US House Resolution 1553 offers go-ahead for Israel to attack Iran

House Republicans have crafted a resolution to offer US approval for Israel to use “all means necessary” to confront Iran, reviving Holocaust fears and misquoting Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, where “wipe from the map” conflating the “Zionist Regime” with the Jews. Below is the full text of the resolution, supported by Republican congress members including Colorado’s Doug Lamborn.


H. RES. 1553

Expressing support for the State of Israel’s right to defend Israeli sovereignty, to protect the lives and safety of the Israeli people, and to use all means necessary to confront and eliminate nuclear threats posed by the Islamic Republic of Iran, including the use of military force if no other peaceful solution can be found within reasonable time to protect against such an immediate and existential threat to the State of Israel.


JULY 22, 2010

Mr. GOHMERT (for himself, Mr. AKIN, Mrs. BACHMANN, Mr. BARTLETT, Mr. BISHOP of Utah, Mrs. BLACKBURN, Mr. BONNER, Mr. BROUN of Georgia, Mr. BURTON of Indiana, Mr. CAMPBELL, Mr. CHAFFETZ, Mr. CONAWAY, Mr. CULBERSON, Ms. FALLIN, Mr. FLEMING, Mr. FRANKS of Arizona, Mr. GINGREY of Georgia, Ms. GRANGER, Mr. GRIFFITH, Mr. HENSARLING, Mr. HERGER, Mr. KING of Iowa, Mr. LAMBORN, Mr. LATTA, Mr. LOBIONDO, Mrs. LUMMIS, Mr. MARCHANT, Mr. NEUGEBAUER, Mr. PENCE, Mr. PITTS, Mr. POSEY, Mr. PRICE of Georgia, Mr. OLSON, Mr. ROONEY, Mrs. SCHMIDT, Mr. SHADEGG, Mr. SMITH of Texas, Mr. WESTMORELAND, Mr. ROSKAM, Mr. MCCOTTER, Mr. BROWN of South Carolina, Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin, Mr. MCCLINTOCK, Mr. JORDAN of Ohio, Mr. BARTON of Texas, Mr. KINGSTON, and Mr. CARTER) submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs


Expressing support for the State of Israel’s right to defend Israeli sovereignty, to protect the lives and safety of the Israeli people, and to use all means necessary to confront and eliminate nuclear threats posed by the Islamic Republic of Iran, including the use of military force if no other peaceful solution can be found within reasonable time to protect against such an immediate and existential threat to the State of Israel.

Whereas with the dawn of modern Zionism, the national liberation movement of the Jewish people, some 150 years ago, the Jewish people determined to return to their homeland in the Land of Israel from the lands of their dispersion;

Whereas in 1922, the League of Nations mandated that the Jewish people were the legal sovereigns over the Land of Israel and that legal mandate has never been superseded;

Whereas in the aftermath of the Nazi-led Holocaust from 1933 to 1945, in which the Germans and their collaborators murdered 6,000,000 Jewish people in a premeditated act of genocide, the international community recognized that the Jewish state, built by Jewish pioneers must gain its independence from Great Britain;

Whereas the United States was the first nation to recognize Israel’s independence in 1948, and the State of Israel has since proven herself to be a faithful ally of the United States in the Middle East;

Whereas the United States and Israel have a special friendship based on shared values, and together share the common goal of peace and security in the Middle East;

Whereas, on October 20, 2009, President Barack Obama rightly noted that the United States–Israel relationship is a ‘‘bond that is much more than a strategic alliance.’’;

Whereas the national security of the United States, Israel, and allies in the Middle East face a clear and present danger from the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran seeking nuclear weapons and the ballistic missile capability to deliver them;

Whereas Israel would face an existential threat from a nuclear weapons-armed Iran;

Whereas President Barack Obama has been firm and clear in declaring United States opposition to a nuclear-armed Iran, stating on November 7, 2008, ‘‘Let me state—repeat what I stated during the course of the campaign. Iran’s development of a nuclear weapon I believe is unacceptable.’’;

Whereas, on October 26, 2005, at a conference in Tehran called ‘‘World Without Zionism’’, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated, ‘‘God willing, with the force of God behind it, we shall soon experience a world without the United States and Zionism’’;

Whereas the New York Times reported that during his October 26, 2005, speech, President Ahmadinejad called for ‘‘this occupying regime [Israel] to be wiped off the map’’;

Whereas, on April 14, 2006, Iranian President Ahmadinejad said, ‘‘Like it or not, the Zionist regime [Israel] is heading toward annihilation’’;

Whereas, on June 2, 2008, Iranian President Ahmadinejad said, ‘‘I must announce that the Zionist regime [Israel], with a 60-year record of genocide, plunder, invasion, and betrayal is about to die and will soon be erased from the geographical scene’’;

Whereas, on June 2, 2008, Iranian President Ahmadinejad said, ‘‘Today, the time for the fall of the satanic power of the United States has come, and the countdown to the annihilation of the emperor of power and wealth has started’’;

Whereas, on May 20, 2009, Iran successfully tested a surface-to-surface long range missile with an approximate range of 1,200 miles;

Whereas Iran continues its pursuit of nuclear weapons;

Whereas Iran has been caught building three secret nuclear facilities since 2002;

Whereas Iran continues its support of international terrorism, has ordered its proxy Hizbullah to carry out catastrophic acts of international terrorism such as the bombing of the Jewish AMIA Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1994, and could give a nuclear weapon to a terrorist organization in the future;

Whereas Iran has refused to provide the International Atomic Energy Agency with full transparency and access to its nuclear program;

Whereas United Nations Security Council Resolution 1803 states that according to the International Atomic Energy Agency, ‘‘Iran has not established full and sustained suspension of all enrichment related and reprocessing activities and heavy-water-related projects as set out in resolution 1696 (2006), 1737 (2006) and 1747 (2007) nor resumed its cooperation with the IAEA under the Additional Protocol, nor taken the other steps required by the IAEA Board of Governors, nor complied with the provisions of Security Council resolution 1696 (2006), 1737 (2006) and 1747 (2007) . . .’’;

Whereas at July 2009’s G-8 Summit in Italy, Iran was given a September 2009 deadline to start negotiations over its nuclear programs and Iran offered a five-page document lamenting the ‘‘ungodly ways of thinking prevailing in global relations’’ and included various subjects, but left out any mention of Iran’s own nuclear program which was the true issue in question;

Whereas the United States has been fully committed to finding a peaceful resolution to the Iranian nuclear threat, and has made boundless efforts seeking such a resolution and to determine if such a resolution is even possible; and

Whereas the United States does not want or seek war with Iran, but it will continue to keep all options open to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the House of Representatives—

(1) condemns the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran for its threats of ‘‘annihilating’’ the United States and the State of Israel, for its continued support of international terrorism, and for its incitement of genocide of the Israeli people;

(2) supports using all means of persuading the Government of Iran to stop building and acquiring nuclear weapons;

(3) reaffirms the United States bond with Israel and pledges to continue to work with the Government of Israel and the people of Israel to ensure that their sovereign nation continues to receive critical economic and military assistance, including missile defense capabilities, needed to address the threat of Iran; and

(4) expresses support for Israel’s right to use all means necessary to confront and eliminate nuclear threats posed by Iran, defend Israeli sovereignty, and protect the lives and safety of the Israeli people, including the use of military force if no other peaceful solution can be found within a reasonable time.

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8 Responses to US House Resolution 1553 offers go-ahead for Israel to attack Iran

  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    It’s not Global Suicide. The rest of the world isn’t being given a choice as to put the Nuclear Gun to our own heads. It’s not even, in that sense, National Suicide. A group of Very Rich Assholes who perhaps think they would survive? Even if they believe that, they would be committing Mass Murder on a scale that Hitler could only dream.
    Global Homicide.

  2. Avatar Dave Levin says:

    As an Israeli.. I realize a lot of people would get hurt and I will probably going to lose a member of my family or a friend. I also pity the Iranian people who I grew to like as smart and advanced.
    But if we don’t stop the nutcase that took power in Iran it will only get worse as time passes. Better to attack now while he’s still limited if that’s the right word.

  3. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    And the same people who tell us that the Iranians are the New Hitler with Nuclear Weapons, including Prime Minister Netanyahu, are the same people who told us that Iraq was the New Hitler with Nuclear Weapons…

    Dave, I’ll trade you nutcase for nutcase, “dinnerjacket” for Netanyahu, and throw in a George Bush, a Scooter Libby, Karl Rove and Bill Kristoll.

    Using the same logic any Iranian could say the same thing about Iran, and, Dave, is that not exactly what the Resolution accuses Mr Ahmadinejad of saying, that even though there are moderate Israelis the leadership of Israel are insane, and have a proven track record of aggression and murder?

    Would he be wrong or right in abstaining from pulling the trigger on behalf of Righteous Jews who aren’t as Insanely Aggressive as Netanyahu? Are you G-d that you can judge an entire nation to death?

    How many nations has Iran actually invaded post-1948? How many nations does Iran occupy militarily?

    But go ahead, match sabre rattling with sabre rattling. That’s a sure way to win hearts and get people to respond to you in some way that doesn’t involve the Natural and Justifiable reaction of anything involving Self-Defense isn’t it?

    Would YOU, Mr Levin, capitulate?

    Yet the Iranians, who have a military less than a percentage the striking power of Israels, Israel which unlike Iran has a decades long proven Nuclear program, long range strike capacity and also a long history of threatening IRAN with nuclear annihilation, not surprisingly beginning immediately after Fellow Puppet Dictatorship the Shah of Iran was deposed…

    Unless you wish to join your Puppet Dictator in asserting that it’s the other way round, and HE calls the shots in America rather than American politicians calling the shots in Israel.

    You have no more right to destroy the world than any other. The “chosen People” were sworn under oath by Abraham, by Isaac, by Jacob, by Moses, by Joshua… not to be Rulers of the world but a repository of Righteousness in the world. Every one of the Patriarchs, prophets and Kings from Abraham to Herod, has failed in that. There is none righteous, no, Not One. That’s one interpretation of Isaiah, the same prophet and his prophecies that supposedly justify every crime Israel and even the United States and Britain commit.
    The “none righteous” quote is also from prophecy.

    You choose your interpretation of prophecy, I’ll choose mine, and may G-d judge between us.

    You have no right to destroy the world He created and which We are supposed to be stewards over. You have no right to take any human life, in the strictest interpretation not even your own.

  4. Avatar Billy Ray says:


  5. Avatar Maz says:

    AIPAC stop manipulating US congress,stop lying to american public that Iran has nuclear weapons,Stop making Israel as a parasite nation.Israel is no 51 state of US.Israel what about your 200 hundred nuclear weapons ? Is it for what.Wake up American Public.Israel and AIPAC are using US.We starve our people for the sake of Israel security.Shame on you congress,shame on you Aipac,Shame on you all the Israel lobby.You lie and took us to the illegal war in Iraq now you push us for the Iran War ?

  6. Avatar Billy Partin says:

    I am glad that we are standing by Israel. I think Iran should receive a swift blow if they do not comply with inspections of their Nuclear plants.

  7. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    And you’re “standing by” the slogan your Corporate Masters told you to recite. Israel has been in violation of the Non-Proliferation agreements for decades, what makes them better than Iran?

    The U.S. government has more nukes than the rest of the world combined and demands, through their Likud Puppet Slave Netanyahu, the right to punish any other country in the world for violating a treaty that our government has been violating since before such treaties were even made.
    That won’t fit on a bumper sticker or a tee-shirt though.

    Your side wins the slogan war and you believe that makes you superior. Much like the Nazis believe, still, that they’re superior. A belief system in short staccato barking phrases that can be chanted while marching, whoop-di-diddly-doo.

    It buys you “leaders” like George Bush and Sarah Palin and Bibi and Hitler. It buys lifetimes of slavery for your fellow Americans and anybody unfortunate enough to fall under the dominion of the Corporate Slave Empire.

    Too bad for you. Maybe some of us who haven’t trained the ability to construct entire sentences and paragraphs out of our brains, maybe WE can find some way to reverse the Unholy Madness your slogan spewing owners have tried to impose not merely on us, but the entire world, and for nothing more or less than their own profit.

    Be sure, dude, to count your money before you get out the door. Sometimes they don’t give you the full thirty pieces.

  8. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Did you know, unlike what you’re told at Sunday School, that under the Muslim rule there were Synagogues in Jerusalem and Acre? You know how you can check that out? First, quit believing everything you hear your Sold-out preacher spew from the pulpit, and investigate a little.

    Richard Couer-de-Leon, king of Normandy and England, (yeah, Prince John’s brother from Robin Hood, that one) while Crusading and before being kidnapped by fellow Crusader “christians”. committed some heinous war crimes in Jerusalem and Acre. Killing local Arab prisoners and… local Christians and local Jews. We know this isn’t something he-said/she-said rumored about him. It’s his own words trying to justify what he’d done.

    But that’s one that would mortally wound the Lies you’re told about a Monolithic Muslim State in all of Arabia crushing all others and demanding that everyone convert or be put to the sword.

    Iraq had the highest regional percentage of Women College Graduates, including Doctors, higher than the percentage in Israel even. There were more than a Million Christians living in Iraq. Former Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz is a Christian. Did you know that? You wouldn’t if all you listen to is the Propaganda Hate Spew that comes forth from the mouths of FOX and their network of tame, sold out, apostate preachers.

    And puppet dictators like Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, Berlusconi, Walid Jumblat, Netanyahu… just to name a few.

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