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Save Darfur was an Oil Play

I remember when you couldn’t throw a stick without hitting someone who didn’t want to SAVE DARFUR. And boy did they need hitting with a stick. All those high school and college students activated by OBAMA 08 lined up to add Darfur to their extracurriculars. Why? The usual manipulative pictures and imperialist propaganda. Sudanese refugees needed saving. Bleeding Hearts’ Burden. George Clooney was showered with activist laurels for playing Hollywood’s ambassador to Darfur. Soon enough pacifists were calling for military intervention, a “no-fly zone” but enforced with force. Denied, the US provided the military intervention covertly, and ultimately the southern fossil fuel rich portion of Sudan was lopped off for the multinational profiteers.

The new country of South Sudan now is making war against Sudan!

All the US humanitarian liberal minded interventionists once wanted the US government to go to bat for Darfur and for South Sudan and for… well the list of what to try to carve out of the country of Sudan never seems to end! Sudan was a huge country (and still is) and Europeans and the US still want their tentacles on this region of Africa. One of the new battlefields there in the region is an oilfield in Sudan

Does European and US carving up of countries like Yugoslavia, Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan, or Libya lead to any lasting peace? It does not look like it actually ever does.