How many homes does an Elitist own?

America the fucked. McCain promises to fix all of America’s problems by following the same policies that created those problems, and Obama promises to fix them by endlessly chanting the magic words “change” and “hope.” If the American voters are stupid enough to vote for either of them, then they’ll just get what they deserve.

“All your children are belong to US.” McCain says he “doesn’t disagree” with reinstating the military draft.

McCain: The Real Elitist

John McCain is such an ‘average guy’ that he doesn’t even know how many houses he owns.

McCain housing crisis

Forget “welfare queens”, how about “welfare billionaires”?

Poor old McCain, he gave up on learning new technology when the telephone was invented.

Nuclear Tit4Tat. In response to US plans to base missiles in Poland, Russia to base missiles in Syria. Which means if Israel attacks Iran, they won’t even have time to get to a shelter before Tel Aviv is vaporized.

Obama (Jackass Party) campaign caught selling “free” tickets for $1000 each. I guess in an Obama administration, “free” speech will be run the same way.

Location of DNC “freedom cages” and “lil’ Gitmo” announced. Because, let’s face it, the DNC is just as in love with the idea of a police state as the GOP.

Poll: majority of Americans say the church has no business in politics. First Church of the GOP disagrees, it’s their only business!

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s notes Aug 22,

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