Protests in Israel against country’s military for targeting Gaza civilians

From Haaretz… Protests as IDF colonel who ruled for attacks on Gaza civilians starts as TAU lecturer …And how many times have we at Not My Tribe had to listen to posters from the Israeli military propaganda Spam Gun here deny that their beloved Israeli military has ever deliberately targeted civilians in Gaza? I can’t even begin to count the number myself since it has happened so often now.

‘Sharvit-Baruch was appointed by the Law Faculty to teach a class this semester. Both professors and students protested the move, after Haaretz reported that under Sharvit-Baruch’s command, IDF legal experts legitimized strikes involving Gaza civilians, including the bombardment of the Gaza police course closing ceremony. Right-wing students waving Israeli flags were joined outside of the classroom by Likud MKs Danny Danon and Tzipi Hotovely, where they were met by left-wing protestors.’

Isn’t this new law professor a terrorist, in fact? A terrorist financed partially by the United States government since our government gives tens of billions of dollars in aid to Israel to buy military equipment used to attack civilians?

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  1. You mean, like when Israel was one of the few nations who backed the Apartheid Regimes of Rhodesia and South Africa?

    It’s not the first time this sort of thing has happened.

    What makes it really shameful on Israel is the people against whom they’re practicing Apartheid are their own cousins.

    It’s not the first time, “Say Shiboleth” leaps to mind.

    You would think, after thousands of years, that Somebody Would Have Outgrown that, as a society, a people and a faith.

    But apparently not.

  2. “Uh… the Palestinians also have connections to Israel as in David’s Kingdom.
    The land was never really “empty”

    The history of Palestine is all about conquest and taking the land from someone else. The Romans took it from the Jews, the Byzantines took it from the Romans and the Muslims (Palestinians) took it from the Byzantines. And, so on and so forth.

  3. The Palestinians ARE Israel.

    Or at least some of them are.

    One reason there’s a discrimination in the Arab world is that they’re so closely tied BY BIRTH with Israel, the kingdom, AND judah the kingdom.

    The “Lost Tribes” never left.

    Of course your comment seems very much like the “Might Makes Right” argument so beloved by the Nazis.

    Change of tactics?

    C’mon, man, (or woman, or collection of both using one IP Address), you’re not even trying anymore.

    You’re getting lamer and lamer.

    Dude, or Dudette, or Both, I got to go to physical therapy in about an hour.

    Try to get some rest or something, M’kay?

    Because you’re definitely slipping.

  4. Please don’t alter my name to “Spam Gunner” It’s bad enough you are censoring and deleting my posts merely because they are counter to your own views, changing my identity is inappropriate and juvenile.

  5. What’s wrong, Spam Gunner? Don’ like getting jerked around and think that only you have the prerogative to spam up people’s sites by misrepresenting yourself? Mary, Mary, Little Lamb… Poor child….

  6. Deleting posts that you are unable to respond to in an informed way does not reflect well on the site. Do your research, read some books, instead of just posting rants and raving. You have nobody to blame but yourself for being unable to respond to me in a knowledgeable way.

  7. Changing your name from Ellen to Martin to Mary and however many other names your Spam Program generates isn’t childish or juvenile.

    It’s deliberate attacks.

    To use your own organizations words.

    Since you view any criticism of your Babykillers to be an “attack” against your government and the whole Jewish faith, race and nation….

    Your posts are still here.

    If you care to speak of Censorship, why not complain to Fox News and other outlets of the Right Wing Lunatic Fringe propagandists, about how they don’t allow US to take half of their resources to broadcast our point of view?

    It’s merely a quick way of reminding our readers, especially those who came upon our site recently, of what exactly your agenda is.

    Nobody’s compelling you or paying you to spam our site…

    Or, ARE THEY?

    Spamming and flooding on the Internet is usually considered to be at the very least Bad Manners.

    If you wish to sue, good luck.

    You could, you know, go to and buy a domain name of your own for 7.95 USD. and hosting is 50 USD a year.

  8. Hey there fellows:) I see the Zionist spammers are back. Lucky you LOL, I see you have already posted the news paper article showing the IDF using children as shields, however, this should come as no surprise as the IDF are taught to kill children and actually have a policy to kill 12 year olds as stated in an interview with an IDF sharpshooter. See here:

    and then there is the sad and disgusting fact, that their Racist Zionists Rabid Rabbi Ronski, teaches the IDF to kill civilians as well. So, when you add these to facts together it is easy for the world to see why over 400 children were murdered, and over 1.500 people murdered. OH and just in case they wan to deny this vile fact, I have actually found the booklet in Hebrew that was handed out to the soldier before they went into Gaza.

    Israel should be so proud of itself; it learned well from Hitler and now is attempting genocide in Palestine. What a shame, Israel used to denounce collective punishment, now it has been adopted as army policy.

  9. Ban, I don’t know that the Jewish State people learned from Hitler so much, but they certainly learned from the US and British Empire about how to run their propaganda operations. They always pretend to be noble frontier men and women fighting against brutal savagery, neither understood nor backed by the pampered Safe People secure in areas without Evil Natives of the Hamas tribe. Bring out the hankies for us all!

  10. What is wrong with Israel? A 13 year old?! and I thought Iraq was bad!! Is the guy alright? e-mail me to say he’s alive and doing fine!!!
    also Palistine isn’t all flowers either, but I don’t think that they have done THAT before!!! WOW!!

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