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Founding the Anti-American Fathers

Like Jeffery Amherst, George Washington, Ethan Allen and Jefferson, just to name a few racist bastards (self made, to avoid confusion with those who are born to an unwed mother.) and were accomplices with each other to use germ warfare against Chief Pontiac and his allies during the 7 Years War. Which was a global conflict. Winston Churchill referred to it as THE first world war.  With such a hooplah raised in Europe, where the most bloody and savage fighting took place, it’s no wonder “Historians” (All hail Official History, and none may dare to gainsay it!) have an easy time oh my brothers such a very easy time of dismissing the deliberate unleashing of smallpox on Americans who just happened to be Native. As a “myth”.

or slander to the mighty White English Race, all hail the mighty White English Race. This is the issue for which Ward Churchill got fired and had to endure most of a decade fighting that decision in court. Some of the local racist historians have spoken much vehement talk about Mr Churchill and mostly about the facts he tirelessly states.

Why would they spend so much effort to smear him, if the Smallpox Blankets had not been real? Why would they preach such hatred to the point of declaring that Ward Churchill should only be allowed to teach history on Death Row.

A thinly veiled threat, really. These “historians” have some ties to the Klan and Minutemen and other racial hatred mongers. Who themselves have used hanging to silence people who dared question their version of historic accuracy. Nowadays they just shoot them in the desert. In the back. In counties where the Sheriffs, coroners and judges can be reliably willing to call such killings “suicide” or “natural causes”.  One fellow in El Paso Texas was shot several times with a bolt action rifle, any of the shots would have killed him instantly. County Coroner ruled it a suicide. God Damn show off suicides, always trying to make the cops look stupid… the same office but not same Coroner who ruled Bobby Fullers death to be “natural causes”. ahem…. He was found dead in his car soaked in gasoline…. that’s the guy who had the hit song “I fought the law, and the law won”

Now you can understand why such Pigs attack me every time they get me into their custody. I don’t spare their non-existent consciences.

I got started on this post because I went up the street to Territory Days yesterday. Strong native presence there this time. Some in the past have been so dizzyingly anti-Indian it .. well, it made one dizzy to hear that kind of crap. No matter how they slice it, though, it’s still going to be a massive celebration of 523 years of Invasion and violent Occupation.




A K A Pork sandwich… killer pigs on a roll…

El Paso County SD /CSPD and paramedics murdered another one, Erica Klag, age 40 and arrested for failing to appear on a traffic ticket. Gave her the Death Penalty ad hoc for having a seizure.  The Para’s said she wasn’t having a seizure. The pigs put her in a holding cell in restraints, where she went into cardiac arrest. Jail so-called “medical” staff responded and sent her to Memorial where she died. These “Medical” staff are employees of Correctional Health Care Inc, the Triple Lie, as they correct nothing and give no care and have no idea what Health is. The same group of sorry sell out rat bastards who assisted in the torture and murder of John Walter two years ago.

I bet that all the “health care” and Ku Klux Kops had a massive orgasm when they learned that they had killed another one.  Sick perverted sadists. They get sexually aroused by the use of force,  That’s why they became cops in the first place. Their Nazi mommas taught them to be like that.


Gag-zette has “comments disabled for this story”

Maybe it’s because people who are god-damned sick and tired of the Gazette taking the Right Wing stance of always giving the Pigs a blanket amnesty for any crimes they commit.  Typical wingnut behavior. Nothing to see, citizen, nothing to see. The story now is that they took him to a hospital. Probably after beating him to death. “Him” being Jeremy Thompson.     And the people who have learned, through many many many many Deaths In Custody and the typical coverup efforts would demand the Gazette and all other LameStream Media outlets actually grow a set and actually ask real questions rather than just covering up for their darling pigs.

To those true patriots who demand accountability from non-elected bureaucracies like the police state in all it’s inglorious manifestations, I say thank you. If a prisoner, even in self defense, even if it’s accidental like getting bodily fluids on a PIG while the PIG and his PIG Comrades are beating him down, always while he’s handcuffed or similarly restrained. The way their nazi mommas taught them to fight… but I do digress…

If the person makes contact with the cops, even in self defense, the PIG system will have him charged with Assault on a “peace” Officer and will try their mightiest to give him a life sentence.  Shit, the lying Kolorado Kangaroo Kourts system will prosecute the victims of police violence even if no semblance of an assault occurred. The Gazette will report faithfully to their PigMaster’s script, Back The Badge, always give the police benefit of the doubt. And they’ll always do exactly the opposite for the victims of brutality. We the People must Obey and Grovel at the feet of the police. Alle Sieg Heil am Der Amerikanisch Gestapo!



More US Navy Piracy and other Racist Pig Actions

revengeArrrhh this be a bump of a prior theme, that of the US Military and specifically the Navy committing acts of Piracy such as their seizure of the Morning Glory, a privately owned oil tanker which was transporting its cargo Which Unfortunately For The Shippers came from a region of Libya which is not in the direct control of The Empire. So the REAL Neighborhood Bully (Reagan fans can suck it) robbed the owners of the cargo and the Fox Propaganda Team proclaimed those owners to be Terrorists. The picture is a National Lampoon issue called “The Revenge Issue”.  And shows a Racist picture of a clearly Arabic man being punched in the face. Why? Because OPEC nations had demanded a fair price for their product.

Can’t let that happen, now, can we? The rest of the world owes us Homage and Tribute. Or at least they owe it to our Royal Masters.

I’m not supposed to use the F word very often or even at all, but you know what? Flog that. Our friend Bruce Gagnon of Space4Peace details another instance of the pack of Pirates using public funds for private profit by taking control of the rest of the 7 Seas. Like the Aegean, Black, Adriatic etc. I should memorize them. The Morning Glory incident happened in the Mediterranean. The waters of the fabled 7 Seas provide access to the world market for like, everywhere in Europe. Maybe that’s too generic a term, but lets see.. Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Georgia, Turkey, Greece, you know, if you read or watch news just every top story of “liberation” by the US and NATO will be about a country with oil being freed from the responsibility of selling their national products at a price that is more agreeable to the citizens of that country. At Gunboat Point.

Makes me really God Damn Proud to be an American, tell you whut…

And this protects our Freedom … To Obey.  If we talk back to the Protectors they’ll lock us in a jail cell and beat us. I know they did that to me. They sometimes beat somebody to death. Like the Fremont County pigs did to John Walter. Like the Denver County and Adams and Jefferson etc pigs did to Marvin Booker and so many others I lost count a long time ago. Oh, yes, we really have “freedom”…. to Obey.

If I say that to the face of a Pig meaning any cop, I’d be arrested then beaten as soon as they have me handcuffed, outnumbered and in a cell far from the view of our fellow “free citizens” Some of whom would say that I deserve it, because they’re willing slaves of the system. And also all the others around the world who are beaten into submission, at least temporarily, by our Army/Navy/Airforce/Marines death merchants.

Obey or Die.

I have a tee-shirt for sale on cafepress, a few actually, this one has the legend “Y’all can just line up and take turns helping yourself to a Texas sized all-you-can-eat buffet of Kiss My Liberal Ass”

Soon to be published, “Resistance is Crucial, I will not be assimilated” and “Compliance is futile, I will not be assimilated”

I’ve got a few.


























women and the draft

Up until a week ago women were excluded from the draft (as in Selective Service, just to avoid confusion. Sometimes I’m accused of being too much detailed but if I went to glib short statements people would bitch about that too so I’ll go with with being condemned for doing a good job rather than a poor one.) But there was a lawsuit, several in fact but the one in question was brought by women because it is discrimination. It’s all discrimination anyway because obviously personal wealth does count.

Get born into the “right” family like Bush or Cheney or other descendants of Dracula (True story) who make a lot of bread from other people dying, you ain’t gonna be drafted. It’s ludicrous to say otherwise but you know, some people do. I wrote this first for Anti-War which if you look to the right hand panel there are some excellent links. And I had an account –still do in fact… but I don’t remember my exact log in there which is a big problem always. But there’s an article written by a woman who had been in the Air Force and she is not amused. Rand Paul has one too, he jumps around between straight Green Party stuff to absolute Capitalist Libertarian. But I was trying to promote the premise as written by Jessica Pavoni titled Women and the Selective Service, two steps back for everyone.

So here I add my own experiences with the Draft. Yeah, I was SUPPOSED to register for it. And did not. It could have gotten ugly. It’s 37 years of Statute of Limitations but that doesn’t mean much to the Pigs. I mean, if I had the privilege of a family retainer (lawyer) it might but for all practical purposes, if you ain’t rich you can get slammed for anything.

Just ask John Walter’s ghost.

 I had gotten an Honorable Discharge from the USAF in 1979 for medical reasons. I’m autistic and the Air Force was the group who had diagnosed it, at Wilford Hall Medical Center at Lackland AFB… 12 years earlier. I wondered then at why they accepted my enlistment in the first place. You recall the incident of a fire at the National Archive in St Louis that destroyed the records of George W?

it’s not really a Republican myth. The crap about not being able to find his papers was, because the military keeps more than one set of records. The bit about the only thing you don’t need to turn in a dead one (light bulbs and toilet paper are the most commonly cited) and file a triplicate request form is a soldier or a grenade, that’s very close to the truth.

All that is a lead in to the main story, my dad’s Air Force records (Br and the next sequence is Bu, last names put his records in the same room as Georgie Boy’s) WERE resurrected. Just not in my pre-service background check.

I was happier than a hog in shit to get out when I did. With an honorable discharge. 2 months to the day prior to the Teheran US Embassy being taken.

Just everybody who was pending discharge had his-her discharge redlined.

It’s in the enlistment contract, as close to the actual Draft as you would get in 1979. They can keep you in the military as long as they want, “in National Emergency” which can be declared arbitrarily at any time.

Suddenly I’m required to register. Which I didn’t. And really, nobody actually checked. Starting January of 1981 Reagan-Bush were in office and busily appeasing the Ayatollahs and Mullahs because they got Reagan-Bush elected.

Stuff like engine parts for the formerly Royal Air Force of Iran were officially banned but they were still flying 20 years later. True story. The parts were made in Ft Worth Texas. So much for an actual embargo.

And the Iran Contra scandal which A Lot Of People Remember And Are Resurrecting because it’s a real campaign issue.

But a few years later I was a guest of the State and taking a course in Data Entry when somebody in Washing Tundy Sea sent me a nice letter informing me that I was not eligible for the taxpayer funded private corporate gift from the Social Security Administration to Ross Perot wherein the yankee gubmint would pay for my training with the eventual aim of me working for EDS. Which didn’t pan out for other reasons.

Because I had not registered. They were curious as to why did I not register, as I was an outstandingly patriotic citizen and of course they gave me a chance to hang my self with a noose made of government paper, a form explaining myself.

I sent it back saying I had an honorable discharge which really wasn’t a valid excuse and of course I already knew that. I mentioned in a truly snotty mode that I did not and do not actually owe them any further service. They sent me back an Oh Well paper saying that it was an oversight on my part and since by that time I was 27 I was no longer eligible to even register for the Draft so they forgave me.   Like I or anybody else needs forgiveness for not, as Brother Arlo said in his song “burning villages and killing women and children”

But that’s not the real story.

The real story is that old mean nasty ugly Draft Act in the first damn place.

The way it’s written even somebody categorized as 4F is still obligated to drop whatever the hell he (or she) was doing with his (or her) life in order to serve the Military Industrial Complex in whatever capacity the Military sees fit.

Any Breathing Living Body.

If for instance Steven Hawkings was deemed necessary strategically to use his talent and education in Very Higher Mathematics, perhaps to develop a super-bomb,  they could draft him. The curious exemption in all this, and for the longest time, was The Fairer Sex. I’ll go out on a limb here, make a really blanket statement, that most women were perfectly happy to have such an exemption.  And that’s a very good thing.The TRUE equality is if chickenshit chickenhawks like Bush or Cheney or Romney or Trump could not buy their way out of the Draft.

Of course that ain’t happening. So in a show of inclusiveness, the Pentagon is now accepting women as heavily armed slaves. Another peculiarity is that the Draft was initiated (in America at least, conscription is old as any historic warlords) was a war to end Slavery (in America… Most of the world had already accepted emancipation and the other holdouts like Siam and other Non-American backwater societies were not immediately affected)

Private ownership of human beings was officially outlawed (in America) but Public Ownership was officially initiated. The Military Industrial Complex or as anybody can truthfullly say The Corporate not so much Shadow Government was alive and well in America, So it still goes back to corporate private ownership of people.

Just, you know, not Officially.

Nobody really wins this current scenario.

“They” say that totalitarian (but they don’t call it that) conformity of thought word and deed is absolutely necessary to “win” a war. or even to have one. There’s a nursery rhyme type explanation of that, about how a loose horse-shoe nail caused a war to be lost. We learned it in school.

If soldiers and even civilians don’t follow orders without question, if we don’t believe absolutely in the Rightness Of The Noble Cause, well, y’all have heard the same things. It’s the stated reason for prosecuting draft resisters rather than draft dodgers.

Using nursery rhyme simplicity like the Horseshoe Nail analogy, well…

Nursery rhymes aren’t all that nice, are they? Think “Three Blind Mice” just for a really clean example… why would you mutilate blind animals by cutting off their tails with a carving knife? It’s a wonder kids don’t have more nightmares.

And war is worse than any nightmares. If you enlist or get drafted.

Just in time for Pig Memorial Day, “Cop Killer” and Sarah Palin

The RetardiKlan wannabee president is allegedly upset over the song “Cop Killer”. Just in time for Pig Memorial Day, which is tomorrow.
Not upset over her demented followers blowing away Americans including a Judge, and of course children, nor upset over Cops handcuffing and then violently assaulting them for the so called ‘crime’ of “calling them names” like Chickenshit Pig Assholes. Or cops beating a prisoner, handcuffed and helpless and outnumbered at least 5 to one…Marvin Booker, to death in a jail cell in Denver, or cops forcing a REAL man, Oscar Grant, to lay on the ground then shooting him in the back for the ‘crime’ of being black without permission. Or shooting the 7 year old child Alyanna Jones then lying about the circumstances. (they shot her through the wall of her home according to the Pig-loving propaganda show filming them) and they get away with it because of all the really STUPID people, the Back The Badge MORONS who insist that everything a PIG does is legitimate even if it’s illegal.
People tell me that being beaten while handcuffed by the Coward Ass Pigs is “my own fault” because I shouldn’t have “talked back to them”.
These are the same people who will talk back to anybody they feel is helpless. Just too, you know, COWARDLY to talk back to anybody who is in a position of power. Then LIE right through their cop-cum stained teeth about how they “fight for freedom”.
They’ll say “I don’t agree with what you say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it… unless it’s somebody wearing a Uniform who’s denying your right to say it”.
I can predict that everybody who answers this with indignant rebukes and indignant defenses of the Pigs beating up and even killing people for talking back, is a pure and simple coward.
Sure, your military and police gave me “freedom of speech”. Freedom to say how wonderful they are but if I deviate from the script I can be punished, and y’all cowardly Back The Badge MORONS will bravely help the Mighty Pigs build their Blue Wall.

The PIGS in Bossier City/Shreveport, LA, shot a man in the back 8 times and claimed he was turned, facing them, with what they thought was a gun. How do you shoot somebody in the back 8 times, 0 times in the front, and he’s “facing you”?
Because the victim was black, the Back The Badge Morons who prevented any charges whatsoever against the ALL WHITE PIGS who murdered this man, welcomed the Ku Klux Klan to their block parties to “raise funds to defend the Courageous” Murdering PIG scum.
Including David Duke. Former leader of the United Klans.
Of course there’s no element of Racism in the Back the Badge Moron Movement. Just ask one, he’ll tell you… after having his Pig Heroes arrest you for daring to question him on the subject.
As for the typical PigSucker response that “well, you must have done SOMETHING wrong or the police would never have done that”

PROVE IT before saying it, you Literally God-Damned Coward Bitches!
Talking back isn’t against the law, assaulting somebody for doing it IS.
YOUR PIG HEROES commit the crimes and you snivel that it must be the fault of those they assault, sometimes to the point of murder?
Sickening bunch of sycophants.
You deserve the police state you’re permitting, only problem is, those of us who actually DO stand for freedom will be under your Police State Dictatorship right along with you.
It was Cops who murdered Jesus. Any cop today would cheerfully step up for the opportunity to drive the nails into His dying body.

And all you Back the Badge Morons would say it’s “Suicide by Cop”.
The Pigs in Bossier City? Never prosecuted. The Dallas PIGS who murdered Octagenarian Etta Collins shooting through her door nearly 3 decades ago? Never prosecuted. The Pigs in Denver who beat street-preacher Marvin Booker to death in a county jail cell? Never prosecuted. Only one of the Cold Blooded Murderers of Oscar Grant was prosecuted, but not for Murder, “involuntary homicide”.

Put the gun in Mr Grants back and pulled the trigger but it was “involuntary”. Here’s a CLUE, for all you Pig Lovers who celebrated your pigs getting away with murder AGAIN… if the PIG, who was kicked out of South Africa for being too racist, didn’t want to kill Mr Grant then he probably wouldn’t have placed the muzzle of an automatic pistol in his back and cocked the weapon…

But get up in Church and tell the Pigs how much you love them, do it in Jesus Name even though it was Cops who murdered Him.
You know why I don’t worship with y’all? Because a PIG who would cheerfully beat me up for “talking back” any other day of the week will try to shake my hand and tell me how much he considers me a beloved brother in Christ. Beating people up while they’re handcuffed isn’t any kind of love least of all Christian, and I’m not going to join you in your hypocrisy. I’m not going to smile at you, shake your hand and pretend that I actually believed that you’re just plum eat up with Christian Love for anybody who doesn’t bow down and worship your badge.

Closer to home

While Egypt burns with similar actions, in Denver this past week… there have been demonstrations against the Denver cops. specifically one cop-administered “cell euthanasia” from a year and New Years syndrome got me! 6 months ago.
From Infoshop:
The actions come on the heels of an endless series of police misconduct incidents, including the killing of a prisoner named Marvin Booker by Denver County Sheriffs at the Van Cise-Simonet Detention Center in July 2010. A laundry list of beatings, rapes, child pornography and drug charges has marked police activity in the metro area. Lawsuit after lawsuit has been filed, with the city of Denver paying out millions of dollars over the last several years.

Killer Kops strike again, Kangaroo Kourts uphold their fellow Pigs “right” to murder anybody they God-damn please.
The Pigs especially love being able to kill prisoners, because it winds up being the word of the Good, Upstanding and Righteous Police Deathmonger Pigs against the word of whatever prisoner was a witness, if any.
They have any witnesses already in custody, easy to silence them… and the Coroner is a cop. That’s ANY coroner. A sworn and deputized officer of the court paid through the same budgets as the County or Parish Sheriff. What cop is going to testify against his Fellow Pigs?
None. They rush into Blue Wall Mode at any criticism of their Thug behavior, get the “Back the Badge” Morons to chant “The Policeman is your friend. Comrade Napoleon is always right. Four legs good, two contiguous brain cells Baaaaaaaddddd”

The Coroner will examine the body of a prisoner, beaten to death and with his wrists broken from the handcuffs, and declare it to be “natural causes” or “suicide”.
Amy Martin of Denver is every bit as much a PIG as the Thugs she protects with her Divine and Unquestionable death certificates.
So is Colorado Springs Dr Robert C. “Mengeles” Bux.

Anybody who has had a relative or friend die in custody should be pursuing every legal avenue to get a REAL examination.

Meanwhile, the PIGS will say “Oh, it’s their word against ours, and You Know How THEY Lie”
Or, “That’s what THEY all say”.
They teach the PIGS how to fake charges and beat or even kill prisoners at their academies.

And teach them to say “That’s what THEY ALL say!”

Unfortunately they also teach the American Public to echo that sentiment.
Crazy Horse was murdered by Army jail guards, shackled hand and foot, stabbed in the back with a U.S. Army Bayonet, while “trying to escape”.

Sitting Bull was killed by the Uncle-Tom Reservation Police.

If you’ve done nothing wrong, why should you fear the Gestapo, Citizen?

Is this perhaps a call to arms?

We have a far greater right to resist either the Minutemen or the actually Deputized Racists like Sheriff Arpaio or the Border Patrol, with force of deadly arms if necessary, simply because they have already demonstrated their willingness to assault, either through arrest and then beating us (while we’re bound and caged, Arpaio’s favorite way of “fighting”) all the way up to outright Murder as in the case of the Flores Family, including 9 year old AMERICAN child Briseña, which their heroes in the Minutemen and Border Patrol and Arizona State Police and even a recent candidate for Governor of Colorado, Tancredo, are trying to help the murderers justify by claiming that Raul Flores, who is already dead and can’t answer any of the charges, was “suspected” of being involved in drugs.

How would we know if the PIGS aren’t lying to cover for their fellow Racist PIGS in the Minutemen? My own experience with PIGS and their habit of perjuring themselves to cover their own violent crimes gives me far more reason to suspect the Police were involved in the Murder.

That makes any traffic stop, any entry into some citizens domain, his home, his car, his right to travel freely without being constantly harassed and threatened by the Ku Klux Kops, could be considered a potential murder on the level of what happened to Raul and Briseña Flores.
Which perhaps should be defended against with the use of deadly force? They’ve already declared such a “right” and a privilege to do the same to us at any time they choose. What then of OUR right to self defense, does it become null when faced with a possibly faked badge and faked warrant? They demand absolute proof of OUR identity, and despite that, as in the Flores Murders, defy the very core of their own doctrine.

The scum who murdered Raul and Briseña and wounded her mother, his wife, disguised themselves as police officers. And now the Arizona Racist Pig establishment is defending them, praising them with faint damns.

They’re the type who would be and ARE the majority of the Minutemen and the Police Establishment. Punks who actually WANT power over other human beings and whose only hope of gaining any such power is to band together with a gang of armed Like-minded COWARDS. What would morally keep Americans from defending themselves against THEM?

No morality the Minutemen display. Nor any interpretation of the law their members or Police Allies obey. The only argument they can possibly make for THEIR privilege to kill any of us at will, or at whim, and deny us the actual RIGHT to self defense, would be their “Might Makes Right” doctrine they deploy readily in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Only in this matter their armed might is turned to subjugating Americans, IN America, to the arbitrary Might Makes Right doctrine. They demonstrated it in the matter of professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. being dragged away in handcuffs for daring to “talk back” to the Cambridge Police, the President of the United States made a really lukewarm comment concerning the illegality of their action and the Loudmouth Right Wing PIGLOVING back the badge cowards excoriated HIM for daring to criticize their Pig darlings.

People who loudly proclaim their “love of liberty” and “fighting for freedom” showed their True Colors, not for the first time and not the last either. With the Minutemen they have a group of Heavily Armed murderers who have declared their privilege to stop and detain and harass any person in America, and to kill us if we resist.

And it will be called “propaganda” that we report this…

Bruce Gagnon, an activist from Bath, Maine, posted this one. The video is from a project called Brave New Films. watch?v=eUvAFx31zCE

U.S. forces in Afghanistan kill a 92 year old man in his bed. Shoot him 25 times.

Your money at work making us all safe back home – bringing us freedom and democracy.

Liberty…..and all that rot.

It would not make three shits if it was the Marines, the Army, which battalion/brigade/regiment, if it was Special Forces or Rangers or the Denver Police or the freakin’ Boy Scouts. Although the nitpickers will want to do what they do best to try to discredit this.

By the way, the Denver Police DID something like this in the summer of 2004. Shot a paralyzed man in his bed because his hand twitched. They were looking for his nephew who had already left the house. Then the PIGS charged the nephew with THEIR murder because he wasn’t there.
The logic was “If you’re not where we expect you to be we get to off any of your relatives and charge YOU with our crime”.
Like when the Detroit PIGS murdered Alyanna Jones, age 7, shooting into her apartment.

And the nitpickers, the ones who say that a murdered 92 year old, a murdered 7 year old, a murdered 50 year old who’s paralyzed, a murdered grandmother/grandfather/infant/several people or several dozen people, they don’t count unless you can identify clearly, pick out from a lineup, exactly which Uniformed Masked Thug it was who pulled the trigger. You also have to know the exact name of his unit and where each team member grew up, the names of their third grade teachers’ Maiden Aunts and what their Yahoo mail password reminders are.
The “unidentifiable and therefore not guilty” Alleged Soldiers who Allegedly killed the 92 year old man in his bed, who is also only Allegedly Dead, had members of their Alleged Death Squad standing in the courtyard Allegedly holding the three young grandchildren, hands allegedly bound behind their Alleged backs and with Alleged sacks over their Alleged heads.
Smacking and kicking them.
Allegedly, Torture Freak PIGS like beating up on people who are Allegedly bound and helpless. Allegedly if the Alleged Victims are Alleged Children it Alleged makes them feel even more Alleged Powerful and of course Sexually Aroused. Yeah, I DID compare that to Child Rape. When one of the Alleged Children said “Grandpa can’t hear, let one of us get him to wake up for you” they kicked him again. Then busted in the door and shot the REAL man 25 times because he wasn’t getting up fast enough to suit their Piggy tastes.
Besides, the 92 year old man committed “Suicide by Cop” by not getting up when the Pig Invaders told him to do so.

I’ve seen such behavior from their Stateside Police State Comrades on more than one occasion, but the nitpickers won’t believe that.
You have to provide more information than humanly possible, usually from within a jail cell with absolutely no contact with anybody from the outside. Otherwise, it just don’t count.

Meanwhile Spc. Bradley Manning is in a military Dungeon in Iraq facing 60 years or until his Marine or Army M.P. Guards murder him whichever comes first.

For not, in a sheeplike manner, going along with the Military Mantra that “I didn’t do it, nobody saw me do it and you can’t prove that I did it”.
For actually PROVING the allegations of a similar murder-spree.
They demand proof then imprison anybody who provides that proof.

Four legs Good, two legs BAAAAAAAAAAD. Comrade Napoleon is Always Right.
Finally, in other news, Oceania has ALWAYS been at war with Eastasia.
And they really ARE fighting for our freedom to say these things, just ask any one of the Pigloving Back-the-Badge/Support the Troops SUCKS.

Police poster offering from CrimethInc

Per the Blatant murder of Oscar Grant and the Pig who forced him to lay down face down on the concrete before shooting him in the back, and the Reverse Kangaroo Court giving him the lightest possible charge one can obtain after Killing Another Human Being…
For those who haven’t the wit to understand, CrimethInc is a deliberate play on the ThoughtCrime word made up for the novel “1984” by Eric Blair.

The link for the .pdf file in color -the link for the .pdf in black and white… If you’ve got an older form feed printer that costs less than a tenth of a penny per copy, this is a REALLY good one.

Time to stir things up. A few hundred of these posters in places round town, bring the “Back the Badge” sucks out of the woodworks, get them to PUBLICLY scream their support for cold blooded racist murder.

The text of the poster…


The ones who beat Rodney King, who gunned down Sean Bell and Amadou Diallo and Oscar Grant, who murdered Fred Hampton in his bed. The ones who broke Víctor Jara’s hands and Steve Biko’s skull, who disappeared dissidents from Argentina to Zaire, who served Josef Stalin. The ones who enforced Apartheid in South Africa and segregation in the United States. The ones who interrogated Black Panthers and Catholic Workers, who maintained records on 16 million people in East Germany, who track us through surveillance cameras and phone taps. The ones firing tear gas and rubber bullets whenever a demonstration gets out of hand, who back the bosses in every strike. The ones who stand between every hungry person and the grocery shelves stocked with food, between every homeless person and the buildings standing empty, between every immigrant and her family.

In every nation, in every age, you tell us you’re indispensable, that without you we’d all be killing each other. But we know well enough who the killers are. You won’t fuck with us much longer.

Some of our regular readers will no doubt object to the “gratuitous profanity” in the poster text, without once objecting to the gratuitous Police State Violence depicted, the Pigs standing ready to beat down any opposition to their arbitrary rule, might makes right, the Gratuitous Violence of forcing a REAL man to lay face down then shooting him in the back, the Gratuitous Violence inherent in a system of so-called “Justice” that allows the Murdering Pigs to get away with claiming it was somehow an accident…

Here’s how that would sound if You or I entered the same kind of defense in an Aggravated Assault case
“Well, ladies and gentlemen of the Jury, the defendant was standing around with a weapon in his hand, but of course not intending to use it, in this case a 5 inch “Buck” brand fixed blade hunting knife. The alleged “victim” attempted to force the Defendant to kill him by presenting his open belly and deliberately falling toward the knife blade, the Defendant managed to break the fall of the so-called ‘victim’ but unfortunately, the so-called “victim” landed on the point of the blade perforating his small and greater intestines”

That’s what it would sound like if the Defense attorney said it, imagine if the so-called Prosecutor and Judge did it to protect me, deliberately, like they just did for their Fellow Pig? Happens every time a Pig murders somebody. At every level too, local, state, federal, Military.
The Pentagon cleared Blackwater International of 19 counts of murder, (only somehow their count is “only” 17) then a Federal “Prosecutor” managed to make the entire charge go away. Accidentally, of course, as unintentional as the gun in the hands of Officer Johannes Mehserle, the not one but TWO intentional Mass Murders committed by the U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan and exposed, after the Military “justice” System “blue walled” their Komrades, in videos taken by the Pigs as they were doing the murders, and laughing while they were doing them,…. all charges against the Murderers cleared, but the persons who published the evidence the Army wanted suppressed, especially Spc Bradley Manning, face charges of Espionage and Treason for telling the truth.

The soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq are now in the terminal stages of going down in abject defeat, accelerated by the cold-blooded murders committed by their comrades and the cold-blooded shielding of those murderers by the Military.

It’s not the videos, the ones that inflamed the Rest Of The World by pointing up the LIES told by the military, that caused the anger of the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan, they need no such reminder. They have to live with it daily, and with the Invaders, in the name of “Freedom” kicking down their doors, forcing them to choose between groveling subservience, “Lick the Boot, Infidel!” or instant death, or slow torture and then death. Or watching their kids slaughtered in front of them.

They need no such videos to inflame THEM, they already know. The same with Oscar Grant, the same with the Murdered Jose Ramirez in Olympia, Washington; Aaron Campbell in Portland, Oregon; The American CHILD Alyanna Jones in Detroit, the other American CHILD Briseña Flores in Arivaca AZ… those who have never faced a sneering gang of uniformed THUGS while handcuffed and helpless, might think such levels of anger to be Madness, insanity,…

One such Pig-loving suck recently haughtily told me that protesting injustice won’t do any good, I have to become wealthy enough to run for political office and THEN reform the system from a position of power. That sounds remarkably like what the Pigs say when they’re beating or tasering a handcuffed victim.

Might makes right, eh, Stephen P.? Gaining political power that way involves selling away your immortal soul, some people might take that cowardly route, but I kind of happen to LIKE my soul.

Those of us who HAVE experienced, sometimes literally, the jackboots on our necks as we lay TEMPORARILY face down and helpless… we understand the rage perfectly, and no, it’s not in any way madness. Insanity would be to accept that collar and chain, accept slavery to a rotted and corrupt system, lick the boots of the “masters” and beg them for their non-existent mercy.

Instead we’re told that not being Stockholm Syndrome Victims on a massive scale, repeatedly licking the master’s hand after we’re beaten down, is The Proper Way To Live.

Fuck that Shit.

A year later, Briseña Flores still dead, Minutemen still unpunished.

That would include the three trigger pullers, and also their accomplices, including their Fellow Travellers in the Ku Klux Klan, the American National Socialist White Person’s Party, the Tea Party and the Republican Party. The listed groups have common leadership and even at the Astroturf Roots level, common members. This RACIST murder of two Americans, one of them a CHILD of 9 years, is being denied as such, by the Tea Party and their ilk… but it’s THEIR racism that enables murders and other hate crimes. The Hate Speech of the Republican and Tea Party spokesPukes at Fox News. One of their highly paid liars actually ran for Vice President recently.
To celebrate the anniversary of the event, albeit a week and a half late, Racist Border Patrol THUGS murdered a teenager in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, firing from the “American” side of the border.

Of course the Murdering Thug PIGS will get away with it, they ALWAYS do. Too many Pigloving Sucks on juries in America.
The Policeman is always right, even Pretend Police like the Cowards in the Minuteman Movement.

John McCain, senator from Arizona, allegedly not a racist, (just ask him, he’ll tell you) has completely failed to step up and challenge the New Klan activities. He hosted some of the Fox News Hatemongers at a campaign rally in Phoenix recently, where one of them, the one who ran for Vice President, told the Cheering Mob of Morons that they shouldn’t “sit down or shut up” even while having the PIGS remove anybody who both opposed her, and didn’t sit down or shut up.