Destroying the evidence of US government torture of POWs

Our despicable national government has just admitted that it destroyed the video taping of its use of torture on prisoners held at the Guantanamo concentration camp for US captured POWs. See article… CIA destroyed video of ‘waterboarding’ al-Qaida detainees

What a group of liars and hypocrites the Bush Administration has assembled at the head of power in the US. First they deny that torture is being advocated, then they say that certain torture methods are in their eyes not actual torture, and then they destroy the evidence of the torture actually already being used on POWs in their hands.

And our local governments follow this type of misleadership straight on down the line. Don’t believe that? Then go and try to get a municipal resolution passed stating local opposition to the US use of torture in our domestic jails and military concentration camps. See what the reaction would be like down at the city council meetings here in Colorado Springs?

Speaking of torture…. do you know that the El Paso County has its school police force equipped with taser guns at middle schools and high schools? Do you know that the city police of Colorado Springs has used these devices on people already, even as some divisions of the United Nations says there is strong evidence that these weapons are being used as instruments of torture in an increasing manner?

Just recently I saw the downtown post office flying the black POW/MIA flag that became so promoted by the US Right Wing post Vietnam War. Apparently the concern about POWs is pretty damn selective in the US.

When is the US public going to say enough is enough about our government using torture on US held POWs, as it has been doing? Are we all too damn scared now to have POW/MIA bumperstickers on our cars and/ or a flag that demands that all human beings have rights to ethical treatment… even if the US government authorities presume them guilty of some crime or other?

We need some symbols like this, and they need to be flown from government buildings in place of that garbage accusing the Vietnam government of torturing US soldiers in secret. The Right Wingers in charge of our municipality prefer to promote war and the use of torture on US held POWs instead of speaking out for human decency though. And currently this city hasn’t had enough local citizens oppose this city government-military-industrial complex led by Mayor Lionel Rivera and his corporate backers like Lockheed, et al.

The people who ordered destroyed the tapes of the water boarding of POWs held by the US military are war criminals and need to be jailed and tried for their crime of destroying evidence. And then they need to be jailed for ordering the torture of POWs in the first place. Are Americans proud to have a government like this? All of us should be deeply ashamed for not doing more to stop these thugs. Get out and make your voice heard! Go to the local government meetings held downtown and put some pressure on the local officials to stop going along with it all.

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2 Responses to Destroying the evidence of US government torture of POWs

  1. Avatar Linda says:

    Our government is totally out of control and has been for years, but is becoming more so. America is an “Anything Goes” country, torturing people, killing innocents in the name of war, exploiting the middle class and the poor, and defying the United Nations, illegal wiretapping, illegal arrests, fixing elections, surveillance, etc. These are political and corporate white collar criminals in the US and abroad that are dragging this nation down, not the drug dealers and criminals on the streets in the US. Our constitutional rights and money are slowly and quickly evaporating. Jobs are shipped overseas, other countries thrive as we become poorer. Middle class American families with children and two working parents cannot eke out enough of a living to save for home down payments. They are not irresponsible borrowers, they are victims of Corporate America’s greed and insatiable need for power. Things have been on a downturn for the last 20 years, when American manufacturers advertised “Made in the USA” in hopes of sending a message. We need marches and demonstrations like in the 60’s. We need to be very angry. We need to stop paying the income tax that supports this money and life guzzling war and the carpetbagging corporations and government that allows it and other injustices. Some of us, including some politicians, place value in humanity and the environment.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Yes, we all need to be much angrier than we currently are, and properly focused in our anger, too. Unfortunately, when the anger finally does boil up in the US there is a real danger that it will target the victims of our government and corporate run society, and not those responsible for making the gigantic mess we now all see unfolding before us.

    The immoral teachings of our dominant state religion of consumerism seem to teach total acceptance for those who hold economic and political power and abuse it, and total contempt for the ‘little people’. And most now wave the secular consumerist ‘cross’ and call that Christianity.

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