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Better to cloak SSID? Google won’t say

WiFi users who opt for the convenience of broadcasting their SSIDs, versus cloaking their wireless networks, based on the security strategy that a privacy measure calls attention to itself, were shocked last week to learn that Google’s Street view vehicles … Continue reading

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From our favorite Fascist (and church-statue Target…)

Ok so he didn’t personally approve it But, here’s a little censorship for us from Sunny Italy, where you can find the famous Italian Sunny Beaches, like the prosecutor in the case linked above. Seems some juvenile delinquents posted a … Continue reading

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Question of Nationalism v. Imperialism …again

EU officials not allowing Washington to monitor their economic transactions, Washington upset. So, does Washington allow the EU or Mexico or Cuba or Iran or who-the-hell-ever a similar privilege of monitoring United States bank transactions? Nationalism that doesn’t grant equal … Continue reading

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Don’t you just have the cutest puppy? Oh yes you do, oh yes you do

When it comes to pets, the grass is always cuter on your own side of the fence. But if you think others might share your myopic affections, All American Pet Brands want to hear from you. Do you imagine the … Continue reading

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Take the ACLU Facebook quiz to see what kind of open book you are

Maybe you don’t fear facing off with an army intelligence interrogator, FBI detective, or secret service agent sitting in a Fusion Center determined to anticipate your next move. But what about a loan officer, insurance adjuster, arbitration negotiator, prospective employer, … Continue reading

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Trading Benjamins

My 14-year-old son is going to China next month, along with a group of classmates and chaperones. Yesterday I went to Wells Fargo to exchange $400USD for Chinese yuan. A small currency exchange, cash for cash, very routine. To accomplish … Continue reading

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Eavesdropping on a tree in the forest

NEUFREISTADT, SL- Wandering a little in Neufreistad last night I came upon a chain hanging from a clock tower. Pulling it would ring a bell far above. It was night in Second Life, the moon and I were alone in … Continue reading

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Being seen unseemly

A PEW survey has revealed that self-googles are up, that is the number of people searching for a glimpse of their reflection online. Apparently earlier studies indicated a reluctance on everyone’s part to admit they googled themselves. I’d be inclined … Continue reading

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