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BP does not stand for “British People” (wouldn’t know by BBC whine though)

They’re not the British People and nobody ever elected them to speak for or represent the British People. BBC runs a headline wherein they say it’s “Taboo to say nice things about BP” But Probably the Bigger Problem is that there’s really not all that much that one CAN say about them that’s nice. For instance, now they’re blocking animal rescue groups from removing sea-turtles from the Controlled Burn areas before they light the sea on fire, thus, burning endangered Sea Turtles ALIVE. That’s…. not good. And this is just a guess, but I don’t believe there’s any way to MAKE it good.
The video is on youtube. Mrs Windsor (Queen Bess2) might not like that kind of Bad Press, in fact I believe she won’t. BP however, is one of her family’s most profitable holdings.

To have BBC, a publicly owned trust, insist that any criticism of BP is equivalent to slander against the entire British nation could fall squarely into the Royalist Notion that the King or Queen of any kingdom is in his or her very person That Nation. It’s how a king or queen gets away with describing him/her self as “we”.