We Are a Nation Sunk Under Corporate Legal Bullshit

It is often said that we are a nation of laws? That’s certainly true, but just what kind of laws? Are our American laws there to provide protection and justice for the overwhelming majority of us, or are they to codify the privileges of the much tinier US elite, the corporations and their super rich owners?

If you don’t know the answer to that, then try to bring a law suit against a corporation or the corporate government that rules over us. Or what’s more likely to be the situation, try to defend yourself when the elites come after you. Fact is, justice in the US is sold in dollars and cents and if you don’t have the money, you’re going to do the time. You’re going to have your life messed over, and you will have no recourse if you come into contact with the No Justice System.

The corporations won’t go to jail, you will. You will, or you will go into limbo one way or the other. Quite simply, we are not a nation that benefits from having any real justice, but a nation sunk under corporate legal bullshit where justice is routinely turned on its head. It’s your lawyers versus theirs, is it not? Can’t fight city hall, and can’t fight the corporation. Don’t be stupid to think otherwise if you go into the US courtroom.

Did you think that the police are there to serve you? Think again. You are the centerpiece of nothing, Pal. What ever made you think that the US was about justice? Some fairy tale nonsense you learned in kindergarden? Those squads of cops all over the place, those prisons in every city and county? They’re there to protect property, not you. Most of us are lucky to own the shirt on our backs, or some small shed we live in. That’s not property! The cops are a goon squad to keep your sorry ass in line, so that property can be maintained. Not some trinkets that you might have accumulated, neither. Real property. Property you’ll never know or see.

When you watch these show trials over and over again, it’s about property. Manuel Noriega? He went to jail because he messed with US government property, The Panama Canal. Somebody steal your car? So what? That’s not property. Took your wallet? Big deal. Saddam Hussein going to get the death penalty? That’s because he tried to take property belonging to the US and European oil companies. Stupid low breed Arab he was! And what about that ignorant Slav, Milosevic? Didn’t he know that Slovenia belonged to Italy, and Croatia to Germany? It’s about property. Not about justice. Justice is not for common folk in this world of corporate control and greed.

The scales of justice weighing most evenly? Bullshit! On one side sits the dollars against you, and on the other side sits the cents you have. Result, you’re going to go flying off to jail, Chump. Flying just like the jailbird they’ll make you into if you get caught up within The System, the Injustice one. Here’s about the best summary of some of the more recent corporate legal bullshit that has been piled upon us by the Right Winger whores of the corporations. Gerry Spence’s essay, Kill All Lawyers He especially hits it right on about how the docs and insurers united to screw the rest of us over with their so-called ‘tort reform’ legislation.

Are there any readers out there dumb enough to defend the US system of corporate legal bullshit? How about you, Michael? Care to defend the sea that your profession swims in? A sea of corporate legal bullshit. A sea of nonsense so obviously not justice.

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16 Responses to We Are a Nation Sunk Under Corporate Legal Bullshit

  1. Avatar Marie says:

    I agree for the most part with your comments. I can’t completely agree that all lawyers are rotten to the core because (1) my sister is a lawyer and she is honest and ethical and brilliant (2) one of my very best friends is a lawyer and she is honest and ethical and brilliant (3) attorneys for certain organizations like the ACLU are sometimes the only defender of our individual civil liberties, especially for those that can’t afford $275/hour for a private attorney.

    As far as corporate power and control go, you are dead on. Absolutely the only way for the “little guy” to sue a big corporation is through a class action lawsuit….think breast implants and tobacco products. However, even this takes lots of organization and planning and is usually driven by asshole corporate attorneys looking to line their own pockets, not out of genuine concern for justice. The little guy sees almost no money but boy do the lawyers get wealthy! It does, sometimes, force the offending corporation to change certain products/policies. But, no biggie, the costs of attorneys fees/settlements are passed on to us one way or another.

    The companies recover, the attorneys retire, and we are left to deal with whatever messes they’ve left behind.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    I agree with what you just said, Marie. And so does Gerry Spence in his article, ‘Kill All Lawyers’, that I linked my comments to. BTW, I accidentally spelled his name Spencer instead of Spence before, but have now corrected that. This is a great article about US law, and there are not many goods ones out there. It is well worth reading and not as long as it might appear.

    Gerry Spence is probably America’s best known radical lawyer, and runs a school to help train better trial lawyers to defend the common folk. In fact, he is very clear in his commentaries about explaining the difference between corporate lawyers and the ones who battle against those overpaid slimeballs.

    I even have suggested to my stepson that he go to law school since he desired to make a change in society. Unfortunately, he decided not to. Lawyers for the people are sorely needed, while the other lawyers who work against common folk are not. Too many shysters of that class already.

    Corporate lawyers are leaches on society, for sure, and this Gerry Spence explains better than I did. I am still waiting for our conservative lawyer and occasional poster, Michael, to put his legal 2 cents into this discussion…….. I have a feel that I might be waiting ’till Hell freezes over? He’s probably watching his favorite Right Wing ditto head program right now.

  3. Avatar Marie Walden says:

    If I had the money and there was a good law school in town, I would go in a heartbeat, to defend the very people you talk about. I have actually visited DU a number of times, taken a few classes, but I just can not pull it off and take care of my family at the same time.

    And, as for our conservative lawyer and occasional poster, now that my resident bachelor has moved on to more verdant pastures, Michael is over here showing me his legal briefs. Very fashionable I must say.

  4. Avatar Marie Walden says:


  5. Can’t really argue with you on this one, Tony, as I have never been one of those corporate types….my hair is too long, and I spent too many of my law school hours smokin’ ganja and hangin’ out with strippers to make Law Review. The bulk of my practice is doing bankruptcy cases for impecunious ne’er-do-wells….my personal version of sticking it to the Man (the Bankruptcy Court is one of the few places where the big corporations have virtually no say in whether large sums of debt to them get discharged, or simply wiped out). The big corporations represent more a form of the collective than any rational version of capitalism, so it would seem that Eric would be in favor of them (see his penguin rant).

    But as an aside, I believe that Marie would make an excellent lawyer, her briefs being bullet-proof, although they do tend to cover way too much territory, and can be somewhat flowery.

  6. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Glad to see you’re still hanging in here with us, Michael. I was afraid that you might had lost your soul completely to Glenn Beck Thought. So what do you think about Gerry Spence? And what do you think about these new changes in the bankruptcy laws?

  7. After doing a few shots and a bong or two of kind bud with O’Reilly and Beck, I thought I would honor you with my presence. I have a great deal of respect for Mr. Spence, an intellectual dynamo pretending to be a simple country boy. He takes the “bathtub” approach to his cases: fills up his brain with the facts and law, argues to the jury, wins, then pulls the plug, and lets it all drain out…to the point where he can’t even recognize his client when he later meets him on the street. My kinda guy. But I don’t look good in a cowboy hat, so I’ll stick with the purple cashmere topcoat with the mink collar.

    The changes to the bankruptcy laws were meaningless. The “means test” excludes maybe 3% of potential debtors (only those with high incomes), and this can easily be evaded courtesy of the radical feminists, who convinced Congress to make “domestic support obligations” a super-priority item. All a smart debtor has to do is go thru a fake divorce, give the bitch everything, and thus still qualify to do a Chapter 7. Either that or just have a large amount of secured claims (buy that new Porsche now!) and thus qualify. The only other “impediment” is to take an online credit counseling course, which takes about an hour and costs $30. No problemo. Give me a call if you want to protect your assets….free consultation!

  8. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    No thanks, Michael. I’ll stick with the lawyer with the cowboy hat. I’ve read you, and i’ve read Gerry. And I can see why he’s a trial lawyer and you’re a bankruptcy maestro.

    But seriously. Hasn’t it gotten much harder these days to write off medical debts, and also to write off debts from student loans? This be my free consultation. Don’t disappoint.

    And a word to you, the wise. You could do away with your addiction to weed, perhaps, if you stopped watching o’Reilly and Beck. If you want that type of mental agony just go straight to PCP, minus the fungus on the mind. Actually, smoking while watching O’Reilly or Beck is kind of like unknowingly getting weed dusted with PCP anyway. It’s a wonder you’re not totally psychotic already!

    Other thing. You didn’t like me dissing your free market hero, Milton Pinochet. What do you think about Joseph Stiglitz? Just read a book by him and wasn’t impressed. He’s the hero of the liberal Left you know. So search on Beck’s site and let me know how you feel about the man. Please. I love economic theory slugfests! lol

  9. Avatar Michael Slivka says:

    No, it’s no harder to discharge medical debt than credit cards or any other unsecured debt. Student loans have been nearly impossible to discharge since the 1984 amendments, but that was extended to non-federally insured student loans also. Other non-dischargeable debts include domestic support obligations, fines to governmental authorities, taxes less than 3 years old (but those older than 3 years are dischargeable, if you actually filed!), and debts related to drunk driving. Bankruptcy still remains the greatest financial planning tool out there, as long as you remember the rule: “Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered.”

  10. Avatar CJ says:

    Who ever said justice was about being fair? Money talks and bullshit walks. If you’ve got money in this country, you can get out of almost any kind of trouble.
    Pertaining to medical and educational debt: couldn’t you just put it all on your credit cards, run those up, and then declare bankruptcy?
    Tony, I believe you are correct! Our legal system protects corporate America and the individual has nearly no rights. For example, I had Wells Fargo Financial reneg on a contract and then didn’t inform me until six months after the fact. I spoke to a lawyer about it and he said it simply wasn’t worth trying to sue them for non-compliance because the total amount was under 5K–peanuts for most lawyers. What a disappointment! Wells Fargo was totally in the wrong and I wonder how many other people have totally gotten screwed but didn’t have the cash to confer with an attorney to deal with the matter.
    Student loans–that’s a killer. I remember reading somewhere that a large portion of student loans in default and the government is never able to collect on from foreign students who take out loans and then go back to their home countries where they can’t be forced to pay. Maybe we should start sending our high school graduates abroad to do the same in other countries?!!!

  11. Avatar Michael Slivka says:

    Here is what Thomas Sowell has to say about multinational corporations….since you claim to be liberals, you have a duty to present all opposing viewpoints (by the way, Mr. Sowell is black, if you didn’t already know)

    Hollywood Economics
    Opinion Editorial by Thomas Sowell – Dec 6, 2006

    It is not really news that Hollywood is still producing anti-business movies, but there is a certain irony in it nevertheless.

    Although these movies tap a certain envy and resentment of corporate wealth, that large corporate wealth comes from far more modest individual amounts of money from about half the population of the United States, which owns stocks and bonds — either directly or because money paid into pension funds or other financial intermediaries are used to buy stocks and bonds.

    The irony is that the average Hollywood star who is making anti-business movies is far wealthier than the average owners of those businesses, who are half the population of the country.

    The Los Angeles Times refers to documentary “films” that are “critical of corporate power.” But just what does this vague word “power” mean when it comes to businesses?

    Wal-Mart is the big bugaboo these days but what “power” does Wal-Mart have? I lived three-quarters of a century without ever setting foot in a Wal-Mart store and there is not a thing they can do about it.

    It so happened that this past summer in Page, Arizona, I needed to buy some toiletries, which caused me to go into a nearby Wal-Mart for the first time. Inside, it looked more like a small city than a large store. But the prices were noticeably lower than in most other places. Is that the much-dreaded “power”?

    Apparently Wal-Mart does not pay its employees as much as third-party observers would like to see them paid. But obviously it is not paying them less than their work is worth to other employers or they probably would not be working at Wal-Mart. Moreover, third parties who wax indignant are paying them nothing.

    One of the morally indignant “films” (more high-toned than “movies”) coming out of Hollywood makes the same complaint against Starbucks, depicting poverty-stricken Ethiopian coffee growers providing beans for the big-bucks coffee store chain.

    Are the Ethiopian coffee growers worse off now that Starbucks is buying their beans? Supply and demand would suggest otherwise. But moral crusaders seldom have time for economics.

    If those who claim to be concerned about the Ethiopians’ poverty really are, why is not relieving that poverty just as much something for them to do with their own money as for Starbucks to do using money invested by other people — including nurses, mechanics, teachers, and others who are paying into pension funds to provide for their own old age?

    The tragic fact is that productivity is far lower in poor countries. That is the fundamental reason why they are poor in the first place. You cannot pay American wages to workers whose average productivity is a fraction of that of American workers, without driving up the cost of production to the point where businesses will take their jobs to some other country.

    The real comparison is not between what people are paid in Third World countries compared to what people are paid in the United States. The comparison that affects outcomes is what Third World people are paid by multinational corporations compared to what they can earn otherwise.

    By and large, multinational corporations pay about double the local pay in Third World countries. Third World workers line up for these jobs and even bribe insiders to get them such jobs.

    If economically illiterate Hollywood busybodies and other mindless crusaders succeed in establishing more costly pay scales without regard to productivity, that will undoubtedly lead to fewer jobs, just as similar policies do in other countries.

    There is no free lunch in the Third World, any more than there is elsewhere.

    The net result will be people feeling good about themselves in Hollywood, in academia, and in the media, while leaving havoc in their wake among the Third World people they claim to care about.

    What the Third World needs are more multinational corporations, not less.

    As more multinational corporations move into a poorer country, the people there not only get additional economic opportunities, they acquire skills and job experience that raise their productivity and earnings potential, even if that outrages the economically illiterate in Hollywood.

    Thomas Sowell is a Senior Fellow at The Hoover Institution at Stanford University in California. He has published dozens of books on economics, education, race, and other topics. His most recent book is Black Rednecks and White Liberals, in which he argues that “internal” cultural habits of industriousness, thriftiness, family solidarity, and reverence for education often play a greater role in the success of ethnic minorities than do civil-rights laws or majority prejudices.

    Copyright ©2003-6 The Atlasphere LLC

  12. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    No, Michael, we don’t claim to be liberals. In fact, I feel offended that you would even suggest such a thing. Liberals we ain’t.

    Now- I look at Tom’s next to last paragraph in his ludicrous commentary. Here he claims that poorer countries are supposedly better off with multinational countries moving in. They ‘get better opportunities, acquire skills and job experience’ and so on. What a comedian he is. I bet those Iraqis are just loving those 100,000 contractors the multinationals sent in! lol. Too funny for words.

    But us non-liberals don’t mind at all having you and Tom share your thoughts with us. In fact, here is another conservative commentary that I myself will post for you. It is from the Ludwig von Mises Institute’s head man. He loves capitalism probably even more than you do, Michael. Check out what he has to say about Doctor Donald Rumsfield’s parting pearls of wisdom. Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr. at

  13. Avatar Michael Slivka says:

    Forgive me for characterizing you with the label “liberals”. Even liberals have something that they are willing to be FOR once in a while. If anything, you guys are simply “contrarians”: against everthing, never offering any positive suggestions. When I elected you emperor, and asked what the principles of Loganism would look like, you refused to give us unwashed masses even a hint. But isn’t that the very essence of power…being able to exercise it arbitrarily? Nazi concentration camp guards changed the “rules” every day, to keep the inmates (Jew and gentile alike) off base, and in fear. Even draconian rules are tolerable if one knows what they are, where the limits lie. But it’s no fun being emperor if you yourself have to follow the rules.

  14. Avatar CJ says:

    Wal-mart does have its pros and cons; for example, no one gets cheap goods unless someone is being exploited. Those inexpensive goods at Wal-mart were made in Malaysia or some other country where people are paid slave-wages by western standards. Is it “right” to allow someone to work a 14 hour day in some garment district sweatshop for $1.20 per day? Perhaps if this wage allows that person to raise his or her standard of living. But it isn’t if it simply keeps that person living in poverty.
    We all have to make the decisions about these things though. For example, the more efficient and inexpensive cars built outside of the USA are built by non-union workers, whereas many of the US cars built here are built by union workers who cost more. I’m just playing devil’s advocate here because I’m a public school teacher who is a union member!
    Companies like Starbucks offer their employees decent benefits packages and wages for a service industry job. Are they an evil company? Yes and no. I don’t like it that they open stores across the street from local coffee shops even when they lose money at those locations; they do so to specifically put the independent stores out of business. What will happen when we only have Wal-mart and Starbucks to choose from? It’ll be our own fault if those are the ONLY places we shop. It’s best to diversify!

  15. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Look, Michael, it is really quite simple. Liberals are much like libertarians in that they have an idealized dream of what they think capitalism really should be like, but never is. Liberals are just as much pro-capitalist as you conservatives are, it’s just that they think that the state should protect them from……. capitalism!

    Libertarians are for capitalism, it’s just that they think the state should not regulate…… capitalism! Of course, the capitalist state does just that since it is run by the bigger capitalists for their own interests which happens to be maintaining capitalism. What a big surprise.

    You call me a ‘contrarian’. Yes, I am, Michael. I am contrairan to having a world capitalist economy which I think is actually endangering all life forms on this planet, beyond the cockroach and bacteria. Obviously if I am against trade of money determining and deciding all planning and worth in society, then I am for for planning and direction by other values than gold. So I am for something that you are very much contrarian to, Michael.

    As to who exercises power in an arbitrary manner? Just save your indignation for somebody other than Logan the Emperor. I don’t have power. The women go for Henry KKissinger, and not me. Pisses me the hell off, too! You are so scared of me getting power, that you accept it being exercised by people a billion times more abusive than I could ever be. Somehow, you have decided that power accruing to rich people is legitimate, and that poor people are too dangerous to allow to have power. If they were competent, they would be rich, I guess you feel?

    Michael, where do you think that the ‘free market’ and the capitalist class came from? They came from the upper classes that used to determine worth based on their ownership of land, or ownership of other human beings. The capitalist class developed alongside these other leaches on society and eventually shoved them to the side. But it was no liberation for society as a whole, as the capitalists then set themselves up above all others based on their ownership of property in coin, if not land (so much) or human flesh (so much) as before.

    Coin merely became a method of obfuscating class division. Though not nearly enough for the capitalists themselves, so that the rich still have to have fortresses to hide themselves inside of. They still need knights (solders and police), and they still need overseers of the chattel (little Eichmanns).

    All I can say to you, Michael, is that you seem to be a good man, but that you are too busy trying to find reasons for accepting the misery all around you to really have looked much at the real world sitting right there right under your nose. Right in front of your eyes. We still live in a world where privilege determines who lives or dies, and privilege is based on coin nowadays. It is based on who is iin the capitalist class, and who isn’t. Who lives in an imperialist country, and who doesn’t. The value of your life is weighed in dollars and cents, Michael.

    Yes, I want that to change because the battle for market share is an inhuman battle that is destroying the humanity in all of us. Why are you so satisfied with the status quo that you lash out against us very nice ‘contrarians? And’ with a barely below the surface hatred, too, I might add?

  16. Avatar Jonah says:

    My take on it, mainly because I also at least try to be Christian, I get really offended by Christians who put a Benjamin in the offering plate every sunday, then steal it back with interest the other six days of the week.
    Sometimes literally with interest.

    Ever heard of the term Banana Republic.? It refers to an infamous American court case over which exact fruit importing company owned Guatemala.

    About the same time the US liberated Panama from Colombia, with a rigged revolution, in order to get a real sweet deal on the “rights” to build the Canal. Apparently the Colombians weren’t offering to sell at quite the right price.
    Also right in that same time frame Hawaii was liberated from it’s own tyrant dictator in the name of protecting Americans, in this case multinational corporations like Dole and C&H, although that last was incorporated under a different name back then. Making history by beating the Japanese to the punch by decades in having a Naval attack on Pearl Harbor. We did it first and best!
    Of course now the Guatemalans are picking the bananas for the corporations, with the option of emigrating, but where to exactly, if they don’t like living on slave wages. Oh and lest we forget, backed by the US army, the same one which is now being pressed into action to make sure the lazy worthless bums who don’t want to work for 2 dollars a day and all the bananas they can eat, from immigrating illegally to Our Turf.

    And all the land that can produce any food is under the control of the multinational.

    Meanwhile, because even though all of the board of directors, the CEO and the vast majority of the shareholders are US citizens, and residents full time in US, even with that, I say… the corporation is multinational. Meaning the profits are taxed in Guatemala, the very “sovereign country” they own.
    A very sweet deal for them indeed. Especially when the US military which they aren’t paying for enforces the virtual slaver… ooops I mean “opportunity wage providers” rule over the people so they can’t stay without working for the slavers and can’t leave either.

    A company town on a grand scale.

    The multinational oil companies tried that with Venezuela just recently, remember? And when the Venezuelan people elected a “marxist fanatic” to represent them, you remember? Of course you do. And when this Marxist Dictator nationalized the oil reserves in their “sovereign nation”?

    of course you remember that. Loud wails of “Anti-Americanism”!! rang out from Washington and Houston and Crawford.

    When a very influential small-c christian pastor called for the assassination of this rabid dictator, no charges of Religious Fanatic Terrorism were leveled at him. Nope just good ol’ american first amendment rights being exercised, no Storm Troopers entering his mosque ooops i mean church swinging M16s no sirree.

    Then when he was re-elected by a wide margin in an election which was closely monitored by every government and NGO on the face of this Blue Planet, The Chimp from Crawford and his media whores at DumFox news got all pouty because the Bad Evil Dictator refused The Chimp’s offer of reconciliation. When Daniel Ortega got elected 2 countries over, the wails from washington and crawford and Branson Missouri grew ever louder.

    They still haven’t stopped whining about it.

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