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Jewish leader advocates for genocide

The Islamic community is often accused of wanting to commit genocide against Jews, which claim when examined is more often than not a slander and a lie. But did you know that there are actually Jewish leaders who advocate for … Continue reading

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Secret Israeli database shows large scale Jewish theft of Palestinian land

Zionism is racism, and Zionism is theft of land and property based on racism. The Zionist ‘Jewish State’ continues to thieve off other peoples’ lands and properties and Haaretz.com has just published material showing how the Israeli government in its … Continue reading

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Shlomo Sand and shattering a national mythology

Shattering a ‘national mythology’ Shlomo Sand’s book is titled “When and How the Jewish People Was Invented?” and you probably will not find it stacked up on tables for sale in Barnes and Noble or Borders. I don’t expect it … Continue reading

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