A condemnation of Yellow Journalism

Everybody recognizes Hearst CastleDoing some wiki research I learned not enough about yellow journalism.
You and I know about yellow journalism, the subject rose through the cracks of our otherwise expurgated American history texts. Yellow Journalism. Jingoist press rousing the rabble to war. Leading example, REMEMBER THE MAIN! rallying us to fight Spain and liberate her colonial possessions, Cuba and the Philippines. Chief villainous yellow barron, William Randolph Hearst.
We all know about Hearst and his newspaper empire. We know of Marion Davies, Xanadu -I mean San Simeon Castle, Fallen heiress Patty Hearst. We believe Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane was about Hearst, and thus we have a vague notion that Hearst suffered a tragic fall. But did he?

What I was hoping to learn about yellow journalism wasn’t there. History records nothing about a reprimand. Hearst may have lost his childhood Rosebud, but not his media empire and blood-soaked gains. In fact the other chief Yellow miscreant was Joseph Pulitzer. His name is lionized because of the newspaper award that bears his name. A Pulitzer represent integrity in reporting. Isn’t that ironic? It’s akin to Alfred Nobel the father of modern explosives being remembered for peace. Nothing unusual really. Rockefeller and Carnegie are remembered for philanthropy.

Unfortunately we’ve got similarly omniscient barrons today who are blazing new onslaughts with their brazen yellow banners. Rupert Murdock and the xenophobes at Disney have taken Hearst and P.T. Barnum several adages further. Leave no sucker alone.

I’d like to propose that Congress at long last address the villainy of Yellow Journalism. Let our lawmakers consider a proclamation, nay condemnation, a posthumous censure of William Hearst for his unpatriotic, bilious fearmongering with the intent to provoke war.

Let’s propose that should anyone BE TRYING it again, let them face fines and civil liability the likes of which will bankrupt their empires. Let State Reservists sue them for lost resources, let class action suits represent survivors and victims.

War profiteers must be made to turn over their ill-gotten billions to the victims of their yellow-baited wars. The military-industrial complex is guilty, but so too is its mouthpiece the MSM.

Where have we heard that before?

pictureWhen Israel initiated its new incursion into Lebanon, it was deja vu at first sight and just hasn’t let up. But it’s not so much to do with Israel’s previous invasion of Lebanon, actually.
When Israeli troops prepared their offensive into Lebanon, in self-defense, they had embedded reporters with them. The media didn’t appear to be interested in covering Hizb’Allah or the Lebanese army.

When Beirut awaited Israeli air strikes, a solitary camera fed American networks a view of the Beirut skyline in anticipation of far off explosions and fires.
(Do you wonder -with webcams and surveillance cameras literally available at the Dollar Store- why wouldn’t they want to put cameras close in to the action?)
When casualty reports came in about military skirmishes, every Israeli soldier’s death was reported. Hizb’Allah casualties were unknown. Sound familiar?

Now Israel is complaining about having to overcome a problem of foreign fighters among the Hizb’Allah ranks. Iranian they were, too, apparently.

Remember how many foreign fighters we found in Iraq?

pictureRupert Murdock’s British SKY NEWS made the mistake of interviewing George Galloway about the notion of foreign fighters in Lebanon.