Another bit of Hysterical Revisionism…

This one from a purported former head of NORAD, allegedly had his finger on the Nuclear Trigger for 3 years therefore he knows all there is to know about radical Islam.

He spouted that Islam had been attacking the West since the 7th century, that it was and is and always will be about envy of Western achievements.

This doesn’t jibe well with the fact that in the 7th century, Europe was in the darkest part of the Dark Ages, Rome had just fallen forever, and none of the Kings of Europe including Charlemagne and his Daddy, Charles Martel, could even so much as write their own names. Some enlightened Western thought there, yes?

While and at the time what we now think of as the Muslim World were far far ahead of the West in every matter of art, literature and science. They invented Chess, Algebra, and chemistry. Amongst others.

But the Good Major General Some-name-or-other doesn’t let facts get in his way, no sir…

Next up is the assertion that the European powers decimated Islam to the point that they took centuries to crawl up to the level of whatever…

Again, REAL History rears its ugly head…

The European Powers managed to kill more Europeans than they did Arabs, and far more Europeans than the Arabs did. These would be European Jews and CHRISTIANS.

People who cite the Crusades as a shining example of Christian virtue, well, damn, what if they’re right and that actually IS the best Christianity has ever accomplished? I as a Christian am constantly defending my faith against the best efforts of these Bozoes to defile and destroy it. But never mind.

After getting kicked out of Jerusalem a scant 70 years after they had finally won it, they brought back to Europe the beginnings of the Renaissance, mainly in the form of Persian and Turkish and Arabic technology. They also opened up a corridor of Plague which not just figuratively Decimated Europe, it was like 3 and a half TIMES decimated…

Decimation means dropping your population by 10%.

So, according to the NutSack General, (God, PLEASE let the punk read this, PLEASE?) what happened was the diametric opposite of what actually did happen.

Another thing the Crusades brought to Europe, (and the Crusades aren’t officially over, mind you, nor is the Inquisition, just ask Pope Ratzinger) were more Christian-on-Christian and Christian-on-Jew crimes like the 30 years War, the Hundred Years War, war after war after war and all in the name of Religious Purity, and…

using the Crusades as their guideline.

World War One and the Spanish “Civil” War and of course WW2 were the almost culmination of it, but, wait, THERE’S MORE! Every stinkin’ single war of the 20th century can be traced to the massive defeat Europe took during the Crusades.

But hey, they put a Hate-Freak like THAT in charge of America’s Nukes?

…and he has the ear of the Bush Crime Family and their newly adopted son, John McCain.

so long, Mom…
I’m off
to drop
the Bomb…

5 thoughts on “Another bit of Hysterical Revisionism…

  1. I love it when people arrogantly and pompously attempt to ‘set the record straight’ and reveal just how ignorant they are. And if you’re white – you’re a punk-ass sell-out.

    See link for quick history of crusades Mr. Doomass:

    Yes, Islam started the war. Crusaders responded to their aggression. The lands Islam captured were Christian BEFORE they EVER WERE ISLAMIC.

    What douche bag.

  2. Gee, FU. aren’t you going to claim Hitler as one of your Christian Crusaders, too? You and him seem to have a lot in common, though nowadays your ilk have turned their fire away from Jews to being phobic about Islam instead.

  3. Ahh the old:
    “There’s a white guy who says something we don’t like. Let’s call him a racist.”. You lib guys need a new schtick. This sht is getting old.

    No I didn’t claim anything. I pointed out a bit of historical FACT in RESPONSE to YOUR FALSE CLAIMS and ATTACKS on my cultural heritage. Actually, I just pointed out one fact. I’d have to go one for pages to address all the racial insults you delt out.


  4. Islam did spread into areas where the people were Hindu, animists, Jewish, and Christian, FU. Christians did exactly the same thing in reverse. Of course, Muslims never slaughtered millions of Jews like Christians did but they hardly have been saints either.

    One thing that is different is that since the industrial revolution occurred, it has been mainly Christianity that has fueled Modern Day imperialism and not Islam.

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