Whose racism are you protesting exactly?

SO “WOKE” America is protesting the racist brutality of capitalism’s hired thugs. What are the cops supposed to stop doing exactly? Are they supposed to let poor blacks breathe? Or stop killing poor blacks in such vivid disproportion? What an aimless message these riots bring! Of course the mainstream media is on board. Their theme is domestic unrest with an eye on regime change. It’s what they incite everywhere else. I’m surprised they haven’t labeled this a “color” revolution –except the color is already chosen and it’s their least favorite.

The only result of the visibility which the Black Lives Matter movement has brought to police lynchings is that now you hear regret that poor white criminals aren’t dished out the beatings reserved for blacks. Do we want more police brutality so long as it is equally distributed? Cops aren’t going to stop beating people. It’s their job. In an unequal, predatory economic system, cruelty is a cop’s function.

I also laugh at the celebrity blow-back at unfortunate white protesters who take up the chant “All Lives Matter” usually in earnest because their marches, reflecting their local populations, are mainly white. Their chants don’t negate “Black Lives Matter,” they broaden it. Face it, the BLM slogan is pedantic. Of course Black Lives Matter. The protesters are not illiterate and neither are the police, the supposed audience.

And BLM is such an inarticulate ask. Try “Drone Victims Matter!” Uh, agreed, but the US drone terror program is not going to stand down.

And “hands up” and “taking a knee” are demonstrations of submission. Ugh.

If the issue is in-the-line-of-duty lynchings, I’m sorry but there are unfortunates a rung below African Americans. Per capita, Native Americans die more often at the hand of law enforcement, and below them, the homeless. Constables have been “rolling” poor bums since antiquity. Vulnerable homeless are killed, white and black, in dark alleys, without witnesses sober enough to record it with charged cell phones and Youtube accounts at home. And without faith leaders to rouse their congregations, or order churchgoers to heel once the fundraising was done.

If the George Floyd protests are made to be about discrimination against African Americans in general, and not Floyd’s tragic death-by-cop, then who is co-opting the message really?

Fortunately these riots will prove a difficult genie to ride. Images of civil discord make Trump look bad, but the more violent they become, the more activated will be the middle Americans who cheer for order to be restored.

That same white middle class wants their landscapers and household help to be hispanic who won’t expect to be treated as equals. Immigrant labor is preferred for the same reason. The upper class don’t have to discriminate by skin color. If you are underclass, YOU Do Not Matter.

Supposedly all of America is expected to suppress its racism. That’ll happen when you cease showing deference to family members over strangers, or when you quit disabusing sports fans for rooting against your home team. Clans, schools, ethnicity, and nationality are natural constructs where people feel communal bonds. They are also the only instinctive means by which people find their strength in numbers. Strange we’re all being told to disavow those instincts.

Meanwhile ethnocentrism relating to religious affiliation, if you’ve got one, is still encouraged. Nationalism, when it comes to kicking other religious ass overseas is still applauded. What of that racism?

When cops start beating bank chairmen, when the international brotherhood of man includes the bosses who deploy the cops and not simply the dupes more easily oppressed with racist state terrorism, then we can consider integrating the role of police into our vision of a desirable community. In other words, it ain’t going to happen. Calls to disband or defund the police are great, but until people wield the political power to do it, the calls will be easily refused.

Focusing on race doesn’t unite people, and it doesn’t only divide black and white, it attempts to efface everyone’s chief means to draw individuals together in united fronts against their common foe. Once we’re all free we can talk about equality.

Now addressing the systemic repression of blacks is another matter. African Americans were not immigrants. They alone came to these shores without the promise of the American dream of making a better life for themselves. REPARATIONS and affirmative action, that’s the only recourse to attempt to redress such inequality of footing.

Join the protests if you want, but know they’re serving only the corporate agenda of international liberalism. If you’re all about that, do your best to pull the demonstrations toward the peaceful, lest our president benefit from the gesture of saving middle America from anarchy. But know that team .gov holds all the cards when it comes to inciting and even instigating the violence. They are both ANTI and FA.

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3 Responses to Whose racism are you protesting exactly?

  1. Avatar Tony says:

    This following by you is complete Far Right nonsense and it shows how completely you have now totally lost it, Eric. In fact it oculd have been written by the Ku Klux Klan’s top thugs.

    ‘Clans, schools, ethnicity, and nationality are natural constructs where people feel communal bonds. They are also the only instinctive means by which people find their strength in numbers.’

    …and then you contradict yourself completely! How is that?

    ‘Focusing on race doesn’t unite people, and it doesn’t only divide black and white…’

    Whites lecturing others about their supposed need to just gnore racial injustices and at the same time ranting against Jews as you always turn out to do I’m not having any of it, Eric. Your antiJewish bs continues that of your family’s from way back when they most likely cooperated totally with the Nazi occupation of Norway. Come clean about that!

    ‘Join the protests if you want, but know they’re serving only the corporate agenda of international liberalism.’

    This is standard neofascist cant. I feel ashamed to have ever had anything to do with you, in fact. And I feel sorry for you. You could be much better than this but you are cowardly. Yes, cowardly is what I call you. And complicit with the racism of the cops and upper elites as well. Oppose the DP voting hypocrites of the pacifist liberals, but do that without embracing fascist theorizing. To jump from one to the other as you have done in your personal life is sad. It is entirely radical to oppose police brutality by demanding that it stop. You would have others not do that though.

  2. Eric Eric says:

    Tony! With friends like you, who needs trolls!

  3. Avatar Tony says:

    Well, Eric, you were a friend once in many ways and I appreciated that. Still, that is no reason to let your rather rotten current Right Wing mindset and weird ultraLeftism of sorts get a totally free ride, any more than giving such to the J&P’ s DP tied liberal Christian’pacifism’. You are contemptuous of many many people including with me, therefore you are yourself certainly no angel of tolerance and respect for other people, in short.

    One thing though is that now, I no longer live in the same community as you do and therefore there is no real possibility of ever working politically with you in person again. You rejected that anyway since your constant love of supporting anti Jewish speech, incoherent ranting, and rabble rousing ultraLeftist black bloc street brawls certainly is antithetical to where I stand politically. You constantly endanger people and think it cowardly that others aren’t ready to be a young punk, antifa type alongside yourself. Sorry, but I do not believe unnecessary constant marching into the courthouse with incompetent lawyer at hand is radical action. I call it stupidity instead.

    You should be working to make rallies and demos larger and most protective of the participants. You simply never have agreed with that though. You think that being thumped by the police is somehow always radicalizing, though usually it is simply demobilizing and harmful to those unfortunates who have police violence hit them.

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