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Americans don’t get treatment because they lack the money for medical care

Here is the real state of medical 'care' in the US: 'Americans are skimping on their healthcare needs even more than last year, the result of a struggling economy that's forcing people to continue to cut back on prescription drugs, medical tests and doctors visits, according to a survey released today.' See A Consumer Reports survey finds people under age 65 are skipping drugs due to costs. But it is not just medication prescriptions that are not being filled, but all treatment (doctor's visits, diagnostic tests, surgeries needed, etc.) not being accessed by the sick due to lack of money and a coherent and logically structured medical system being in place.

The consumer goods Killer App -KILLED

Finally a real KILLER APP. A free iPhone application called the Good Guide lets you scan the barcodes of (eventually) every consumer good to learn immediately its goodness rating on a scale of 0-10. No more Consumer Report printouts, mental notes or improvisational evaluation. The Good Guide score is the synthesis of three criteria, the ratings for which are also shown: health, environment and social. How healthy is this item? How environmentally friendly? And how socially-responsible is the producer? Notably missing is a ranking for price, sidestepping the inescapable real world cost vs. benefit compromise.   12327