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Hollywood showcases ‘Arab face’ minstrel show- Backing US military campaigns with Jewish racism against Arabs

What is the movie ‘The Dictator’ all about? It’s about the ever growing Jewish RACISM against Arabs and Muslims.

Hitler’s time is now long over. Today’s international racism centers on the Arabs and their victimizers are not Germans, but rather they are Jewish people and Christian fundamentalists allies of the Ziponist Apartheid State who hate Arabs and Muslims as a whole, all because they are primarily not as White as the European heritage folk are.

Hollywood doing the minstrel act routine over and over again is shameful. Sacha Cohen's movie a minstrel show. …The US today is as racist a society as it ever was.

Jewish Racism

At a time when the US government is boycotting participation in the United Nations 2009 anti-racism conference, here are a few interesting figures from The Association of Civil Rights in Israel. ACRI`s Annual Report on the State of Human Rights We learn the following…

According to the Israeli Association for Civil Rights, anti-Arab incidents have risen sharply. “Israeli society is reaching new heights of racism that damages freedom of expression and privacy,” says Sami Michael, the organization’s president. Among the Association’s findings:

Some 55 percent of Jewish Israelis say that the state should encourage Arab emigration;

78 percent of Jewish Israelis oppose including Arab parties in the government;

56 percent agree with the statement that “Arabs cannot attain the Jewish level of cultural development”;

75 percent agree that Arabs are inclined to be violent. Among Arab-Israelis, 54 percent feel the same way about Jews.

75 percent of Israeli Jews say they would not live in the same building as Arabs.

This could almost have been polled from the US and be White opinions about Blacks. Zionism simply is racism, and YES, Jewish people are often racists. See Israeli Civil rights group claim Israeli occupation is “reminiscent of apartheid”

Israel’s plans to make Palestinians homeless in Jerusalem in order to make ‘parks’ for the Jewish community

caterpillar-bulldozerEthnic cleansing disguised as plans to give a city more ‘open (Green) space’? Yes, that’s the Jewish State’s plan for Jerusalem. Voice of America reports that Palestinian Residents Brace for Demolition of Homes in East Jerusalem but forgets to add that the American government is enabling this ethnic cleansing by Israeli authorities.

Mumbai ‘Jewish Center’ itself a center for promotion of Jewish terrorism and a few other thoughts

expel-the-muslimsJust what sort of ‘Jewish Center’ in Mumbai, India was attacked this Wednesday night and into Thursday?

In fact, this was the Chabad-Lubavitch center there, and not one of the many other Jewish centers in Mumbai. This group of sectarian Jews is Messianic and racist to the core, and is well connected historically to Kach, the Kahanes, and The Jewish Defense League, all of which were Jewish terrorist groupings and individuals. They are the core Right Wing group of the Jewish settlers that are stealing from and murdering Palestinians in their own lands. These Chabad-Lubavich racists have a long history of links to Jewish pro-terrorist activities in the New York City area, too, and have leading US political figures often times giving both covert and overt political support to them.

Chabad Votes For Racist This article gives a glimpse of the role of Chabad-Lubavich in the rabid Israeli settler community, where they are leading advocates of Israeli expansionism at the expense of the native Arab population. Their historical roots are with Jewish terrorists like Baruch Goldstein, who gunned down in cold blood and killed and wounded over 150 Muslim worshippers inside an Islamic holy site some 14+ years ago.

Yes, I know that little of this history is known by Americans, still the ‘terrorism’ is coming from all sides and the fact that the Hindu Indian government has increasingly promoted pogroms inside its own borders against Muslims (and Christians, too) should not go by unmentioned, and unnoticed. Neither should we be missing the connections to the US government’s own acts of terrorism against the Muslim community worldwide. We are seeing 9/11 enacted all over again, but this time on Indian soil and in not so extensive and dramatic a manner as planes colliding into buildings. Yet, the reasons here are much the same as before though in the attacks on the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon.

The Mumbai Chabad-Lubavitch building was one of about 8 or 9 other targets chosen by this unknown group of people to terrorize. The other places, outside of the train station which might have been an accident when some of the armed men of the group were surprised, seemed to have mainly targeted the more elite, English speaking tourist and business class types (Mumbai being india’s financial equivalent of Wall Street, New York) plus a Bollywood elite cinema, Bollywood (Mumbai/ Bombay) being home of the Indian equivalent of Hollywood. What might have been the over all motive?

Sadly, the principal motive might have simply been to continue to create the panic of the type that the Bush Administration fought so hard to instill after 9/11 ….a panic that may ultimately be the factor that financially will sink The US Empire by self-bankrupt.

The current Indian government has signed onto allying itself with this US Empire and the elites of India became a target because of that. In some respects, this almost looks like India’s no-Thanksgiving Day of 9/11. In dirty wars of this sort, messages are always being sent back and forth, usually through acts of terror between one side and the other.

Amazing how quiet the US government is being about it all? Maybe the power elites here in the USA are hoping that nobody notices the similarities between what happened in New York City of 2001, and what happened in Mumbai 2008? Sh…. don’t look at our ‘success’? ‘Global War on Terrorism’? What humbug!

Aish HaTorah, Israeli based Zionist organization, spread their racist hate message against Arabs across America via their ‘Obsession’

muslim-protestThe news at last is coming out that it is Israeli money that paid and promoted the hate campaign against Muslims and Arabs that was contained in the dvd ‘Obsession’. This dvd was spread throughout all the states with competitive presidential votes coming up on behalf of the Palin-McCain crowd and the Republican Party. The distributors of his dvd called themselves the Clarion Fund and just seemed to appear out of thin air, but they stupidly used the same address as Aish Haorah and gave themselves away! What racist clowns they are! See NEO-CONS, ISRAELI HARDLINERS BEHIND GIVEAWAY OF ISLAMOPHOBIC DVD for the story.

A cursory map of electoral polling sites show where the McCain base of support comes from. It comes from the historically White racist Southern states. However, these days it is unacceptable to run a directly and openly anti-Black racist message so Arabs and Muslims became the (dis)honored Stand Ins for the Right Wing racist Christian Klan crowd, by way of money from Israeli Jews! A giant conspiracy by Muslim elements is alleged in this dvd, ‘Obsession’, and American corporate newspapers obliged and distributed this genocide loaded message, without any pause except for only an exception or two. (Good for you, St Louis!)

We can only hope that Americans learn about this news and that this sordid campaign backfires against Aish HaTorah and the Israelis for entering into the election activities of our country? If any other country’s people had pulled a stunt like this, they would probably correctly have earned the full force of government prosecution used against them. Instead, the US Bush Administration is complicit with this electoral interference in US politics by Israel. This is absolutely shameful for a government that has itself targeted Muslim charities and Muslim countries alike for murder and mayhem. For the Zionist Aish Hatorah, the profit was in trying to stampede Americans into further supporting the Jewish Israeli government’s stealing away of more Palestinian lands and properties. The world watches and ultimately learns of these shenanigans though, and the racist campaign they started hopefully will back fire and stall.

Check out wikipedia’s entry about this group, Aish Hatorah, for some good information given about their activities and connection with ‘Obsession’.