Hunt Down and Prosecute the Republican Terrorist Party

McCain ridicules tire gaugesMcCain Family Values. John McCain offers wife in topless contest to win votes.
Jesus for President? Not if the fundies have anything to say about it!

Closeted FL governor endorses anti-gay marriage amendment. I can hardly wait for the shit to hit the fan on this one.

Cofounder of Word Perfect donates $1M to fight anti gay marriage proposition in Calif.

KKKountry singer Toby Keith attacks Obama for acting too white. FUTK.

Your voice cannot be heard in Denver. No-Longer-Democratic Party wins lawsuit, can prevent dissent at convention by caging protesters out of sight. Remind me again why a liberal would ever vote for them?

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s notes Aug 7,

2 thoughts on “Hunt Down and Prosecute the Republican Terrorist Party

  1. AvatarOld Bogus

    If I understand O’s comment correctly, voting for anything but Repugnant (the People Trying To Do Bin Laden’s Work For Him) is far worse than supporting social support systems and fairness. Unless I misunderstood his point.

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