Americans and the Iraq War

The impact the Antiwar Movement has made on Americans is skin deep so far. While at least 2/3 of Americans now dislike the Bush Administration, much of that rejection is because many feel that the current government has poorly managed a war they fully supported. See poll data

Despite the US government’s warfare against the Iraqi people that has gone on since 1991 and produced a total tragedy, only 1/3 of Americans feel that it was wrong to have been attacking that country in the first place.

Why has the American antiwar movement been so lackluster? I think that the main reason has been the demobilization of the US working class. In fact, much of the US working class has been largely co opted by the military and finds its employment somehow connected with continued support of the US war machine. You don’t see working class people attending protests much at all.

Another reason though has been the failure of leadership of the Peace Movement. It is dominated by store keepers, ex-monks, pastors, and nuns and ex-nuns, Mennonites and Quakers. There are also 2 other sectors of this movement whose presence is barely discernible by and large. The largest of the 2 are the college educated liberal types who think that voting for liberal Democratic Party politicians is the outer limit of what they will involve themselves in doing.

Last of the 3 main sectors of the essentially inert Peace camp is the anticapitalist Left, made up of Left Libertarians (Noam Chomsky, Znet, and crowd) and Marxists. The Left Libertairans have great analysis but no organizing ability, and are fairmly embedded in academia as professors, but are largely absent in the working population made up of ordinary citizens. And the Marxist Left, outside of the Workers World Party and its split off sister Party of Liberation and Socialism, has been mainly busy comtemplating their navels. But despite organizing many big demonstrations,the WWP is so sectarian that its national membership remains at several dozens.

Until there is a secular Left that resurects itself from the grave, the religious folks and DP addicts of voting only will continue to demobilize the American people. They will pray and they will vote, but they will not construct an activist movement that builds something different than church based organizations and the corporate Frankenstein called the Democratic Party. They will lobby and pray in fields where missile silos are located. They will pray in churches and vote for Democrats come election day along with attending an occasional forum and attending a military gate or other.

There is no easy solution to finding a way to resurrect the dormant American secular Left. Like the dormant Nazi Era German Left, we now largely are dependent on outside help. The problem is the American people themselves, ‘liberals’ and’ conservatives’ both. Both camps are totally immersed in LaLa Land.

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3 Responses to Americans and the Iraq War

  1. Avatar The 13th says:

    From same source as Tony’s polls, Angus Reid Global Monitor – July 31, 2007 –

    “Many adults in the United States would be willing to mull over a new alternative in next year’s presidential election, according to a poll by Harris Interactive. 66 per cent of respondents would consider voting for an independent candidate who is not a Democrat or Republican.”

  2. Avatar Lane says:

    that’s correct. Now, what are we going to do about it…nothing. What was that? I couldn’t hear you. All together now….NOTHING!
    People get ready
    there’s a train that’s comin’
    You don’t need no ticket
    just get on board
    It’s chuggin’ along toward a burned out bridge
    Have another drink from the fridge
    Look out the window
    the scenery’s great
    Have another bite
    of what’s on your plate
    It tastes real good
    and it’s full of hate
    Just what you need to satiate
    The hunger inside
    fueled by your eyes
    It’s no surprise
    That you despise
    what you don’t desire
    will you never tire?

  3. Avatar jonah says:

    The Left Wing in the dying Weimar Republic had pitched battles with the Nazis in the streets. Difference was, Hitler had glommed onto von Hindenburg like a giant undead Mega-leech. And he was anti-Communist, so he had a lot more funding (very important!) than the Anarchists or Marxists.

    It’s not hard to imagine that Young Marinus actually did light the fire at the Reichstag, just egged on by Uncle Alfie and a few well placed provocateurs planted into the Anarchist movement.

    Apparently the Reichstag was the target of quite a few fantasies of arson and mayhem by people all over the political map.

    All Adolf needed was a fall guy.

    It might get better. Meet you at the barricades meanwhile.

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