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Swiftboating Vietnam

  VO: Thirty three years ago, a Republican war president Richard Milhouse Nixon, hired this man, John O’Neal to discredit a young John Kerry, who was leading a nascent effort to stop the war in Vietnam.   John O’Neal lost … Continue reading

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Power of prayer

I do not understand how people who preach so much about God and faith and blessings choose to ignore the most universal message of all prophets and spiritual guides – Blessed are the peacemakers. There are far more spiritual people … Continue reading

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A season of French hurricanes

Who is naming these hurricanes? Hurricane Gaston? Hurricane Frances? Hurricane Ivan? Sounds like a republican in the National Weather Service is naming this season’s major storm systems, recalling the countries who most opposed the war in Iraq. Is that idea … Continue reading

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My idea for an Iraq War Memorial

A box. Sunken in the earth. Like the foundation of an unfinished house. Borrowing from Maya Lin’s Vietnam Wall obviously, this memorial foundation would be at the base of a hill. Preferably in te shadow of a hill. Looking up … Continue reading

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Why protest?

Why protest the RNC? Imagine they pull an October Surprise. Imagine they postpone the election. Imagine they fix the election. Imagine they take away your rights, Your job, your home, your air, Your health, your environment. Imagine the unimaginable. What … Continue reading

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Scott Robinson RNC kicker

RNC NYC: A “Young Republican” was videotaped attacking an ACT-UP protester who’d managed to get inside the Republican Convention.   Although the handful of protesters were already surrounded by security agents, this enthusiast closed in, reached over several people, dragged … Continue reading

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Mom wants you to think about peace

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