More on the Dow-Monsanto-Daddy Warbucks connection…

on another forum the point was raised that acknowledging their guilt and paying for the blood they shed wouldn’t be practical in todays economy.


It’s not government money being discussed.

In fact, although Monsanto and Dow got huge sums of (Billions of) WarBux off the Taxpayer, they also got every tax break imaginable.

Capital gains tax? weeeelllll now, we got us some fancy-nancy accountants that’ll prove beyond any doubt that Capital Gains isn’t actual income, even though it does put more money in our bank accounts…

Of course the Tax Rebellion people will chime in with how it would be Stealing to have the Daddy Warbucks types pay back a proportionate amount to what they steal from the people with their War-mongering.

They make money off the Deaths of Americans and whoever the Enemy-du-jour is.

It’s about the sickest possible relationship there is.

They get the money, our “class” gets lined up and mown down like grass…

Bleeding screaming grass…

Every now and then I have to refresh the memory of what the whole schtick with Little Orphan Annie was.

“Daddy” Warbucks got his surname because he was one of the Profiteers from World War One.

Like the ones who made 5 helmets for every doughboy.

7 pairs of boots bought for each soldier.

Then the Punks bought back all the shit they sold to the Army, at pennies on the dollar, and resold it for another profit as scrap.

Some of it, the Army paid them to haul away.

They literally forced the Soldiers to take half their pay in War Bonds and then shamed them into buying more War Bonds.

Then in the Inter-Bellum the War Bonds tanked, the Daddy Warbucks “people” bought them off the suddenly destitute ex-soldiers at 72 cents on the dollar of their face value, then sold them back to the government at 110%, in a deal much like the Bush Bailout.

See, this is the kind of stuff you learn at the VFW.

VFW and American Legion got a huge kick-start when they had protest marches in Washing Tundy Sea, on the issue of bonuses they were promised when they were sent off to France to be Cannon Fodder.

Until they were fired on by… their fellow American Soldiers.

The Tax Warriors like to whine about the “raw deal” Herbert Hoover was cut by history.

Screw that. The man ordered American soldiers to fire on American Soldiers.

MacArthur gladly obliged.

No heroes anywhere in that pair of Jacks.

But they both died rich with Some Really Foolish People worshiping them as though they were heroes.

Daddy Warbucks of cartoon fame semi-adopted a 10 year old orphan girl with big empty eyes.

It doesn’t take much to see a really sick relationship there.

Making money off death, what other moral depravity even comes close?

They were the ones screaming, like the Tax Warriors of today, about “Redistribution of Wealth” and “Class Warfare” when Roosevelt made them pay PART of what they really owed.

They cheerfully redistributed the Wealth of the Nation to their own nasty slop-trough… and they gladly made war on the Lower Class.

It’s not hard to see which way the rifles were pointed in the “Class Warfare”, not then and not now.