Fencing in the Free Speech Movement with Uncivil Liberties

Norman Finkelstein wrath of Israel
In Chicago, the Ditto-headed Right has fired noted scholar, Professor Norman Finkelstein, for being bothersome to Israel. In our very own Colorado they went after and got Professor Ward Churchill canned for being bothersome by his speaking the truth. But certainly things are better out at the University of California farm in Berkeley, are they not? Well, actually…

Here at the home of the original Free Speech Movement (Berkeley) that broke the McCarthy Era witch-hunt of the post WW2 times, the Ditto-headed Right has taken on the Left on their own home turf, and literally is fencing in today’s Free Speech Movement What the government and its ditto-headed agents won’t do to go to stop protest these days! Wall it all off…

Hey, here in Colorado Springs they will even drag elderly pro-Peace people across the pavement and then try to prosecute them later with criminal charges for blocking the road! They will wave stun guns and discharge them in menacing manner while dressed in storm trooper fatigues! They will actually apply choke holds on American Association of Retired People qualifying folk, too!

And in our nation’s capital, D.C., they will break up antiwar press conferences and bash the attending journalists and their cameras. Good thing nobody was there from al Jazeera, since they would have gotten murdered by some sort of air strike or sniper action by National Security robots.

Welcome to America the Not So Beautiful. Everyday is becoming a Saint Patrick’s Day Parade throughout our great land! Civil liberties have now been replaced with Uncivil Liberties, and it’s become a brave new world for our nation’s very few nonDitto-heads. Heil Bush! And Heil to our new leader to come, Hillary Giuliani!

We march in line, Oh America. Wallmarted is your charm.

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1 Response to Fencing in the Free Speech Movement with Uncivil Liberties

  1. Avatar Tricia says:

    Football vs. long-haired hippies…..the fence is being used as a vehicle to get the dichotomy in the press….it’s a publicity ploy on the part of the University. The protestors have been there since December, and a fence hasn’t been needed yet. A new sports complex means more money for the University. This is strictly business for the University. And the University cynically knows that football trumps free speech in the hearts and minds of Americans any day.

    Puts into perspective the Right’s war on judges….the war against judges isn’t about light sentencing for violent criminals which is a red herring argument put forth by the Right. It’s covertly about judges’ tolerance for the Constitution in cases just like these!

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