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Could it be, Olbermann fired by FOX?

Since the following chain of logic is true, very possible and knowing the “ethical” standards of the American CorporaFascist Empire therefore very probable. Quote:November 05, 2010 12:14 PM What Role Did Comcast Play in Keith Olbermann’s Suspension?–UPDATED By karoli There … Continue reading

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Putting Doug Bruce petitions on the run

WESTSIDE, COLORADO SPRINGS- A signature gatherer pushing Doug Bruce petitions was doing miserably well outside the Uintah King Soopers today, but I was able to interrupt for the quarter hour I could spare. Give him your 15-cents worth when you … Continue reading

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El Paso County resists blue trend how?

Two articles caught my eye in this morning’s Gazette, and I’d like to thank the editors for putting them side by side. The first lauded El Paso County’s strong Republican push-back to the Obama landslide, the other illuminated Clerk and … Continue reading

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Bipartisan character of election fraud

I must say that I find it utterly humorous this search with cameras for Republicans supposedly committing fraud? What are these people actually doing? So many of the Democrats are seemingly obsessed with rooting out this supposed election day fraud… … Continue reading

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Morning after pill for election 2008

If the McCain-Palin ticket survives Tsunami Obama, to reconstitute a GOP win or draw in the late hours of election eve, several options are availing themselves for the American people’s political baptism. In the event of a need for an … Continue reading

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Election Day video documentary ideas

Remember this, from the Onion:

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A.C.O.R.N. is not where vote fraud is at

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now is under attack for submitting fraudulent voter registration applications. But what the accusers don’t tell you is that by law ACORN is required to submit all forms gathered. ACORN flags those which … Continue reading

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Greg Palast suggests election theft theft

One fifth of all Colorado voters have already been purged from the rolls. The Republican Secretary of State Donetta Davidson who accomplished this now heads the US Elections Assistance Commission where she purged the report which examined voter fraud.   … Continue reading

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