US helicopter gunships threaten Pakistan mosque in siege

The embattled US military puppet regime of Musharraf is using US made helicopter gunships to threaten continued attack on an Islamabad mosque where young students are holed up inside. What an image for the entire Muslim world to see.

This dictator Musharraf is setting himself for an exit in the same style as the Shah of Iran. This US backed attack on this major Pakistani mosque comes along with the mass US murders of Afghanistan civilians, the Pentagon’s use of collective punishment across Iraq, attacks on Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, the pardoning of the criminal, Scooter Libby, and in the days to come, the crumbling of Pakistan’s dictatorship. What next for the Bush Administration? Probably a joint US-Israeli bombing of Iran in the days ahead.

And which countries are truly into Jihad? It appears that it is the Christian and Jewish ones. Payback for the Iranian hostage crisis, too, and for Iran’s government having successfully defended their country against the US backed Saddam Hussein. This is an unholy alliance that wants to run the affairs of the entire Muslim world, and most especially that portion of it stretching from Iraq to Iran to Pakistan.

And what was the supposed main crime of this mosque not reported in the AFP article? It was leading a campaign against the abuse and torture of Musharraf’s political prisoners. It was for their campaign against Musharraf’s prostitution of Pakistan to the Bush Administration. For that, the mosque had to be taken out. But the net result, is that the US and its puppet are destabilizing the entire country of Pakistan, and YES, the entire region, too. The Muslim countries will eventually unite against the Bush led thugs when pushed too far. They don’t like US government terrorism. And neither should the American population.

Trickle-down news

Weapons dealersAnother reason to wait 18 hours to call the cops? For alcohol to leave your system? And Cheney didn’t have a hunting license. Better to be called a bumbling hunter than a drunk poacher, or the person who authorized Scooter Libby to out a CIA agent.

Why doesn’t someone just march into the hospital in Corpus Christi and find out if Cheney’s hunting victim is already plain dead?

First we hear his victim was hit by “bird-shot” and the vice-president says he’s spoken to Weatherspoon on the phone and everything’s fine. Then we hear the victim had a “mild-heart-attack.” Next we might hear that a gas leak in the hospital wing has caused a minor explosion and poor Mister Bill has been blown to bits.

Eighteen hours before any reporters were given the story, maybe blown-up bits were already what was left of Cheney’s hunting companion. Soviet era hunting trips used to come back mysteriously minus a member or two of the Politburo.

This reminds me of how the media is reporting the stories of casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan. First there is a delay, then the story is unfolded to minimize the emotional impact upon the American public.

A multiple-US-casualty day in Iraq this time last year serves as an unfortunate example. A truck carrying 19 American servicewomen to work at checkpoints was hit by a suicide-bomber. First there were two casualties, four missing, seven injured. Over the course of two weeks those missing were revealed to have died. They didn’t die later, they died immediately with the original two. Net result? The military didn’t have to report that six women died that day.