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War on drug users

I support terrorists? I do drugs, I fund crime, I help terrorism. Well, because there’s a war on drugs, my money goes to criminals, druglords and terrorists. If drugs were not illegal, my money would go to legitimate sources. I … Continue reading

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Human rights during wartime

The following is a public service message for Human Rights Day, received by Resistance in Brooklyn from political prisoner Jaan Laaman. Human Rights During Wartime By Jaan Laaman, Ohio 7 anti-imperialist political prisoner The struggle for Human, civil and legal … Continue reading

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Cash Alias and porn

Anonymous access to porn or illegal activities are unintended kinks to work out. Cashalias isn’t about adult entertainment. Or drugs, or fencing stolen goods. Being able to conduct private financial transactions online is about much more indulging a disreputable alter … Continue reading

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