Obama ate a fish who knew Lincoln

bottom feederFishermen have always called it the Slimehead fish. It’s sorta-scientific name is Darwin’s Slimehead. But when bottom-of-the-barrel scraping began for the ocean’s remaining fisheries, fishmongers created a market for the never-thought-palatable deep bottom feeder by renaming it the Orange Roughy.

That much you’ve probably heard before.

Really, what’s in a name? A fish by any other name will smell too. Is there a fish story without hyperbole, that does not smell fishy? The idiom comes from the experience-honed doubt that the fishmonger’s catch is not fresh. People know steak is dead cow, so does it matter that Orange Roughy is Slimehead, Monkfish is Goosefish, Rock Salmon is Spiny Dogfish, or Tilapia is Mouthbrooder?

Actually Israeli exporters wanted to give Tilapia a biblical makeover, asserting the Tilapia from the Sea of Galilee, should be called St. Peter’s Fish, but US regulators intervened. In the Gospel of Matthew 17:27, apostle Peter tells tax collectors where they can go. In more than that many words he tells them to go fish, and from the mouth of the “first fish they catch,” they will find the four drachmas he owes them. The FDA didn’t buy it either. By the way, if you doubt Wikipedia has Zionist preoccupations, sniff the first paragraph of their entry for Tilapia. Maybe we are about to see whether Wiki momentum can surfeit the vernacular.

The US government also intervened when fish wholesalers wanted to rename the Patagonian Toothfish as Chilean Sea Bass. It’s not a Bass. And the poor Teethfish, like the Slimehead, are now endangered.

Because man’s traditional food fishes have become depleted, we’re having now to make meals of the dregs. And the populations of these deep sea dwellers have less resiliency than the coastal stocks. In the case of the Toothfish and the Slimehead, it’s because they grow very slowly. The Slimehead can grow to be 150 years old. They don’t become sexually reproductive until they are 33, and that’s not in dogfish years. Fishing operations which harvest entire sea mounts decimate every generation at once, leaving none who can spawn.

Would it give you an unsettled feeling to consume something so ancient? If we’re talking a pre-Phylloxera wine, it could be a great thing. But a fish that old has been absorbing mercury from the height of the industrial revolution onwards. So there might be a health benefit for showing deference to your fish elders.

It recently upset me to learn that with modern agriculture we eat cattle before they’re two, when they’re barely adolescent. Now I wonder what’s too old. We revere elephants and tortoises for their longevity, such ancient beings we don’t eat.

I’m old enough to remember learning about the old carp in the fountains of Paris, who also lived quite long. French schoolchildren could marvel that some carp still lived who might have glimpsed Napoleon.

A Slimehead Orange Roughy caught today could have lived in the time of Lincoln. Certainly those fish drag-netted in the 1970s, when the Orange Roughy exotic star was contrived to rise, were contemporaries of John Wilkes Booth. Though swimming many thousand feet below sea level, Roughy might have encountered a fresh shipwreck of Lincoln’s era, carrying gold sent from the west coast to finance the Civil War.

Today finds Americans awaiting their and their fellow man’s emancipation from war, torture, illegal detention, economic enslavement, usury, exploitation, impoverishment, enfeeblement and poisoning. Since just the new millennium Americans learned quick to participate again in their political system. They elected what many thought impossible, an African American president. The voters placed all their hope in Barack Obama, and their faith in party politics foretold that Obama’s majority would deliver the mandate he was given. Obama’s first days were anticipated to rival FDRs. Obama’s legacy could already be measured for laurels because it meant simply reversing the calamity of his predecessor. By such a deliverance alone, it was visualized, Obama would stand beside Abraham Lincoln, America’s greatest president.

Abraham Obama may be an unjustly loft comparison, as wanting to believe Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. But what else was an expectant public to do? They put him in office, they believed his promises. He spoke of change, they wanted change. What swiftly Bush had done, they wanted undone. And Obama assured all that he heard them.

And has it worked out that way? Obama’s speeches begin where the last one ends. They’re long, they’re reasoned, but where at first Americans reveled at a suddenly well-spoken president, now they wish he’d stop talking and start doing. Apparently “yes we can” meant “you can wait” –more likely “hi Mom” or “cheese.” Now the hand which Obama raises so famously to give assurance, is looking more like just the hand.

It may be dawning on many that this junior senator from Illinois didn’t have to debate Frederick Douglas, build a log cabin, read Aristotle by candlelight, or climb a long leadership ladder to get to Washington DC. It may be occurring to them that Obama’s speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, was the only accomplishment they’d seen of this unknown senator from the land of Lincoln.

An Orange Roughy served on fine porcelain may turn out to be the only thing our President Obama shares with Abraham Lincoln.

And very likely, you ate one too. So if stone-carvers are already bidding on the project to add someone’s face to Mount Rushmore, your likeness may be as appropriate as any.

2 thoughts on “Obama ate a fish who knew Lincoln

  1. I found your blog on google but you need to get ranked on Google News Reader. Great stuff.

  2. Too, he serves as a lightning rod. Much like using the term “Washington” or “Big Labor” (I’ve been getting flash advertising for that one too) to remove, in the minds of the listeners or readers, any connection with the vast majority of the people, for whom “Big Labor” and “Washington” channel. On Health Care, Obama didn’t author a word of it, yet it’s being called, mostly by the Right Wing Extremists “Obamacare”. 220 members of the House of Representatives voted for it,

    The extremists like to refer to them as “Washington” but not such slimeheads as Lamborn. Even though he actually IS a professional politician and whenever he gets run out of office, and gets paroled from Federal Prison (Hopefully having served more than Zero Time like Scooter Libby did) he’s going to be still in Washing Tundy See representing his true constituency…. Anybody with a sufficiont number of billions of dollars in his/her budget to “earn” the respect of Lamborn. As a lobbyist.

    Here’s a math “trick”, go to a Pinhead errr Tea Party rally and ask through a show of hands “hey, how many of you caught Bill-o’s show last night?” and I’d bet that every stinkin’ one of them did. That would mean, by extension, that ALL or damn close to All of the Tea Party are Fox Disciples.
    Make that a further extension, there’s only, by Fox News skewed accounting, 9 million of them in the whole country. 3%.

    Of course Fox News also “counted” 2 Million when the actual count was more like 50 thousand at their 9/12 rally in Washington. To put that in perspective, that’s the number who turned out in Dallas for a Peace Rally in February ’03, in a TRUE grass-roots organized and promoted rally, I should say. Organized less than two weeks in advance with ZERO cooperation from the “Free” press.

    And, that’s how the Health bill got passed by a slim majority in the House. Because the number of the People they represent totals a lot more than the (quoting Mark Twain) “Loud Little Handful” of Teabaggers. Not an “order of magnitude”, that’s an exponential notation. An “order of magnitude” would be 9 million x 9 million (81 Trillion) and there aren’t that many mosquitoes in the world, far less their human equivalent.

    The extreme Wrong Wing will try to hang any failure on One representative of those Majority who see the need to reform the economy and reform Health care. Maybe on Two Hundred and Twenty representatives who were bold enough to stand up to the Loud Little Handful.

    And they’ll try to FORCE it to fail. Then claim that it wasn’t their actions that bring it down. If the bill hadn’t passed they would have spent a few days gloating and slapping each other on the back for being successful Terrorists and such a tiny minority forcing EVERYBODY in America to bow to their Tiny Little 3% rule.

    With the Public Option hanging on, that would be what makes it succeed. And if it succeeds, I’m sure the Tea Party would find some way to discredit any role Obama and “Washington” played as the lightning rods to get it placed into law. And the extremists would act just as loudly and quickly to make sure absolutely no credit is given them as they would to make sure absolutely all blame is given them.

    Obama was 7 years old when Universal Health Care was introduced in a measure that was much broader in scope.

    The “cumbersome bureaucracy” the Tea Baggers like to deride in Medicaid and AFDC was put in place by “conservatives” to make sure as many people as possible would be Denied benefits.

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