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Rip-off movie of the day “Warriors”

I think that’s the title. Anyway, story line: Older brother runs away from home at age 16. Younger brother grows up resenting older brother. So far they got Cain and Abel kind of sideways, but the story isn’t copyrighted in the first place and they put enough poetic license to it that we won’t notice, right?
Older brother is now some kind of Ultimate Fighting Championship champion. Younger brother hunts him down and challenges him to the Almost Ultimate Grudge Match. Warriors.
See, it’s shit like that which keeps me away from movie theaters. The last movie I watched during its opening run was South Park– Bigger, longer, uncut. The first time I watched Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid all the way through was two years ago.
I still haven’t watched C.H.U.D.(Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers) which has been available for a full 79% of my life.
Buckets o’ Blood, same thing. Although if I really wanted to spend 97 minutes of my life watching some mindless glorification of Murderous Evil might as well go whole hog, yes? Watch commercials for the Army, video games and SUVs.

Corporate personhood: unintended consequences

  • yes/no: are corporations persons?
    Are Corporations composed of shareholders?
    Do Corporations act on behalf and with the explicit consent of the shareholders?
    Has the corporation, with said consent, used any consideration of value including the intellectual property of the corporate officers or of salaried employees or contractors ever made statements supporting the Death Penalty or joined as paying members any organization supporting the Death Penalty?
    Do they accept without question the definitions of Capital crimes including giving false testimony which results in the death of another human being, killing for money, treason?
    Of the shareholders holding a majority of the stocks bonds or other assets of the corporation, do ANY have stocks in Advertising AND firearms corporations AND Data/Software Corporations which publish movies or video games glorifying violence?
    Do any of the corporate Persons advocate the notion that firearms are necessary for self defense?
    Have any of the corporate persons made statements advocating lenience in the cases of persons condemned to death as accessories to capital murder, such as the “getaway driver”?
    Does the corporation support acts of retaliation against the perpetrators of 9/11?
    Does the Corporation support such acts even against nations which were NOT the perpetrators, such as Iraq, Iran, Palestine, Afghanistan?
    Combine the answers with facts such as Advertising for guns, like SUV ads,
  • are directed to people who feel powerless and victimized,
  • that firearms are used by Americans in either accidental or intentional homicides which are NOT self defense many times more than any adjudicated cases of Self Defense,
  • that the violent movies and video games teach that killing is not only acceptable but fun,
  • and NewsCorp and its subsidiaries such as FOX News and the Republican and Tea Parties are guilty of many more capital murders Every Year than the number of victims of the WTC attacks.
  • Jeep declares war on intellect.

    They’re sponsoring Call of Duty:whateverthehellnumber : BlackOps.
    In the Jeep commercial they show screenshots of a Black Jeep SUV in some tropical location that exists only in the imaginations of the designers of the game, who never got closer to actual war than speeding up as they passed the Army Recruiter’s office on their way to a College Republicans meeting.
    Call of “Duty”? BlackOps is not very discrete code for Murder, Kidnap and Torture, in other words, REAL terrorism funded and backed by a massive military industrial complex. Of which the manufacturers of Jeep are a proud member-group.
    BlackOps is not anybody’s “Duty” it’s a pleasure romp for people who enjoy killing and enjoy torture and enjoy the feeling of helpless victims fearing them. The sick bastards who play the game on their computers in their Moms’ basements and fantasize killing are only slightly less sick than the ones who go out and commit the actual Murders, kidnaps and tortures. Or the political bastards who order the Terroristic BlackOps strikes.
    Games like that destroy your own capacity to think rationally, it’s a downward spiral into being the formerly human equivalent of a mechanical drone. THEY push your launch buttons and aim you toward their target, as intelligent and free and human as a simple bullet.

    Why IP Logging?

    For one, Site Security. Having the ability to express opinions contrary to those of local or even Foreign (ahem) governments causes a great deal of stress to those who wish that such was Not The Case. So they attempt to manipulate the message of the site through flooding comments, often done with the aid of computer software, such as the Infamous “Megaphone” attacks. Failing that they attempt to take down the site entirely. Sort of an officially unofficial Censorship Program encouraged by certain American and Foreign (ahem) Govt. Entities. Usually this type of action is taken by Cowards who would much prefer to remain Anonymous, as it makes their deeds possible. Persons who would scream long and loud if somebody walked into their places of business and just distributed enough destructive force to make their businesses unprofitable, for hours or maybe days, seem to have a mental disconnect when it comes to recognizing such behaviour in themselves.

    The second is to maintain accurate counts of how many visitors we have to the site. Many of our affiliates (you can see their website links on either side of the Main Body) depend on advertising to keep their sites on-line.

    It would be very dishonest for us to have several thousand “hits” in a matter of minutes all originating from one particular computer. It would be Theft. IP tracking keeps that aspect in good working order as well.

    It would appear that some are upset by this practice, APPARENTLY because they came to the site for the purpose of conducting some sort of theft or “virtual shop smashing”. Or government contracted Censorship.

    The greater part of the Governments who would be most offended by our rebuttals of their propaganda, truly HATE freedom of speech. They also have somewhere written in their laws that Freedom of Speech is sacred. Thus, they’re not in a position to openly suppress free speech.

    So they hire, or in the most part, entice and incite others to engage in their censorship for them. Most of these are overgrown children, a child in a 30 year old body, probably living at home with his parents, being supported by them, and feeling powerless in his (sometimes Her, just not as often) Personal “life” and to engage in such behaviour is his only escape from the tedious Hell that he has allowed his life to become.

    By volunteering to do a task for Free that some people actually get paid to do. Then alternates it playing Violent Fantasy Games like “Call to Duty- Modern Warfare2”

    A truly pathetic existence and, fortunately, very rarely do they mutate to the next level and actually obtain firearms.