Check out latest Popular Science, dude…

About right in the middle, a technique for refining Titanium at home… involving titanium dioxide powder, rust, in a flowerpot.

Although, really this should NOT be tried at home, kids. At least not without your Parental Units giving permission.

Unless they’re dumbasses who would get off to burning down the neighborhood. Then, it’s still NO.

Check out the “warnings” about it, and the pictures associated…

This is for informational purposes, mainly because it puts the lie to the Pentagon assertion that certain insurgency weapons were “too sophisticated” to be made by the same Iraqi army they had accused earlier of developing things that are a bit more complex, like atom bombs, and Designer Germs.

They were pushing for an invasion of Iran and using the same stale bullshit they had used to “justify” going in to Iraq. And said that some of the best insurgency weapons were being made in Iran because the Ay-rabs in Iraq wuz jes’ too damn dumb to figger out complex stuff”

Of course that’s a Racist attitude. And the Pentagoons know it too.

It’s just more fun and suits their underlying purpose better to simply LIE about it.

My thought was “Damn, If we put that on this site we’d be skeletal remains discovered on the site of Guantanamo a couple hundred years from now.” leaps to mind.

And it’s published in a National Magazine.

I can think of a certain statue of a certain “city founder’ which is sitting in the middle of a certain intersection of Platte and Nevada which truly might possibly deserve to be “recycled”….

The dude killed more people with his statue over the years than he did with his gun.

Or (much better idea, nobody gets any kind of danger) get 50 volunteers, some long poles, we can pick it up and put it in the middle of the nearby park where statues USUALLY go, in a civilized society of course.

I saw it in the Popular Science magazine itself while waiting for a prescription last night.

It’s awesome to behold, they had a still photograph of it in action.

Seems structural titanium, like you make the thousand dollar wrench sets from, is hard to make. Because it burns about the same temperature it melts.

Like aluminum does.

Powdered titanium is cheap to make, cheaper than copper. it’s the raw ore for it, titanium dioxide.

if you put it with iron, all of which has a patina of rust on it even if you can’t see it with the naked eye, it transfers the extra oxygen from the rust to the titanium, as soon as you light it.

The still photograph showed the shit burning through the clay flowerpot and tossing chunks of melt-through-concrete burning titanium and molten steel everywhere.

The Anarchists Cookbook had a lot of “recipes” for these things. and for similar reasons to mine.

To show just how easy it is to mess things up, AND, kids, doing darkside shit like that can get you yourself seriously not only dead but there wouldn’t be any burial of the cremains.

Just like when they teach you about explosive reactions in High School chemistry lab… it’s done so you know better than to mix certain chemicals accidentally.

Sliding in to the motivations of destroying people for either fun, profit or ideology, is a fast way to find Karma.

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