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The unrepentant pro-terrorist and pro imperialist US ‘Leftist’, Louis Proyect

images-47— One of the saddest happenings of my lifetime has been to observe the complete Far Rightward slide of much of the ex-American Trotskyist Movement, that during my youth had been the strongest builders of the Antiwar Movement during the Vietnam War era. None more epitomizes that Rightward slide downward into oblivion than the guy who actually has marketed himself beginning years ago in the past, as supposedly being Louis Proyect: The (last) Unrepentant Marxist. However, today he now states that the time he spent as a marxist once building the huge demonstrations against the Vietnam War were all just so inconsequential and negative doings, as being nothing more or less than just being a wasted portion of his life! And worse yet, he, in his elder years (’60s), is now trying to build the idea that supporting the Pentagon’s current multiple war making projects in the Middle East is all so progressive, marxist, and totally all a very radical thing to do! Christ!

Sadly, many other remnants and lost souls of the former coherent English speaking Trotskyist Movement trail along beside and behind Louis Proyect, enabling him in his increasingly counter revolutionary ideological work. They remain silently present and participating on his ‘discussion groups’, as he censors off all and any opposition to his idea that being pro-imperialist, as he has now turned himself into being, might be the exact opposite of actually being marxist. They degrade themselves by belonging and participating in the same counterrevolutionary camp as Proyect, by remaining silent about Louis’s penchant for censorship of viewpoints counter to his own. It is really quite disgraceful but yet most seem not to see it… They simply follow ‘the leader’ as any good STALINIST would.

Today, with the announcement of the news of the US backed Syrian ‘rebels’ most recent terrorist attack (this time on a mosque!), Louis was busy on his 3 blogs, announcing his support for these D.C. promoted and armed thugs once again. He supports the further arming of the US backed counter revolutionary forces being used first against Gaddafi in Libya, now against Assad in Syria, and potentially in the quite near future against the current government in Iran. See Proyect’s Side with Syria’s Oppressed: An Interview with Mohamed Khairullah published on his blog ‘North Star’, which was set up by him and some fellow pro US imperialist fake Lefties expressly to push for ‘marxist’ support of Obama’s imperialist agendas in the Mid East. Here is also news of the recent use of yet more terrorism in Syria by those he promotes… Syrian suicide bombing in mosque kills top pro-Assad Sunni preacher and 41 other people

Proyect, and his collaborating and censorious cohorts like Pham Binh, claim that allying forces with NATO and the Pentagon to overthrow their own governments is revolution in progress, a bizarre idea indeed. In doing such, their activism mirrors the past renouncing of revolutionary theory by the infamous Karl Kautsky, who was once known as the ‘Pope of Marxism’, who rejected voting against war credits that supported the German military in its WW1 activities. Kautsky threw international solidarity to the wind in favor of supporting the capitalist ruing class of his own imperialist country in its war efforts, something which Louis Proyect is doing once again actively today. One could easily enough label Louis Proyect’s work as neo-Kautskyite, because it is pro imperialist in like manner as Kautsky turned to being in his own positions during WW1.

It would be bad enough if Proyect was alone in his Rightward turn, but instead he is representative of the RightWard drift of most of the former Trotskyist Movement. He is part of a slide into supporting pro capitalist forces, supporting pro imperialism war making, and wanting to organize into Left Social Democratic form, for many of these former Trotskyists. Proyect is representative of
the demise of the former Trotskyist Far Left in the English speaking countries, if not also in the entire rest of the world. It is sad to see such a legacy totally washing itself down the drain, same as the marxist leaders of China and the former Soviet Union have done as well.


The above is a picture of a much younger Louis Proyect than he is now. Where did he stumble into becoming his complete opposite? It’s like asking where Joe Stalin went wrong? From a comrade for the biggest builder of the antiwar movement, to sent ‘revolutionary tourist’ in Nicaragua, now into turning into a loud pro imperialist ‘Left’ mouthpiece of the Pentagon…. such is the sad life road of Supreme Misleader Louis Proyect.

NATO US ally TURKEY hijacks Syrian airplane with Obama’s approval and approval of many on the US Left too

In case you missed it yesterday, US Pentagon and Nato ally, Turkey, has now taken to hijacking civilian aircraft in addition to its normal routine of fomenting terrorism on the ground inside neighboring country Syria for the US government. Barack and Mitt sit by here in the US approving these acts of terrorism and calling for Turkey to become even more terroristic in its approach to Syria. I guess our US government has been waging a War for Terrorism all along… See Turkey says Syrian plane carried Russian munitions.

Imagine if say China took to hijacking airplanes carrying civilians from the US to other countries, and then telling folk they had found munitions on board? IN this less than imperfect world, the US government is world leader in shipping munitions, and I’m sure that Turkey itself has had more than its fair share of munitions shipped into the inside of their own country. TRANSPORT OF MUNITIONS BY OTHERS DOES NOT GIVE NATO COUNTRIES THE RIGHT TO HIJACK AIRCRAFT! The US government and its allies would go berserk if China or Russia were to copy this sort of behavior! It would start WW3.

What gets me is how so many moronic Rightward drifting US Leftists are getting on board forgiving and just plain pretending that these acts of international US government motivated acts of terrorism are not being done by the Pentagon war machine, as they call, too, for the overthrow of the Syrian government at this time of war upon allies Syria and Iran together. The US Left seems to be in a state of coma right now regarding these issues. The burnt out ex Trotskyist site- 'The North Star' run by Louis Proyect is a prime example of what we are talking about here, however there are other US Left examples getting to be almost as bad as this in their push for more US government ‘humanitarian imperialism’ as well. You will not see these folk talking about Turkey’s hijacking of this aircraft. Shame on the Old rot ridden Left that is now behind its own capitalist government’s plans for war and regime changes.

Syrian US-backed ‘rebels’ tape selves cheering executions of their POWs, another in their long list of war crimes

Some on the Left call these guys revolutionaries even! Especially those at the Louis Proyect sponsored website- North Star. The corporate Pentagon war pushing media positively gushes over the anti Syrian government forces as well, however the actual picture of these criminal thugs is quite different from the one the Leftist humanitarian imperialists want us to know about. See Syria rebels execute soldiers in battleground Aleppo

Gosh this North Star website sponsored by Louis Proyect is completely weirdo! They pretend to be about the Occupy Movement while talking about the Stalinist led Comintern of decades long past, and pretend to be open to all opinions, while quickly kicking those with different opinions offline from their heavily censored website same as Louis Proyect does, too, on HIS ‘marxism list’. Who is being fooled much by Poryect’s shenanigans at North Star though? Few, one hopes.

Sad Sack gang of aged, confused and politically lost ‘marxists’ are now supporting US-EU imperialist-made regime change for Syria

‘Understanding the Syrian revolution as one of the deepest movements for human freedom in this period of human history is a challenge for the left.’ –says the so-called ‘unrepentant marxist’ Louis Proyect, on his blog, HIS well censored and controlled discussion list, ‘the marxism list’, plus at his newly set up blog, ‘North Star’ that feigns connection with The Occupy Movement. And unfortunately way too many marxist and socialist groups in the English speaking world have become so absent from building any antiwar movement to oppose Washington D.C., that they are just tagging along ofter this guy’s so-called ‘socialist’ approval FOR Pentagon made regime change in Syria.

No antiwar movement, no strong political alternative to the Democrats and Republicans in the national elections, and US based socialists who cheerlead ‘rebels’ backed by the Pentagon… What a mess we have in US ‘Left’ politics today. None personally represent the degeneration of old orthodox marxist types more than humanitarian imperialist Lefty, Louis Proyect! Shame, too, on all you ‘comrades’ who help back this guy up in his multiple endeavors.