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Military takeover of Southeast Colorado

It was a disappointment to read about a potential betrayal of the rural folk who cherish their family farms and ranches and don’t wish to sell to the Army at Fort Carson, and again last week in Colorado Springs when … Continue reading

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More on the St Patricks Day parade

Why did a group of people with the non-confrontational message of “PEACE” deserve to be kicked out of a local parade and then blamed for the disruption? We were gathering with the same green shirts, some peace flags and a … Continue reading

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Racetrack video slots a big scam

Proponents of video slots at racetracks have avoided any mention of gambling. Instead they say we’ll have more jobs, more money for tourism and no tax increase. Let’s examine the idea of increased jobs: Dog and horse trainers and handlers … Continue reading

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Bigger jails or bigger hearts

Nearly half a million people are now behind bars in the United States for nonviolent drug law violations, which is more than all of Western Europe — with a larger population — incarcerates for everything! Our country also has the … Continue reading

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