Barack’s 1/2 measures, 1/4 measures, 1/8 measures and… his new health care ‘reform’

cancer childObama signs bill for kids health care program. But look again! Like Obama’s ‘withdrawal’ from Iraq, his ‘renouncement of torture,’ now his new health care measure is a fraud too! Everything about Barack Obama is a fraud! Here is the gist of his public pretense regarding giving kids health coverage. Obama is going to leave 4,000,000 children uncovered, even 5 years down the road!

Sure, this is better than worsening the situation as the Bush murderers did, but why such a 1/2 measure. Wait! It’s not even that, is it? These parents need coverage, too. What happened? This is not even a 1/4 measure! Might we have a 1/8 measure being announced by Obama then?

When it came to bailing out the gigantic fraudulently operating Bug Guys out, Barack Obama is not for any 1/2 measures, 1/4 measures, nor 1/8 measures or less. He goes all out at throwing public tax monies their ways. Can’t let the Big Guys suffer, he says. But he feels a little different about the poor kids, does he not? They can wait! That’s the Barack Obama con game in full measure.

Shame on you, Democrats!

US ruling class tries to put new lipstick on its pig

airplane crash wtcBanks crashed on the day of CHANGE that isn’t change, and the ruling class tried to put new lipstick on its pig. No major bank was spared the carnage as Bank of America’s shares plunged 29 percent; Citigroup’s 20 percent, and State Street Corp., which reported sharply lower earnings, saw its shares plummet 59 percent.

“The financial stocks got murdered,” said Jack A. Ablin, chief investment officer at Harris Private Bank in Chicago. “They were basically cut in half.” See the AP… Banks sink deeper into crisis on Obama’s first day Obama is now the newest lipstick to this pig, the same old US military-industrial-governmental complex.

Obama doesn’t have either a plan nor a clue. What he does have is the backing of the US ruling class elite and that is why he is in office today, and none of that has to do with a ‘new movement’ yet arising. All his (their) empty rhetoric is now about to come totally stripped off his Hawaiian toned body, and his groupies may now cheer but the final result will be quite grim for all soon to see. All that this Barack Brand Lipstick really has to offer is yet more and more attempted cosmetic sales for a decaying, disintegrating global economic system of war and poverty, racism and genocide.

There is no agenda for change in the making in the US of today. The population remains passively accepting of any sort of new cruelty offered up by its own ruling class to all others in the world, as somehow they still think that that will continue to salvage some sort of world for themselves by doing so? All we can do for the moment is wait and see if some new awakening will begin to come forth, though it appears that first total disintegrating disaster must gain the reign supreme.

Americans still just don’t want to change nor have CHANGE come about. And until they might, we will continue to plummet all into the abyss. Sorry, but one just cannot prettify much this new lipstick on the same old pig. It simply really is the same old stuff as before, and while we expect lots of prettifying of it in the press, some minor efforts to do away with some of the worst, and lots of talk, the reality of capitalist worldwide depression will soon hit. Then the real suffering will actually begin. We are in a complete economic down spin now and Pilot Barack will not be laying us down lightly into the Hudson River on this one.

Barack Obama headed to becoming America’s most disappointing President

accident-aheadOK, excuse time is now over as Barack Obama takes office, so what does the future actually hold for us? The Democrats can now no longer hide behind the Bush Administration and even though most Americans believe that the Republicans and not the Democrats are responsible for the economic crash, they will now expect results from this new president. He can talk, but can he walk the walk?

But here is the sad state of affairs per Global Insight which is the world’s largest economics organization. The American economy is sinking fast. See New York to lead U.S. in job losses for Global Insight’s analysis of the situation.

Hundreds of thousands of people’s jobs will now go under according to this forecast, and yet Barack Obama’s plan for action looks like a total disaster in the making. Soon enough, even Democratic Party voters will get upset at the disaster unfolding as they watch the Democratic Party give trillions to corrupted and bankrupt businesses while all the while cutting social services needed for the common good. They may well see the US government itself declining into bankruptcy?

Add to this, the Barack Obama plan to continue fighting wars all around the globe as the economy tanks and just keeps on tanking. There is no new game plan from the Democrats and eventually more and more people will begin to catch on. Plus, the novelty of having a Black man as president will hold off criticism only just so long, and then resentment of the Democrats will build up just as it did with Bush. Add to this, people may actually begin to see the relationship between the country’s militarism and the country’s bankruptcy in the making? Yes, I think they will. A bad economy opens people’s eyes.

For that reason it is quite sensible to have real cynicism about the fanfare and media show we will see tomorrow night. The same corporate media that did all they could to make us fans of the Republican show of the last 8 years will be screaming at us to embrace ‘The Change’… ‘The Change’ that is no change. They will try to dazzle us and awe us with superfluities of all sorts of stuff, but the new show looks quite still born at this point though it may take a while for most to realize that? Hope will fizzle quite quick as the whole world sinks into economic depression, America leading the pack. Barack Obama will most likely become America’s most disappointing President, though through the fireworks display little of that future will be foreseen by most during his Inauguration Day ceremonies tomorrow

Barack just cannot deliver the goods (nor has the desire to) to actually bring about this change that is, and will be, absolutely necessary. Yes, though Bush is now truly despised by so many, it may well be that Barack becomes not just disappointing but despised as well? When there are no jobs around, people want to know why? And the answer to that WHY will be…. Barack just did not deliver.

I see sadness and despair, hate and anger ahead. I see people growing fed up with empty promises while the rats continue to get fed.

‘Change’ that isn’t change: Cronyism trumps empty rhetoric of Obama

changePromises of ‘change’ empty of all real content followed by cronyist selections of long time Democratic Party hacks to replace the Republican hacks of the last 8 years. Yes, it is change of a sort.

We will no longer have the direct thuggishness of the likes of Rumsfeld, Gonzalez, and Cheney in high office to focus on as targets against America’s ruling class viciousness. It’s back to the Slick Willie model of reactionary policies and talking heads. But is back to the Clintonist model of imperial rule ‘CHANGE’?

The latest empty rhetoric of Obama is focused on the promise of a ‘jobs program’, and is designed to take our minds off the hundreds upon hundreds of billions of dollars of give-aways to the biggest corporations the Democratic Party is underwriting with government funds. Obama will introduce his new economic leadership team Monday, a key step toward enacting a huge new economic recovery plan that aims to save or create 2.5 million jobs over the next two years Truth be told, this ‘jobs program’ sounds and looks like more of the Republican Party same, just couched in a different sales pitch.

Obama’s earliest measures have been to load the new Administration with long term Illinois political hacks and tag alongs of Obama, pairing them up with old Clinton regime standbys. It’s not a pretty picture, and when the inevitable failures of the DP Big Federal Government give-aways fail to revive the Pentagon welfare based US capitalist model, the populace of our country will certainly be turned back towards the Republicans who will become labeled by the corporate media as being the future ‘change’. vehicles Meanwhile… the Obama game is starting! It’s the change without change team at work!