9/11- searching for a balanced view of the events

At last a balanced perspective on 9/11, and one written by a Colorado professor up in Boulder, no less! I refer to antiwar.com’s published headline commentary CAMPOS: Very serious 9/11 untruths where Paul Campos points out that there are actually 2 brands of 9/11 conspiracy theories out there.

One theory often held up to ridicule, is that there is an all powerful, all competent, evil cabal of ruling elite that deliberately set off the attack in order to better enslave us all. Many Left liberal types seem inclined to believe all or a portion of that view point. Sad.

But Campos points out that the Bush government and its cohorts have covertly sponsored another conspiracy theory to justify their invasions and occupations, their money making imperialist corporate welfare. This conspiracy theory is that a nefarious group of thugs called ‘Islamo fascists’ is a deadly and ephemeral enemy of all Americans that must be struggled against for at least many decades, if not a hundred years are more. This is the type of nonsense that is popularly preached from the pulpits of American fascists like Glen Beck and David Horowitz, among many other Establishment loving , uh… shall we say ‘intellectuals’??? lol…

A good read by Paul Campos. I’d like to take any course he is giving over at the good U. They’ll probably try to get rid of him soon though. Nitwits don’t like smart professors like Campos to hold jobs teaching. They prefer every student left behind in a wave of nonsense. And it’s their racist, anti-Arab/ anti-Muslim 9/11 conspiracy theory nonsense that is driving much of US foreign policy now.

The Anti-Islam American Fascist Christian’s Network

Traditionally, American fascists and the American Right Wing as a whole have turned their racial and cultural hate onto Native Americans, Asians, Jews, Mexicans, and Blacks, who they have persecuted and murdered millions of. But now, the ‘Christian’ Klan hoods have turned toward allying with Jewish Apartheid Israel to churn out new hate and murder onto the Muslim community.

I am not pro-Islam at all, as I am an atheist. Still, it is quite easy to recognize fascist and genocidal campaigns like the current anti-Muslim one for exactly what they are…. thugs going after new victims. See the link page of one of these anti Muslim hate groups, The Religion of Peace dot numbskulls

If there had been an internet back in the ’20s, these nubskulls would have certainly called their site…. sambo.com… where they would have put great effort into trying to convince us that Black males were a rapacious menace to White women and must be stopped by lynching them.