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Bookman flooded

Guess what’s new at Bookman today? The entire back room has two inches of red mud on the floor and seeping up the boxes! The rear quarter of the main room is soaked and red with red rock. All the … Continue reading

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City life from the car

The other night I was driving back from closing the store, a warm fall evening by now completely dark. My attention was drawn to a bus stop illuminated by a backlit panel. I instantly recalled having passed a bus about … Continue reading

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Mega Store we have what you want

Products IRRESISTIBLY priced! They’re made overseas you see, where we don’t have to obey labor, safety and environmental standards. It’s cheaper that way.   In the U. S. we have to clean up what we pollute, we have to pay … Continue reading

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Some Colorado labor history

Labor day. It commemorates the likes of Samuel Gompers, Big Bob Haywood and Mother Jones and their efforts to unite working class peoples. They met great resistance from gullible populations of consumers and business owners who weren’t going to give … Continue reading

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