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Who’s a war criminal?

George W. is a war criminal, Dick Cheney is a war criminal, Colin Powell is a war criminal, every last White House staffer is a war criminal, nearly every Congress member is a war criminal, every mainstream media pundit is … Continue reading

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Agent provocateur at Miami FTAA protest

There was a chance this gentleman was helping to hold the line in Miami. But eyewitnesses report he was pushing the girls toward the swinging batons. Are his actions defensible in any manner as law enforcement?

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Eye of beholder

I’d like to address a comment to the art galleries of Colorado City, if I may, including Ms. Nose-in-the-Air who is so put off by the new graffiti mural adorning the West Side Tattoo shop. Whereas you may frown upon … Continue reading

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From the Crawford presidential helicopter we probably just looked like ants

Bush wouldn’t meet with Cindy Sheehan, but Andy aimed his own peace message skyward, accompanied with a few choice expletives.

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Katrina relief: what can you do?

Katrina Relief- What should you do? Hoist the Federal Governement up on its own petard! Do not aid and abet the carpetbagger land grab! Do not aid and abet the displacement and scattering of the Louisiana poor. The poor are … Continue reading

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