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Did Kerry tip his hand?

Did John Kerry tip his hand by conceding early? Perhaps we are better off knowing he was going to betray us. But what now of efforts to recount the election results? Here we are forced to spearhead the efforts ourselves, … Continue reading

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Buy Nothing Day 2004

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Ivy Leaguer accosts car stabs driver 2am

My attention was grabbed by a recent headline, IVY LEAGUER STABS BOSTON TEEN.   But let me tell you another story. In Colorado Springs, April 26, 2002, a friend of mine was driving back from a Thursday night concert in … Continue reading

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Republicans didn’t trust Kerry

Doesn’t Kerry’s prompt concession kinda make him look like a SHILL? He and the Democratic party hijacked the grassroots progressive movement and sold us down the river. Holding off a concession might have lead to questions about the vote suppression … Continue reading

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Fallujah had a precedence

The world has seen a Fallujah before. In Bosnia it was Srebrenica. There the town’s Muslem men and boys were herded into a soccer field and shot. Is this very different from what the Americans did? The Americans ordered the … Continue reading

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