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Koch Brother Philanthropissers

David Koch, whose timber companies steadily destroy the Earth (on public land, taken by force using a public-funded Army, slaughtering anybody who forcibly objected)… (including American babies)

Who funds Climate Deniers…

Who opposes, so he says, Public Broadcasting…

Who funds anti-science morons like, for instance, Every Tea Party/Republican…

“Gives” money to PBS, BUT it ain’t HIS money. He, anti-government “hero” (an Ayn Rand word for “self centered arrogant childish punk”) takes it off his tazes, And gets free advertising. “Free” from his point of view, that is.

Jesus, paraphrasing Isaiah, said, “Be ye not like the scribes (accountants, bill collectors) and Pharisees, hypocrites, who love long sleeves (cloth cost a LOT in that economy) and greetings in the marketplace, who have one to blow a trumpet before them when the do their Alms. “Give place, for I am holier than thou!!”, who oppress the poor, they devour the housed of widows and orphans (predatory mortgages) (and like the Army dispossessing every American Indian Tribe) And for a pretense make long prayers”. I threw some Isaiah in there because Jesus did too.

The He goes on to say “Rather, do thine Alms in secret, letting not your left hand know what the right hand doeth.”

‘Commie’ Gorbachev still trying to build social democracy by way of Reaganism!

gorbachev-lebedevOne of the most pathetic figures of our times is certainly that of Mikhail Gorbachev, the Russian ‘commie’ boss who fell in love with Margaret Thatcher and Ronnie Reagan and had his love dashed on the rocks of reality. What a world class dummy (ventriloquist dummy even)! So what’s he doing almost 2 decades later?

He’s still doing the same! Gorbachev to form new Russian party Note that it is not really Gorbachev who is forming this new political party though. It is one of the Russian billionaires Gorbachev helped create from shared Soviet national wealth, Alexander Lebedev. Lebedev is kind of a combo figure; part Bill Gates, part exKGB, part pseudo communist of the past, part crooked Russian businessman (tycoon is what they pleasantly presently call these mafiosos).

Gorbachev doesn’t get it at all, and for somebody supposedly who studied marxism-leninism he sure is a lame brain. He simply doesn’t understand that capitalist social democracy is something built on imperialism and the shared exploitation of wealth ripped off through exploitation of the poorer capitalist Third World countries, and not through pretty flowery words about democracy, etc. There never would have been a spread of Scandinavian social democracy without the Scandinavian countries being blocked with imperial powers like the US, Britain, France, and Germany in a common capitalist economy based on exploitation of the poorer ones.

Gorbachev’s new political formation is likely to get her about zilch Russian support, but it will allow him and Lebedev to parade themselves as great Russian ‘democrats’ at functions where folk like Bill Gates, Al Gore, and Jimmy Carter might show up at. These guys are kind of like Hollywood even… All shine and no substance.

PS- And if you read closely, Mikhail is now a business man himself having invested with Lebedev in major Russian newspaper. Watch out, Rupert Murdoch! You have liberal competition!

Mary McFate Sapone aka non-profit spy

Aka Mary Sapone McFateWhile Dennis Kucinich begins to shed light on the intelligence infiltration of civic and community groups, Mother Jones has tracked down a non-profit for-profit snoop. She’s volunteer over-achiever Mary McFate to her gun control do-gooder colleagues, and Mary Jo Sapone to her do-much-badder private security firm and its client the NRA. Here’s a prophetic snapshot of a running SolutionGal from her blogspot site.

Before gun control advocates, Sapone infiltrated animal rights groups, once urging a reluctant activist to plant a bomb. An co-worker infiltrator/provocateur drove the would-be bomber to the site.

The whole Sapone family was in on the spying business, her daughter-in-law Montgomery advertised these skills: “Collect and analyze intelligence on European activities of major international environmental organization for a company specializing in domestic and internal opposition research, special investigations, issues management and threat assessment. Write weekly intelligence update on European animal rights and eco-terrorist activity. Assist in confidential litigation support research.”

While her son Sean takes credit for organizing “the first major legal arms shipment to Liberia in 15 years.” Daughter Shelley helped to develop political strategies against the social reform groups. All of the Sapones were pro-war. I’d have thought that would be a giveaway.

Now Montgomery and Sean Sapone have adopted the last name McFate, and advise DC think tanks and the Pentagon on “Mercenary Anthropology.”

War and injustice are worries no longer

The PPJPC at mid-week, no visitors and nobody home
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.- Have I missed something, is the war over? Is militarism on the wane, injustice and inequity only distant memories? Why has the Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission, with its legions of dedicated members and earnest donors, decided to hibernate? Gone are the email notices, the meetings, the actions and the leadership. Gone evidently are volunteers and office activity. All of this follows a recent fund drive where membership dues were solicited only three months after last year’s takings. To pay for what? A full staff returning nothing to the members? Check out the inaction online or at [in]Active For Justice. Did the PPJPC lose its commission to represent the peace community? I have to hope so.