If McBush and Obama were in collusion all along…

They sure were sloppy about it. Logic, people, logic.. why would an intelligent group of people condone and inflame a very large group of very heavily armed very stupid people, like the McPalin Supporters, who are somewhat to the right of Attila the Hun?

McPalin of course weren’t the brightest bubbles in the bath.

Aren’t. They’re still alive.

Nutjobs with guns don’t make much good for anything or anybody.

Even Hitler had to get rid of his version of Our Dear Friends here who, amongst other lovely tokens of peace, threw a rotten deer head at an Obama rally.

Palin’s BrownShirts might not be as easy to get rid of from the P.O.V. of either an Obama or McCain administration.

And many of these FruitBaskets simply and plainly stated intentions to Kill President Obama.

Assuming a small amount of rational thought processes and attributing them to a man, who, unlike our current President, actually went to Harvard on his own merit, rather than Legacy Points, or “Affirmative Action for Stupid Rich Kids”…

…and assuming that he had the intelligence AND the calm determination to see it through all the way to even being nominated, far less elected,…

These are the actions of a Rational, Intelligent, Educated man.

NOT somebody who would either take one gun and place it against his temple, and pull the trigger in a game of Russian Roulette, much less place thousands or even tens of thousands of Lunatics carrying fully loaded, round in the chamber, finger on the trigger guns against himself.

Somebody who would do that would be either an Idiot or a Lunatic or Both.

I could see, you know, Palin believing that she could control a herd of Armed Lunatics, but she IS an idiot.

McCain’s concession speech should be an eye opener.

These weren’t the usual Street Rabble who throw bottles at us from their moving cars when we stand vigil, you know, not the Shock Troops…

Hand-picked, more thoroughly vetted than Sarah Herself was, …

And they were ready to go for the throat.

The first round of cat-calls and boos, when he shut them down, then said a couple more sentences, they started booing and cat-calling again and chanting John McCain John McCain John McCain, then he shut them down again, and at the conclusion the boos were louder, and this time they verbally abandoned him, in response to his making the first really rational attempt to calm their blood-lust he made since before the convention… they started chanting USA USA USA USA USA

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