Monthly Archives: October 2004

To my relatives

I have to write you. The country is divided, and families are divided over very profound issues. Do we let these divisions stand? I say we owe it to each other and the world to try to understand the other. … Continue reading

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A first daughter quiz

Question: Which daughter graduated with honors from Stanford, now studies at Oxford, and is an outspoken advocate of social justice? Oh, and reflects her parents’ sense of moral responsibility perhaps, like these two? Answer: Chelsea Clinton

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The thank-the-soldier-not-the-poet chain email

Zell Miller resurrected the “THANK THE SOLDIER, NOT THE POET” spiel at the RNC. It had circulated more than a year ago as one of those sappy emails. I dug up the response I used back then. Hello! Thank you … Continue reading

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Get your own radio station

I took umbrage with the INDEPENDENT reader last week who responded to a call for more public input into public radio station KRCC news programming with the cry “Get your own radio station!” Isn’t that the old “love it or … Continue reading

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