America’s Colombian friends

Horrrible testimony is coming out daily in Colombia about the American government’s Colombian friends, the Paramilitary death squads.

All of Colombia is following the continual unfolding of new scandal about the Colombian government and military’s deep connections with the paramilitaries. Check out the video some even though it is in Spanish. Your tax monies went to help make these atrocities happen, so don’t hide your eyes and ears away. Take a look.

America made this level of total criminality possible by funding the Colombian military for decades now. The techniques used by the death squads organized by the Colombian military rival the worst crimes of the Japanese and the Nazis during WW2. Still, our US corporate media keeps it all quite hidden away from the American public, and most Americans still continue to think that the US government is only there fighting drugs, if they think about Colombia at all.
from ‘El Tiempo’ below which is the New York Times of Colombia….
…Villalba assures that for the cutting up learning they used peasants who brought up together during the occupations of neighboring towns. “They were older people taken on trucks, alive, tied”, he described. The victims arrived to the estate on topped trucks. They were taken down with their hands tied and moved to a room, where they remained locked for several days, waiting for the training to start.

Then the “bravery instruction” came up: people were separated in four or five groups “and there they were cut into pieces”, Villalba told during the deposition. “The instructor told me: ‘You stand up here and secures the one who cuts’. Every time a town was occupied and someone is going to be cut, the ones doing that job must be provided with security”.

Men and women were taken out the rooms on their underwear. Still with their hands tied, they were taken to the place where the instructor awaited to start the first recommendations: “The instructions were to take off their arms, their head, to cut them alive. They came out crying and asked us not to hurt them, [they said] they had a family”.

Villalba describes the process: “The people were opened from the chest to the belly to take out the guts, the innards. Their legs, their arms, their heads were ripped off, with a machete or a knife. The rest, their remains, [were taken out] by hand. We, who were on instruction, took out the intestines”.

The training was compulsory, according to him, to “test [their] courage and learn how to disappear people”. During the month and a half Francisco Villalba says he was in the course, he saw cutting instructions three times. “They chose the students to participate. Once, one of them refused to do it. ‘Doble cero’ [a paramilitary chief] stood up and told him: ‘Come here, I can do it’. Then he ordered to cut him up. They made me to cut one girl’s arm. She was already taken her head and one leg out. She asked them not to do it, because she had two children”.

The bodies were taken to common graves at the same place, La 35, where it is estimated 400 people were buried….

much more, including video of the undercovering of the 10,000 PLUS bodies at El Tiempo.

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2 Responses to America’s Colombian friends

  1. Avatar CJ says:

    That is horrible, but America won’t do a damned thing about it–because cable TV, Wal-Mart, and McDonald’s are just toooooooooooooo good to give up for some poor brown people in a country most Americans cannot even locate on a map. Sad, but true. But, you can help to stop these things by joining certain organizations such as Amnesty International, writing letters, and boycotting certain products. But in the end, its really our government–what a bunch of lying F-sticks. Just think how many Jews could have been saved had the U.S. gotten involved in WWII sooner; they knew for over two years what was going on in Germany and Poland, etc. Heck, we even went as far as testing the effects of nuclear fallout on our own soldiers! It’s all about the filthy green paper.

  2. Avatar jonah says:

    and American business interests kept America from so much as rattling sabers against the Nazis, even after the Nazis sank the Reuben James in American Territorial Water,

    But the Republicans, such as the son and grandsons of one Prescott Bush, Yale investor supreme, keep insisting it was they, and not the Democrats, who finally faced down the Axis.

    They have their own bizarre logic for how this is supposed to be true.
    Somehow continuing to invest in Nazi Germany brought them down.

    And of course, the Soviets had absolutely nothing to do with the All American Win over the Axis, nor did the Red Chinese, because in China the only ones who were fighting the Japanese were the Nationalists (yeah, right!) and American Mercenary Unlawful Combatants like the Flying Tigers.

    I know that one is going to go over big in an Air Force town but hey, it’s true.

    But the biggest story out of Colombia has been buried for decades, that of the U.S. – Colombian junta repeatedly spraying not only the coca growing areas but also all the surrounding farmland with Paraquat, which is basically Agent Orange under another name.

    Thus starving the peasants into working for the American business interests.

    Just living anywhere near the coca production areas makes you a “narco-terrorist” as does being a member of the Indian majority.

    If I seem to be rambling a bit in my rant it’s because this pisses me off on just SO many levels.

    Now there’s a History Channel / Other DumFox Media campaign to dig up the memory of Che and slaughter him all over again.

    Eric can attest to this, but Independent Video dealers are the only place in this town you can get Motorcycle Diaries.

    The Propaganda Machine is in full-on Fifth Gear and pedal to the metal and ready to run us down once more.

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