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So I was reminiscing about the Bus Pamphlets

the ones with arabic songs and poetry left on city bus seats and bus stops, I believe in Atlanta. Got to remember a few things written down ten years ago, ah, the bad old days. But the new/old lynch mob … Continue reading

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Pablo Neruda; the poet US Right Wingers hate the most

“While I’m writing, I’m far away; and when I come back, I’ve gone.” – Pablo Neruda

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When I was a young hoodlum, I plagiarized a bit of prose poetry with something like this at its core in order to make myself look cool. As an officially legal adult I’ve lost interest in how things look and … Continue reading

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a poem for the holidays

The Art of Disappearing   When they say, “Don’t I know you?” Say “no”. When they invite you to the party Remember what parties are like Before answering. Someone telling you in a loud voice They once wrote a poem. … Continue reading

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A 1930 Spirit of Christmas Past

Black Agenda Report revisited this Christmas poem by Langston Hughes: “Merry Christmas”: Published in New Masses (Dec. 1930), p. 4. Merry Christmas, China, From the gun-boats in the river, Ten-inch shells for Christmas gifts, And peace on earth forever. Merry … Continue reading

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Walt Whitman was not Grandpa Moses

A new Levi’s commercial overlays Walt Whitman’s O PIONEERS on scenes of fashion-conscious youth, distilling substance like just another stylizing element. It reminds me of the false portraits our society is content to hang over its radicals. This week, a … Continue reading

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The poetry of kick-the-can in the rain

I hate random stream of consciousness when you can tell the author thinks they’re building to something. It’s so, so tedious. Such was my reaction to officially-described poet Elizabeth Alexander, who recited a piece she composed for the inauguration of … Continue reading

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Marianne Moore’s Utopian Turtletop

In the mid-fifties the newly-public Ford Motor Company sought a name for its soon-to-be-released experimental car, known in its design stage as the E-car. After in-house marketers came up with 300-odd names which were felt to be embarrassing in their … Continue reading

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Poolside haiku

  a swirling eddy   /   frothy seaweed eyes emerge   /   disembodied head

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The Man With a Hoe

  THE MAN WITH A HOE THE MAN WITH A HOE Bowed by the weight of centuries he leans Upon his hoe and gazes on the ground, The emptiness of ages in his face, And on his back, the burden of … Continue reading

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Whose turn is it on Afghanistan’s plains?

It was a hard lesson for the Soviets, and before them the Soldiers of the Queen. I think Kipling’s advice bears repeating as we consider that American casualties are on the rise in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is the Forgotten Campaign of … Continue reading

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Battlefield without Borders a reading

An excerpt from STANDING THERE, After the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, June, 2006   Days before, Rachael had told a story. It seemed simple then. “A bug flew into my eye while I played soccer. For a full minute, … Continue reading

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Poetry Slams slam poetry

Poetry Slams have reduced our most elevated literary genre to the arena of Hallmark Cards. Can you imagine compelling Longfellow to extemporize on the spot, faced with one-upping a fast-rapping carnival barker? Perhaps Oscar Wilde could have risen to the … Continue reading

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Homey poem

BE CALM LITTLE WHITE MAN You’re the man, People respect your money You’re the head stag You get all the women. What do you do about the hispanic boys Postering with their tattoos their shirts up over their bellies Doing … Continue reading

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