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Obama’s war on Pakistan: disappear, torture, mutilate, and dump

March 20, US Defence Secretary Robert Gates said: ... We all have a concern about the Quetta shura (in Balochistan) and the activities of the Taliban in that area.' Two and a half weeks later... April 9, Riots as Baloch chiefs found dead (in Balochistan) after being disappeared, tortured, mutilated, and dumped. Obama and Robert Gates? Two terrorists at large. It's time to stop their wars! It's time to end Pentagon terrorism! 7323

Greg Mortenson encircles Swat Province, US drones launched from Baluchistan

Not many maps show the location of the Pakistani airport from which US drones are launched against targets in Afghanistan and Pakistan. To plot the Shamsi Airport in Baluchistan, I started with a graphic supplied by the Central Asian Institute (CAI) showing Greg Mortenson's school building projects, which appear to encircle the Taliban resurgent Swat Province, where schools are a battleground. 6578