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Founding the Anti-American Fathers

Like Jeffery Amherst, George Washington, Ethan Allen and Jefferson, just to name a few racist bastards (self made, to avoid confusion with those who are born to an unwed mother.) and were accomplices with each other to use germ warfare against Chief Pontiac and his allies during the 7 Years War. Which was a global conflict. Winston Churchill referred to it as THE first world war.  With such a hooplah raised in Europe, where the most bloody and savage fighting took place, it’s no wonder “Historians” (All hail Official History, and none may dare to gainsay it!) have an easy time oh my brothers such a very easy time of dismissing the deliberate unleashing of smallpox on Americans who just happened to be Native. As a “myth”.

or slander to the mighty White English Race, all hail the mighty White English Race. This is the issue for which Ward Churchill got fired and had to endure most of a decade fighting that decision in court. Some of the local racist historians have spoken much vehement talk about Mr Churchill and mostly about the facts he tirelessly states.

Why would they spend so much effort to smear him, if the Smallpox Blankets had not been real? Why would they preach such hatred to the point of declaring that Ward Churchill should only be allowed to teach history on Death Row.

A thinly veiled threat, really. These “historians” have some ties to the Klan and Minutemen and other racial hatred mongers. Who themselves have used hanging to silence people who dared question their version of historic accuracy. Nowadays they just shoot them in the desert. In the back. In counties where the Sheriffs, coroners and judges can be reliably willing to call such killings “suicide” or “natural causes”.  One fellow in El Paso Texas was shot several times with a bolt action rifle, any of the shots would have killed him instantly. County Coroner ruled it a suicide. God Damn show off suicides, always trying to make the cops look stupid… the same office but not same Coroner who ruled Bobby Fullers death to be “natural causes”. ahem…. He was found dead in his car soaked in gasoline…. that’s the guy who had the hit song “I fought the law, and the law won”

Now you can understand why such Pigs attack me every time they get me into their custody. I don’t spare their non-existent consciences.

I got started on this post because I went up the street to Territory Days yesterday. Strong native presence there this time. Some in the past have been so dizzyingly anti-Indian it .. well, it made one dizzy to hear that kind of crap. No matter how they slice it, though, it’s still going to be a massive celebration of 523 years of Invasion and violent Occupation.




The Nuke Hysteria “They Stole Our Murder Weapon!”

Waaaaa… NeoCons and NeoConfederates are such whiners. Let’s review the history of The Bomb and see how much of the technology was actually developed by “America”. Hmmmm… Einstein, Europe, Stockholm, Heidlberg, seems most of the technological jigsaw puzzle pieces were set in place in Other Countries. OK so let’s take it a step further. Iraqi insurgents who, so we’re told by Our Leaders, were on the verge of a Nuclear Device, which is so devastationally complex, and had been on the receiving end of anti-tank shells that have two-stage explosion, and are the basic design for the IEDs that cut through U.S. body and vehicle armor, supposedly couldn’t reverse engineer a weapon invented in their neck of the world, centuries ago. It’s called a Bangalore Torpedo and the principle is the same. So they had to be getting the devices smuggled from Iran or Syria, who in turn had bought them from the Soviets, who in turn had stolen the idea from us, who had in turn just used an older design. It was used to cut concertina wire in World War One. Just for instance.

Hmmm…Guns, no, they were an Arabian invention too…

Algebra, the basis for modern computers, no… that’s a Persian invention.

Binary and even decimal notation, no, those were Persian.

It’s about 60 years since the U.S. Government, in a fit of helpless rage, sacrificed a couple with Middle East ties in a burnt offering for allegedly helping the Soviets to “steal” our technology.

Had to be exactly that, mustn’t admit to the American People that we’re really not the Super Master Race. Stripped of their Subhuman label, suddenly the rest of the world would be very scary to us. Poor Frightened Rabbits, our leaders. And the only way they can make the rest of us keep following their “leadership” for which they make certain they’re more than just adequately compensated, is to keep us just slightly on the terrified edge. Yes, children, the bad wicked Dark Skinned ones are SCARY but you just snuggle up to your Big Brother and all will be well.

Meanwhile, the United States remains the ONLY country which has used all three classes of WMD, Nuclear, Biological and Chemical, counting the Nuclear tests done on uninformed uniformed “volunteers, the Smallpox Blankets and Various forms of Gas, (CS Tear Gas is illegal as a weapon of war, but it’s perfectly OK to use them on “our own people”.

Some of the loudest whiners, the NeoConfederates. Warpigs who celebrate the Civil War where our rebel ancestors were responsible for killing 180 thousand Confederates and 300 thousand Union soldiers, in order to try to keep millions of AMERICANS in slavery, wouldn’t that be what they accuse Saddam Hussein of having done? Killing their own people. To prop up a business model that’s the epitome of “free” market Capitalism.

Out of all that, somehow, some way, we’re annointed to be the saintly keepers of the Magic Temple of Nuclear Power. What a crock of shit.