Obama’s war on Pakistan: disappear, torture, mutilate, and dump

Quetta traders
March 20, US Defence Secretary Robert Gates said: … ‘We all have a concern about the Quetta shura (in Balochistan) and the activities of the Taliban in that area.’ Two and a half weeks later… April 9, Riots as Baloch chiefs found dead (in Balochistan) after being disappeared, tortured, mutilated, and dumped. Obama and Robert Gates? Two terrorists at large. It’s time to stop their wars! It’s time to end Pentagon terrorism!

What National Security is promoted for us by these acts of US government terrorism? None at all is the short answer. The picture used for this post was actually taken from a tourist site, one that was talking about visiting the market in Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan. Would you like to be a tourist there now? How about then taking a package tour to see Egypt’s Pyramids?

Obama has done nothing more than continue George Dubya Bush’s wars, except to further extend them! Meanwhile, you can hardly get a liberal Democratic Party voter to do a single damn thing about it.

What a shameful country we live in with such an apthetic, compliant group of people here! But what goes around comes around. Think about it some. Your future right now looks quite grim.

Greg Mortenson encircles Swat Province, US drones launched from Baluchistan

Pakistan showing Swat encirclement by CAI and Shamsi Airport in Bandari Baluchistan
Not many maps show the location of the Pakistani airport from which US drones are launched against targets in Afghanistan and Pakistan. To plot the Shamsi Airport in Baluchistan, I started with a graphic supplied by the Central Asian Institute (CAI) showing Greg Mortenson’s school building projects, which appear to encircle the Taliban resurgent Swat Province, where schools are a battleground.

Recognize the map above? It’s an updated diagram of CAI’s progress in northern Pakistan, making it all the more clear that school-building is taking point in our Western incursion in Southwest Asia.

Think-tank pundits are describing the Southwest Asian conflict as having become the Afghanistan and Pakistan War. With 17,000 more US troops moving in (who knows how many more contractor mercenaries), Europe pulling its NATO soldiers out, and Kyrgyzstan ousting our base, we might as well become more familiar with Pakistan.

dronesBy the way, the furor about our military use of the Shamsi Airport has more to do with where we are deploying the drones. The US was given permission by the Pakistani government to use several bases in Pakistan from which to direct our attacks on Afghanistan. The bases are in Karachi, Jacobabad, Pasni and Dalbadin. Shamsi is noteworthy because it is being used by the CIA, and because its drones are monitoring regions in Pakistan itself.

We need zoom out only a little from this map to see that the US actions here are part of an encirclement strategy against China, Russia, and to the West, Iran!