Barack the Magic Terrorist

blackfaceBarack the Magic Terrorist, will live in D.C., and all his fans act like the man just cannot talk or even see. (at least before he is inaugurated) Yes, that’s right. Shame on them, too! The real scandal is not that a Republican top shit is playing around again with that Puff the Magic Dragon parody of Obama made by some KKK type defect, but that the whole Democratic Party leadership assembled around Barack Obama have just sat back and not said one damn word as Israel has been doing the US State Terrorism act for them in Gaza. They are clones of Dubya and Dick when it comes to foreign policy, and domestic as well.

Barack is The Magic Terrorist since he is BLACK. Oh! That excuses everything, does it not?

Pardon me, but am I missing something here? The Republicans tried that Black face schtick with Rice, Thomas, and Powell, but hey! …those Democratic Party voters are just too damn smart and saw through it all! FAILURE But change the party label and throw in Barack The Magic Terrorist’s favorite magic word, CHANGE, and hey! …you got an American public trying to play stupid once again.

Come on, Boys and Girls! Barack and His Klan… Oh, I’m sorry… I meant His Homies… can do some wrong now, by simply staying utterly silent as they are doing completely. Is that change?

Is silence in the defense of Israeli terrorism something new? Am I missing something? Barack can’t open his mouth and voice disagreement with the Bush Administration because it is too early in January to do so? He hasn’t taken office yet and blah, blah, blah?

Can Barack the Magic Terrorist get away with this shit because, you the American people still want to play stupid some more? I’ll be damned! Don’t you get tired of doing that? Don’t you ever get tired of war and bloodshed? Don’t you ever get tired of being moral cretins? Don’t you ever get tired of being yanked around? It’s a new year and no change is yet to be seen… Americans just have not changed.

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