The news

I got my morning dose of Yahoo already, amazing seeing as how it’s after noon already.
   Senate panel votes to reject Bush war plan
   Olmert calls for Israel president to resign
   Bush shifts to domestic issues with energy pitch
   Experts warn climate change may fan terrorism

The news links above are Congress passed a non binding resolution of non support for the New and Improved stay the course war plan.
OK but they still aren’t on to pulling out, just not the surge. I guess they think baby steps are all they can do.

The President cleverly diverts attention away from his War. The reporter for AP (special correspondent) diverts attention cleverly from the clever and cunning plan to divert our attention from the War. This guy is a spin master from the darkest pits of Hell.

The Israeli Knesset demands that the Israeli president step down.
Not on the charges from the ongoing invasion of Gaza and Lebanon, mind you, but on a personal rape charge. And if I got my Israeli parliamentary structure down correctly, the Israeli president doesn’t have as much power as the Military.

John Kerry, in a big surprise move, decided not to take up the standard he dropped big time in November ’04. I really ain’t interested in hearing his spin on why he dropped the ball then nor why we should mourn for him graciously declining to bear the standard for us in ’08.

And a coalition of British scientists paired with a coalition of British Security Experts re-iterated the apparently not well enough documented idea that massive poverty caused by global warming might lead to an increase in international violence.

Now that I ain’t gonna get snotty about. It needs to be said again and again.

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