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Change that Works as viewed by the very dim light of a thousand points

I read there were demonstrators at Texas A & M to greet President Obama as he arrived to participate in a community service symposium honoring former president George Herbert Walker Bush. I’ll admit I was surprised they were run of the mill teabaggers. Where was the indignant left, protesting LOUDLY at the dubious priority of this whistle stop, while health care reform withers in DC? So far, SNL survived a fact-check on a satiric Obama checklist, except: Kissing up to the Bushes. If the Saudi King shows up for some fealty, I just know Obama is going to hold his hand.

Was this event so important an honor to Bush 41 that it required a presidential visit? Not significant enough however, to draw Junior Bush to attend the ceremony?

Dubya defenders suggest it is too early in Obama’s term for the immediate predecessor to make an appearance with the sitting president. They overlook an unprecedented extenuating factor, the event was celebrating Bush 43’s dad.

The sight might have pushed us all over the edge to see Obama palling around with the Bush dynasty in abeyance, who should all be persons of interest in prosecutions of high crimes and misdemeanors.

Wasn’t it sickening enough to see Obama fawn over the “Thousand Points of Light?” Where was Obama when the rest of world could read H.W. Bush’s lips, teacups of bull pucky. At the Bohemian Grove they quote Bush 41 to the tune of Tiptoe Through the Tulips. TPOL is code for Let them eat light.

Seeing Obama and Daddy Bush together reminded me of Dana Carvey’s flattering portrayal of the senior Bush, before the 2000 election. Bush is hunting with his attention deficit son, and for a brief shining moment he considered accidentally shooting Dubya for the good of the nation, except that Barbara would be too upset. The fantasy practically redeemed the real Poppy Bush in my eyes, forgetting he went on to profiteer with the Carlyle Group and other crony deals. Now Obama is reconciling us against our will.

The thousand points of light was just Republican’s consolation prize for Americans who began losing their jobs. Minus the federal middle class jobs to administrate the service projects. FDR looked after the jobless by creating a welfare bureaucracy that boosted the middle class. Bush had nothing to offer but a road map of the stars. Make yourself useful, yada yada.

Now Obama is picking up the tune. Where in the hell are his constituents to say, by change, Obama, we didn’t mean spare change. Get up there with some handcuffs and make a presidential citizen’s arrest, or get off the stage. The fraternizing is making us nauseated.

Colorado Springs Union Printers Labor Day event a dead ended march by SEIU to a locked up Democratic Party office building!

Dead_End Good grief what a pathetic event I just attended at today’s Labor Day rally to try to build support for Obama’s health insurance reform’ project! It had all the usual local area Democratic Party tied people out there, and they marched us, after an insipid talk-to rally attended by about 50 people, straight down Union to the abandoned and deserted offices of Mark Udall, in a locked up building fronted by an utterly empty parking lot. The staff for this guy didn’t even have the energy to open up the building for us upon the rally’s arrival!

It was DP poisoned, dead ended organizing by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) at its worst, and the dead end locked up building symbolized perfectly where Obama will lead this crowd in the long haul. To a dead end for any real reform taking place very soon.

This ‘rally’ was utterly underlined by the no-show DP hack, Udall, and the anemic attendees that came out to give their support to …. what? …’health insurance reform’? Now just what is that and what happened to single payer as a goal for real reform as opposed to encouraging a rabid herd of profiteers to still take their profits off the sick and maimed? This was one of SEIU’s 6 Colorado State recent rallies BEHIND the Democratic Party machine they so hope to get a few crumbs from. One such crumb is now called ‘insurance reform’. Forget about American health care reform altogether, or at least keep it hush-hush!

How about these 2 signs for none-inspirational de-motivation for health care reform activists?

Health Insurance Reform ’09 – We Can’t Wait!
(and the even worse:)
Reform Now- Insure People, Not Profits …?

Notice the emphasis on INSURANCE put out by these Obama-Lites of the SEIU? They were rallying us to be keeping INSURANCE at the helm of the delivery of American Health Care, even if more than a few of those who chose to attend the event hardly realized that! Very sad and no wonder the Union Movement in the US is dead, dead, dead. Nobody will get inspired by these union hack goals and their insipid rewrite of any decent goals for organized labor to focus its energies on.

The American public is sandwiched in between Right Wing kooks and not even liberal hacks, but flag waving centrist bureaucratic hacks from and allied with the Democratic Party. Thank you, SEIU, for next to nothing here. You are simply not Change that Works, but simply more of the same rotten old dead-ended business unionism that leads to disorganization of the workers you claim to speak for. Change has to be fought for and not compromised into zombie-like existence by hacks like yourselves. It will take much more than this to accomplish REFORM.