Obama’s Afghanistan Surge and the ‘Peace’crat picnickers

democratic party flag wavingWhat’s that silence out there? It’s the silence of all those supposed peacniks who turn out to be nothing but picnickers for the Democratic Party cons who are behind adding more US troops into occupying Afghanistan. You won’t see them out protesting this new ‘Surge’ for war, or even talking about it.

In fact, the ‘Peace’crats main group, the UnUnited for Peace and Justice (UFPJ) has decided at its recent small and semi-national December Christmas picnic to try to change the whole subject from one of war to American economy. They will not be uniting with antiwar groups for building united Spring antiwar demonstrations, but will go it alone talking about how bad the economy is instead, and blah, blah, blah…. Whirled PEAs….

Feel free to go to their YES, We Won’t site and read their usual babble about what they won’t be doing. And much better to get the real dope on this outfit of ‘Peace’crat misfits, check out this reportage about their national get together … Antiwar organizing in the Obama era by Ashley Smith and Eric Ruder reporting on the debates at the national convention of United for Peace and Justice.

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