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Sorry, I am not your white person

Self dispatched race relations ambassadors who want to guilt their privileged allies to de-escalate activism efforts to make space for passive centrist wankery so long as it’s led by spokepeople of color can stick their identity politics up their cap and gowns. Really. These academic arguments are socially engineered to divide the proletariat and deflect energies from converging on the racists with real power. It’s like the schoolyard bully saying, you got a problem with my violence and enforced inequity? Take it up with your friend who has the lunch money to pay me off. Systemic racism is not remedied by redistributing oppression equally. We’re already seeing cries of “white privilege” when non-black criminals are insufficiently brutalized. Targeting your fellow peons perpetuates the American misconception that progressive ideals eventually win over the power structure. If you must, scold the public at large, not your already activated comrades. Just because I have a sense of social responsibility doesn’t mean I’m going to be shamed into boosting attendance at your liberal reformist symposiums.

Heard something GLORIOUS yesterday

A kid on a cell phone, couldn’t have been more than 7 but not real young either, keeps saying “huh? What’s THAT?” then asks her mom “Mommy, whats a ‘nigger'”? I thought I would not live long enough to ever hear such a thing. An American child, race indeterminable, who knows, she was darker skinned even than me, asking her mom to define that Hateful Word. I had rehearsed before for what I would say if anybody ever asked me that, not much expecting it, “well, child, it’s a stupid word made up to make other people feel bad”. I didn’t have to say it to her. Raising a child is the momma’s duty, and bless my soul that child was Raised Properly. 7 years old and hadn’t had that Hateful Ignorant Word stamped onto her vocabulary. This is a thing of Historic Beauty, a turning point maybe. I hope it isn’t too late.