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NY Times pretends the Afghanistan War Logs is news that does not fit

Is it surprising that the US newspaper of record, the NYT which prints all the news that's fit, should declare of the Wikileaks Afghanistan War Logs: there's nothing much new there? Oh REALLY? Point me to a NYT headline that read US Death Squads, or Civilian Casualties: We DO Body-Counts, or Insurgents Armed With Heat-Seeking Missiles, or War Crimes Being Committed Daily. Are we to accept that the NYT knew about these, but thought wisest not to report them? The only revelation which has been known, Pakistan Directs Taliban, is the leak they're running with, because those reports are founded on intelligence, ie dubious conjecture, to discredit the others based on first hand accounts, and to rationalize more attacks on Pakistan. 19219

On CNN, blatantly anti-Arab Wolf Blitzer gets Free Pass, Nasr gets fired

Octavia Nasr, CNN editor, longtime reporter of Middle East affairs, was fired for not promoting the Anti-Arab blatantly partisan (and racist) non-objectivity of CNN, by posting a tweet about the death of a Shi'ite cleric from Lebanon. A cleric who championed among other things, fatwas AGAINST the Honor Killing and female circumcision standard Anti-Arab Right Wing bogeymen. And actually denounced the Iranian cleric government, so much for the notion of a Monolithic Islam. 18569