Chinese respond in protests against Western government’s anti-Chinese campaign

The beginnings of Chinese protest against the racist campaign against China and the Chinese by Western governments and their corporate press have begun. The Chinese simply don’t want to be subjugated by Europeans and the US ever again. See the BBC report China urges ‘rational’ protests

While these protests are important methods to stopping the racism and imperialism of The Western Powers, it in no way invalidates the need for the Chinese government to respect the rights and cultural autonomy of minorities living within its boundaries. If not, outside powers will certainly seek to use anything they can get their hands on to weaken the Chinese control over their own country.

Both China and Russia have responded way to cautiously to the menace of US imperialism against them. Both countries’ governments need to mobilize their own citizenry to denounce the US and its allies pogroms in Afghanistan, Somalia, and Iraq. Instead, they have tried to placate the US by remaining silent on the international issues. That is a strategy that weakens their own defense against US militarism attacking them.

Putin, to his credit, does appear to be taking a stronger stance against the encirclement of Russia by US forces. Still, it has been too little to really protect Russian interests. He needs to engage the Chinese government with a plan to have a mutual Defense Plan against the US and its allies. The world is at risk unless we can move from the current unipolar American Empire, to at least some semblance of a return to a bipolar dissemination of world power.

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