada and Gregg and Bush and Palin.

Have a nice babykilling.