Noblesse Oblige gone with Ted Kennedy

Ted, Robert and JackTed Kennedy, last high-born American public servant, exits stage left. The Kennedy brothers set a fine example of how to account for yourself once you have enough money. Today it’s thought sufficient to follow in Rockerfeller’s footsteps: donate the requisite sums to be called a philanthropist, or occupy high offices to entrench the family riches.

We refer to the Kennedy Family as American Royalty, in reality John, Robert and Theodore were not even well-born. They were ordinary kids when Joseph Kennedy built his empire on bootlegging and racketeering. Even ascended, the Kennedys had nothing on the Vanderbilts and the Astors, nor the Carnegies or Morgans.

The Kennedys were dubbed a pop-honorary monarchy with the reign of JFK of Camelot. It was the shortest of dynasties. Youngest brother Ted’s extended preeminence in the Senate stands perhaps as America’s singular example in modern times of a wealthy scion, in more than just appearances, looking after the interests of the common man.

Now Americans like their nobles in their own image. Self-interested hedonists, who shoot for the moon, save Africa one baby at a time, and screw the lesser-fittest with a wink and a grin.

The league of Southern Gentlemen cons

Senator Ted Kennedy suffers seizure at inaugural luncheonDC- Look at the old ambulance chasers!

Senator Ted Kennedy was EMT’d out of the inaugural luncheon, seen off by concerned friends Senators Kerry, Dodd and Hatch. Wait a minute — Senator Orrin MoFo Hatch?! Has the DC mutual admiration society no standard?

It may be that having to address your debate opponent as “the right honorable so-and-so from such-and-such” keeps disagreements from devolving into fist fights. On the campaign trail, this convivial artifice translates into referring to your rival as “my good friend.”

What does it mean, all these lawmakers, being best buds? Do they disagree on matters of principle, or is it a tomato – tomahto charade? Maybe the fundamental values of these civic minded gentlemen millionaires aren’t so far off.

If you ascribe to the notion that left battles right for the opportunity to hold the government accountable to its subjects, you already know that the difference between liberals and conservatives is more than academic. It’s not about the Federalist Papers any more. In DC today, you’re either an idealist, or you’re a crook.

We can give the Democrats their unfettered majority chance to show of what political mettle they are made. But eight years of Bush and his compliant Congress have shown the Republicans to be crooks.

Crooks are a scourge of human nature, fair enough. But do you mean to count a one among your best friends?

If Ted Kennedy were the champion he pretends, or likewise were Kerry or Dodd, they’d have kicked Orrin Hatch to the curb like the morally unambiguous cretin he is. If anyone has thwarted a Democrat’s legacy, it’s the earache-inducing reprobate Senator from Utah.

Yawn & Snore ’08

Jackass Convention opens in Denver to prove just how b-o-r-i-n-g politics can get. Except for the 50,000 people expected to protest the fraudocracy.

Anarchy Party.

Michigan and Florida delegates given full voting rights at DNC. Let that be a lesson: you can completely ignore the rules, and still get everything you want. I predict the next Democratic primary season to be absolute chaos.

Ted Kennedy expected to speak at DNC tonight. What an omen, a dying man opening the convention for a dying political party.

NBC doesn’t want you to know that the Olympic gold medal winner for diving is an openly gay man.

Hitler would be so proud. US troops murder 90 innocent civilians in Afghanistan.

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s notes Aug 25,

Fox Terrorist Network Exposed!

Fox Terrorist Adkisson, who shot up a liberal church, was a fan of Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, and Michael Savage. Like anyone with an triple digit IQ didn’t see that one coming.

Bad karma. Bob Novak — who joked about Ted Kennedy getting brain cancer — has brain cancer.

There must be an election coming up, Dept. of Der Fatherland Security is ratcheting up the scare level again. Boo!

Another right wing lie is exposed.

Study proves media has been harder on Obama than McCain.

Remember when McCain said he would run a “clean” campaign? What a steaming pile of shit!

Bush to completely bankrupt the country on his way out.

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s notes July 29,

I want more change in the White House than just skin color!

Barack Obama is proving himself to be little more than Joe Lieberman in blackface. Oy gevalt. Cowardly Dems in the Senate (Led by Obama the Coward) passed FISA, out of fear that big meanie Bush might say something bad about them if they didn’t. As if he won’t, anyway. Duh! [detail]

As much as I dislike Hillary Clinton, at least she had the decency to vote against it.

John W. McCain didn’t even bother to show up for the vote

The ACLU has announced it will fight the unconstitutional law in court.

Civil Liberties? WHAT civil liberties??? Bush kills Civil Liberties Board.

Time to put on your jack boots and Seig Hiel! US military to monitor internet to quell dissent.

Standing up for the truth. SC state employee quits rather than lower flag for toxic Senator Jesse Helms.

Ted Kennedy, who is battling brain cancer, surprised the Senate by showing up to vote on the Medicaid bill yesterday.

The screwing of America. Food manufactures quietly shrinking product sizes, while keeping same packaging and prices.

Marriage equality. MA Senate to consider repealing law that prevents gays from other states from marrying there.

Phil Graham has a mental slowdown, and calls USA a nation of whiners for caring that the GOP has destroyed the economy. If only we’d just focus on how much better off the filthy-rich are, and forget about everyone else.

Life imitates art. Paradise, CA — subject of the Eagles song The LastResort, and inspiration for the Showtime series Weeds — evacuated for wildfire. “Somebody laid the mountains low, while the town got high.”

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s notes July 10,

Bush’s bloody speach announces that US will soon attack Iran and Syria

Bush’s speech was notable for not only saying that he would send more US troops to occupy Iraq, but that the US government would soon attack both Iran and Syria, which he accused of arming Iraqi Resistance forces. As the US government turns Iraq into a total hellhole, Bush is deciding on a double or nothing surge to control Iran’s oil, as well as Iraq’s.

Of course, there is no direct announcement that this is the actual goal of all the American directed bloodshedding, but the pretense of occupying Iran to help Arabs out is totally obvious to all the world now, minus only some particularly obtuse Americans. Going also, is the idea that this global war by the US government has anything to do with stopping terrorism. If anything, the US seems determined to help flare up non-state terrorism worldwide, rather than stopping it. Our US government state terrorism machine needs non-state resistance to keep itself intact. This is similar to how US cops have actually fed more drug trafficking, rather than moved to diminish it. Cops need ‘drugs’, while soldiers need ‘terrorists’ in today’s Machiavellian US Empire. Or at least the commanders-in-chiefs and generals do.

It sounds like a parrot to repeat the obvious once again, but the Democratic Party is half the problem, and not even half of any solution to this neocon-colonialist campaign to steal Third World oil. Sitting around and waiting for a Ted Kennedy or other to come superhero-like to the rescue will lead us down a dead alley. A dead alley of national bankruptcy, both moral and fiduciary. Time to do a little more to oppose the direction we are being herded to, or we as a nation suffer a lot more pain quite very shortly. Voting alone is just not going to do it.